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February 28, 2016: Kristie Jorfald 

"You have an extensive background in personal shopping and styling, so I can imagine how many different personalities you’ve assisted. What type of client excites you the most when it comes to helping him or her find that perfect outfit?

My absolute favorite clients to work with are the women that don’t believe in shopping and don’t understand that personal style is connected to their personality. I love teaching my clients how to shop for their shape and how to build self-confidence skills through wardrobe styling. It’s an incredible feeling to see your clients come back to you after your shopping session to show you their new looks they’ve put together on their own, when they share compliments from their friends and coworkers on their new looks, or when they refer you to others. It’s really a combination of seeing their happiness and self-confidence shine in a different light. I feel so lucky to have met and worked with such incredible women!"


August 19, 2015: Jeannie Mai

"So when it comes to you being host of “Steampunk’d”….I understand that you especially relate to this show due to your own experience with style as a teenager?

Yeah, so true. I come from the Bay Area, and I believe that a lot of the Steampunk movement comes from within the cities of Palo Alto, San Francisco – definitely San Francisco – Campbell, Oakland... And for me, I couldn’t afford a lot of the beautiful things I would see in magazines, but it didn’t matter, because what I really loved were the things that I could make. My idea of putting together an outfit was taking a corset and cutting it, ‘cause I have a really short torso – I’m not one of those beautiful Victoria’s Secret models who we see donning the corsets – so I would go to old playhouses and vintage shops and buy corsets and then just kinda cut them half and distress the edge or finish the edges. And I would just put my outfits together and just stack upon stack upon stack…and there’s nothing that celebrates a woman’s body more than the Steampunk movement.  I mean, the curves and the Victorian shape. And like, more is more, you know? It’s so much fun, and that’s what I really got into when I was dressing up with the Steampunk life…and you feel a sense of strength when you can wear something that no one else can buy because, quite frankly, you made it. There’s nothing that can top that! And I love that the show is bringing that back, and inviting women to upcycle – make or reinvent – all the things that they see in magazines, but even better because they’re shaping it to their own body."

Full interview with Jeannie Mai: "INTERVIEW: Jeannie Mai Talks Style...And Why Steampunk Rocks!"


August 3, 2015: Mimi Faust

"So your newest venture, which I’m sure is making a lot of women happy, is “The Maya Collection.” I understand that your interest and journey with this business took you to India. Can you talk a little bit about how this came about?

Well, that’s how we got the name: The Maya Collection. It’s an actual Indian name. I wanted to go along with the hair I’ve been wearing, which is Virgin Indian Hair. And we picked a name to go along with that. I’ve been wearing the hair for a couple of years now, and I just love it! I’ve tried different types of hair, but this one was no shedding, it doesn’t frizz, you know, it’s not tangly, it’s just really, really good hair. And I just said, "You know what, why not partner up with this company and go into business with them?"  And now it’s been a huge success! I’m really excited about it."

Full interview with Mimi Faust: "Mother, Entrepreneur, and Reality TV Star Proves the Beauty of Keeping it Real"


July 28, 2015: Daisy Gonzalez

"Your dress collection is full of sophisticated and sexy styles for women. Tell me what has inspired your line!

Women inspired me. I feel that we, as women, have so many layers as far as who we are. I always remember that and try to tap into that every time I sit down and sketch. I think of women who stand out to me and they are confident, strong, hardworking, stylish, sexy (all in different ways because there is not only one way to be sexy)...they’re just owning it!  That’s the type of women that I design for."

Full interview with Daisy Gonzalez: "Daisy Gonzalez: The LA Designer Who is Proud to Create Pieces for Women That Own It!"


March 19, 2015: Kimberly Friedmutter

"The common woman often gets frustrated and stressed out when merely considering the idea of cleaning out her closet, but you offer hope! Was there a particular situation or experience that inspired the idea of turning shoes into vases? 

Yes, definitely! I’m a ‘grab whatcha’ got’ kind of girl. I use pillowcases for dining place mats (it’s true!) I use candleholders for glasses, draperies for tablecloths, rugs for blankets and boots for vases! I get a little bored with traditional things and LOVE the unexpected! I entertained the other night and guests loved that I used books as chargers under the dinner plates. I recommend looking around at what you have instead of what you want, you might already have it, in another form or purpose . . . that’s the payoff for cleaning closets; keep an open mind so treasures can reveal themselves."

Full interview with Kimberly Friedmutter: "Original Victoria's Secret Model Kimberly Friedmutter Gives 'Narsie' and Nice Style Tips! (Take Notes)"


March 10, 2015: Neicy Small 

"...Famous for providing her clients with 'good vibes and laughs,' Neicy reveals who she would absolutely love to makeover. 'I would love to make over a regular girl maybe from a small town. I've worked with a lot of celebrities, but I would love to give someone a makeover who doesn't know about fashion and style...someone who doesn't even watch TV like that,' says Neicy, who has proudly worked with Jasmine Villegas for five years, the American pop and R&B singer featured in Kendrick Lamar's 'That's Me Right There'..."

Full feature with Neicy Small: "Philly-to-Hollywood Beauty Stylist Neicy Small is the Illest!"  


January 13, 2015: Katie Maloney 

"The show is so interwoven with relationship 'drama.' Has becoming a Reality TV star altered your perception on the concept of a healthy relationship? 

