Wednesday, November 18, 2015

SLINK Jeans: Premium Denim for the Edgy and Sexy, Full-Figured Woman!

Just as there are vast fashion options for every type of budget, there are vast fashion options today --  than ever before -- for nearly every shape and size. And while I still cringe when I walk into stores that offer the set-up division of smaller and bigger sizes (such a separate-but-equal concept…blah), I still appreciate that more and more brands are making their designs accessible to not just one type of woman.

With this in mind, I’m currently blown away by the online editorial images promoting SLINK Jeans – a line of premium denim designed for the full-figured, confident woman who is proud to show off both her edgy and sexy personality.

I was recently introduced to SLINK Jeans during a phone chat with its cofounder, Albert Dahan. With nearly two decades in the fashion industry, the entrepreneurial giant and denim pioneer proudly opened up about the beauty of SLINK Jeans. “There’s a new generation of women who feel empowered,” says the notable CEO of Joe’s Jeans Kids and DA-NANG. “SLINK Jeans are based on the concept of being proud and owning how you look.” With sizes starting at size 10, Dahan does not define SLINK Jeans as a fashion option for "plus size" women, simply due to the fact that categories and stringent titles could actually do more harm than good to a woman’s sense of empowerment. “What we’re saying is: You’re big and you’re sexy. Here is a premium brand to help you feel even more beautiful,” says Dahan.

As reported in a recent Los Angeles Times article, “SLINK extends to fit the equivalent of a size 22 or 24 with a 44- to 48-inch waist. Jackets and tops run from large to 3X. The jeans will retail between $119 and $129; tops between $39 and $44. Jackets are slated to roll out next year.” The positive message behind SLINK Jeans is literally a part of the product, as women will appreciate the special details included with each pant. According to the LA Times article, this includes the word “curvy” embroidered on the interior waistbands of the jeans, in addition to heart-shaped hangtags and interior pockets that are printed with the inspiring message: “Love Your Body.”

While Dahan and I chatted on the phone, I was salivating over the website images…I mean, everything he was speaking about was evident in the editorial images featuring the curvalicious models in edgy and sexy poses. This includes Olympic gold medalist Amanda Bingson among several lovely models who rocked the brand with an infectious vibe of “I feel beautiful” attitude and power.   

Online distribution of SLINK Jeans starts this Friday, November 20th, and I’m looking forward to keeping up with the buzz that I predict will quickly surround it! To learn more about this premium brand, be sure to follow SLINK Jeans on Twitter and Instagram!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of SLINK Jeans 

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Rollable 'Flat Out of Heels' for Comfort, Convenience, and Style!

(Use my discount code to get $2 off your own pair of Flat Out of Heels!)

All women appreciate convenient fashion -- the pieces that can easily be thrown on and off. Think zip-up hoodies, slip-on boots, our boyfriends' tees (for those off days), and now...rollable ballet-style flats by Flat Out of Heels!

Flat Out of Heels, which was founded four years ago by Dawn Dickson, is a smart option for stylish chicks on the go. As stated on its website, “No matter where you are going or what you are wearing, Flat Out of Heels has a rollable flat to match every outfit, every style, every mood and every occasion.”

("...the rollable quality of the shoe is just way cool and a total space-saver!")

 Although I typically wear flip-flops (I’m such a So Cal girl!), Nike running shoes, or Camper sneakers, it’s awesome to have a delicate pair of flats to add to my collection of comfy wear. My pair of Kimberly (Pink Floral) flats have an ultra-feminine print and fit comfortably (snug elastic around the heel). Although I wouldn’t walk a crazy, long distance wearing these flats – I’m so heavy-footed that I wear shoes out quickly – I appreciate its hard, durable sole. It’s now one of my running-errands-all-day-in-LA type of shoe, which looks great with olive-colored pants (as seen in the above pic) or any style of blue jeans. In addition, the rollable quality of the shoe is just way cool and a total-space saver. Great for traveling! 

Thanks to Flat Out of Heels, you can get an exclusive $2 off your next online purchase! The original cost of its rollable ballet-style flats ranges from $19.99 to $29.99. So yes…this is an amazing deal! [Discount Code: goodgirlgoneshopping]. Visit to get your shop on! xo

Connect with Flat Out of Heels on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

NEW Podcast Alert: 'So Chic' with Arzo Anwar is Soooo Worth a Listen!

Before I listen to episode 3 of "So Chic" -- a fresh podcast gem on CBS radio -- I must share why this new wave of fashion, beauty, and pop culture chatter from Arzo Anwar is sooooo worth a listen! 

