Sunday, August 29, 2010

Meet and Greet with Steve Madden!

Not only did I have the pleasure of meeting fashion designer Steve Madden yesterday at the new Nordstrom in Santa Monica, California (a huge meet and greet was held in the Brass Plum shoe department), I had the opportunity to send him some interview questions as well. Accompanied by Justine of Aster Magazine (her interview with me coming soon to that publication!) and Leeann of Join the Gossip, that outing made for a fun, unique Saturday afternoon.

Having worked at Nordstrom for more than three years while in college, I know the Steve Madden line quite well; I would make sure that many of my personal customers try on a selection of his shoes due to the variety of sexy, funky styles available. So you can imagine my delight in being able to shake hands with this designer and receive answers to my interview questions (and yes get a cheek smooch from him as well!).

And fyi, it's not just shoes Steve Madden is known for. Check out the website, and you will notice all that can be purchased. Clothing, bedding, accessories, and handbags...he seriously has stretched his line to cover all areas of fashion.

So here is my interview with the successful, trendsetting, shoe designer who has made waves in American fashion retail for 20 years -- Steve Madden:

Fashion lovers know the plethora of styles you and your team create for men, women, and children. And we love them! So what are some of your hottest summer styles?

My favorite of the season is the “Caryssa." It’s a really hot platform pump that anyone can wear. You can’t walk down a block in the city without seeing them. Also, the lace-less oxford “Trouser” and combat boot “Troopa" -- I’m excited about this menswear trend that’s happening.

What did you hope to accomplish at event, at Nordstrom?

I love traveling all over, and I especially love LA! I am excited to see what people are wearing whenever I go to a new city.

I love that your blog shows celebs wearing your footwear. After all, we all take cues from their fashion senses. Do you remember who was the very first celebrity to sport your designs?

No, I don’t remember who the first was, but I love when I see anyone in my shoes. It’s cool when you’re standing in an elevator or walking down the street, and you see people wearing your designs.

What would you say that many people do wrong when shopping for the right pair of shoes?

A shoe doesn’t have to be four inches tall to be sexy. As long as the woman feels confident and sexy in what she is wearing, she will look great! The menswear trend has brought a new spin on sexy. The oxfords we’ve designed look just as sexy with a dress, as sky high stilettos.

As for Steve Madden clothing for women, what can we look forward to for the fall?

It will be fresh, fashion forward, and a little bit rock and roll.

Have you always wanted to be a fashion designer? How did you get your start?

I started out 20 years ago as man from Long Island, NY, designing women’s shoes with only $1,100 in the bank. It has been an exciting ride to get to where we are today. I am very passionate about designing shoes and I work very hard. I would have never made it if I did not come to work every day really excited about what I do. You have to love it or you’ll never survive.

Who inspires you day in, day out?

My kids, Stevie and Jack.

What is your philosophy when a challenge presents itself?

Keep Calm and Carry on.

Did you ever think that “Steve Madden,” the brand, would become a household name?

Actually, I am really humbled by the company’s success. It got here through a lot of hard work with a great team, and lots of luck.

Thank you for this interview, Steve!

Thank you.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Nordstrom and Justine


Justine said...

Well done! It's fantastic, a great read, and captures interest!

Unknown said...

Awesome!!! lucky girl!!

LaToya said...

OMG how cool is that! Very neat pics of you with Steve! I love his shoes! Thanks for sharing!

Justine said...

it was so fun going to meet him and see him give you a smooch on your cheek! :) luv the pic of you two!

KDC Events said...

LUCKY lady!! I like that he say's shoes don't have to be 4 inches tall to be sexy...It's hard for us tall ladies to fee comfortable in shoes that high!! LOVE the interview!

PS- thanks for your table etiquette questions, the post is now up =)