I was nervous about putting my relationship out there. It's obviously something sacred to me and I want to protect it. I feel like Tom and I have really grown closer and stronger through this all. We might not have a perfect, drama-free relationship but we definitely have a strong one and contrary to what people might think based on what they’ve seen, we do have a healthy relationship. Of course we have had bumps and messed up along the way but what remains is our bond. What goes on with us behind closed doors is important and should not be overlooked."

Full interview with Katie Maloney: "Interview with Katie Maloney of 'Vanderpump Rules': "It's been a wild ride, to say the least!"


August 5, 2014: Kristi Yamaguchi  

"I really appreciate the concept of Tsu.ya. How does your retail collection stand out among what’s currently available online and in stores?

We are proud to be a product with purpose. Tsu.ya was inspired to be able to give back so women can feel good both inside and out. Tsu.ya also takes great care in selecting quality fabrics that feel good. Our designs are on trend with a feminine touch with many pieces that can layer on the active ones for a more contemporary look. Silhouettes that flatter the female figure."

Full interview with Kristi Yamaguchi: "Exclusive Interview with Kristi Yamaguchi: Olympic Champion and Creator of Activewear Clothing Line, Tsu.ya!"

February 3, 2014: Tosha Brize

"When you're creating, what is guiding your inspiration? 

I have a relationship with God, and I honestly feel that he places certain people in your life for a reason. I get excited when I’m coming up with ideas, and I’m excited when something’s halfway done and I know it’s just going to be so cute. I was so gassed up about Tami’s shoes, especially when I put the crystals on them. It’s so exciting to see things come to life; something that you have pictured in your head…And it may come out better than what it was envisioned to be. That’s also what keeps me going. And I like to have input from my customers; I don’t just make something custom and not have them involved in the process. For instance, if a person has a purse that they really like, I ask them to take a picture and send it to me. Then I will feed off of that, and make it come to life. I have everybody involved."

Full interview with Tosha Brize: "Armed With Persistence, Tosha Brize Takes 'Brize Collection' to New Heights With Celebrity Clientele!

January 7, 2014: "Mama Joyce"

"When I watch the scenes between you and Kandi, I think it's clear how much you love your daughter and that you only want the best for her.

Well, that’s what I was trying to put out there, because that’s how I feel. You know, it’s not about her money or anything at all because I don’t need her money. I never have tried to use her money. As I tell everybody, I live in the same house as I did a month before she was born. So if I was after her money, I would have tried to get her to buy me a big house or something like that maybe 15 or 20 years ago. But that’s never been the case. I’ve always wanted her to build up her brand and take care of herself."

January 5, 2014: QT Jazz

"As a solo artist, have you had many challenges?

I have. It’s a challenge because I’m one girl in this big industry and it can be kinda hard. There are so many of us! There are so many different artists where I’m from, in Atlanta, Georgia, and everywhere you turn. So the most difficult thing I would say is separating myself. And I do that through my clothes and through my music. There’s a borderline of what’s appropriate for kids and what’s entertaining…Whether I wear something revealing or it’s up buttoned up all the way up to my neck, it’s always a thought."


December 5, 2013: Kristen Dorsey

"What is it about the Chickasaw culture that inspires you?

It’s a Native American tribe that’s originally from the southeast of the United States…And I’m Chickasaw. When I went to school, all of my studies focused on Native American Studies…history, cultural preservation, race and identity. Then I focused on my own tribe and my own family’s history, and then looked specifically at our jewelry-making practices and how those have changed or how they’ve stayed the same over time...and the various themes that we use and the materials that we use, and how jewelry and adornment can be a form of cultural expression and cultural preservation and revitalization. Because it’s a visual language."

Full interview with Kristen Dorsey: "INTERVIEW: I Chat with Kristen Dorsey About Her Unique Chickasaw-Inspired Jewelry Collection!"

October 19, 2013: Kinsey Schofield

"What is your favorite fashion trend?

I noticed a slew of fierce flats at NYFW this year and I was beyond relieved. I look tragic when I walk in heels for long periods of time. I've had multiple Britney moments where I'm hopping barefoot around Downtown Los Angeles trying to get to a shoot. So I would say, feeling sexy and confident in flats. Knowing I'm not going to fall on my face or be taller than all of the cute boys." 

Full interview with Kinsey Schofield: "VoteKinsey.com! 'Cause She Says So

October 2, 2013: Cookie Johnson 

"What’s been your biggest joy with this line?

Well...I knew it was going to be amazing to create this jean ‘cause I knew I wasn’t the only woman out there [who had problems with finding a great-fitting premium jean], but I didn’t know the reception I would get. Like the first event we had, everybody came to see me because they wanted to say hi to me. They would say, “We love you and we  love your husband, but I don’t wear jeans so I’m just gonna leave.” And I was like, “No you’re not. I’m going to take you in that dressing room!” I drag them in there, and they put them on...And oh my god, the joy on their face to actually find a jean that fit! I’ve had some women crying, and that’s the truth. Because they already had the shoes, the jacket, the shirt, the whole thing…"


August 29, 2010: Steve Madden

"Have you always wanted to be a fashion designer? How did you get your start?

I started out 20 years ago as man from Long Island, NY, designing women’s shoes with only $1,100 in the bank. It has been an exciting ride to get to where we are today. I am very passionate about designing shoes and I work very hard. I would have never made it if I did not come to work every day really excited about what I do. You have to love it or you’ll never survive."

Full interview with Steve Madden: "Meet and Greet with Steve Madden!"

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