The number one reason why couture-loving fashionistas, beauty product OCD-ers, and pop culture junkies should tune in: it's REAL. Listening to this podcast is pretty much like being a fly on the wall while the girlfriends you wish you had chat about what's hot, what's not, what's a mystery, and what's sooo over. Whether you agree or not with everything being said, it's all just so juicy and on point that you don't wanna move 'cause you don't wanna miss any of the industry insight.

YES - Arzo is delivering relevant content packaged up in random, fabulous convos. Then again, what else would I expect from this New York City fashion entrepreneur (owner of Blend Showroom), celebrity stylist, and Reality TV star of "Beauty, Sweat & Heels" (Season 2) on Bravo?!

In episode 1, Arzo dishes on NYFW Spring '16 with supermodel and Victoria's Secret Angel Shanina Shaik, while in episode 2, she welcomes fashion designer Samantha Black ("Project Runway" season 11). With different co-hosts by her side for each episode, including comedian Trena B Real on episode 2, this podcast will also get you thinking about your own wardrobe and image. (e.g., "Ta-ta see-through leggings! I knew I should have gotten rid of you years ago!")

Not only do I stand for authenticity when it comes to fashion choices and how one chooses to present him or herself, but I believe in having the chutzpah to use your authentic voice regarding your thoughts on our fashion climate. So I love that Arzo is someone who knows what she's talking about and does so with a raw, entertaining energy and selectively chooses her co-hosts and guests with a similar vibe.

In episode 3, which I'm about to listen to as I stir up breakfast for my sleepy boyfriend in bed, Arzo welcomes celebrity publicist BJ Coleman. The title of the show is called "It spells chic not chick." Um, yeah, I think this is gonna be goooood. Eggs, bacon, and Arzo. That's how I'm spending my morning. What about you?

Keep up with the latest from Arzo Anwar by following her on Instagram and Twitter! Listen in to catch up with all three episodes of "So Chic." 

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

PRODUCT REVIEW: Skincare, Health, and Wellness Goodies from 'It Works!'

In the past month, I've been eating a lot cleaner (more fresh fruits and vegetables as well as less processed foods) and working out more (an increase in cardio and at-home kinesthetics). That said, I was happy to sample some products from It Works!, which is said to be one of the "fastest-growing consumer lifestyle, health and skincare direct sales companies." Often, I say "no thanks" to pitches from reps of direct sales companies. This is because I feel like just a number, or a commission opportunity to a him/her who actually may not really care if the products promoted are great. I don't like getting hounded and pressured into investing in the "next big thing."

But I responded with an immediate "Yes!" to Stevie Telken, an independent consultant for It Works! We had already built a fun, social friendship via Instagram, so when she approached me and asked if I'd like to sample some of her health and wellness products, I was actually pretty grateful. Not only did I enjoy her approach, but it was perfect timing regarding my lifestyle changes! Stevie left the options of what I wanted to sample up to me (very cool!). So I visited her website, and was immediately was drawn to the "Ultimate Body Applicator." Being the kind and generous business woman that she has proven to be, she ended up sending me two of them as well as some other products to try.

Due to my busy schedule and somewhat scattered brain at times, I took a few weeks to try everything out and really see if It Works!....actually does. Because I am aware that nearly every type of beauty and skincare product typically takes more than one application before showing visible results, I entered this experience with a realistic mind-frame. Here are my detailed (and honest!) reviews of the two main products Stevie sent me:

Ultimate Body Applicator ($59/box of 4):

I sampled two applicators, spaced out about a week apart of one another. These before and after photos are from the second round of sampling, simply because I forgot to take proper "after" photos (duh).

The process: Per instructions, I made sure the tested skin was clean first. Then I took out the applicator from the package and was hit with an amazing "botanical-based formula" scent. OMG -- smelled delicious. Following my deep inhales, I made sure that the side with the most lotion was the side directly applied to my skin. I will say that because the applicator, which is like a thin, soft sheet of material, had moistness on both was a little difficult for me to determine which side had more! But I eventually figured it out. Then I stood in front of my bathroom mirror and delicately applied it on my tummy and sides. The wrap doesn't sit perfectly tight on the skin, so I definitely had to smooth it out first the best I could. Instructions said that you can use either saran wrap to hold the product in place or throw on a tight top. Considering I'm the same person who didn't take "after" photos the first time, guess which one I chose? Yes, the tight top. This is because I didn't read the instructions completely in full beforehand and buy saran wrap like I probably should have. I believe that if I had secured the product with saran wrap, my results may have been a little bit more dramatic.

(First-time use before I applied my tight top over the applicator!)
So, I left it on for the full 45 minutes both times I tried it (which is recommended for first-time use), and let me tell you...the tingly sensation combined with the yummy scent was so interesting, which I really felt after about 20 minutes. It definitely made me feel like something is working! Because I wanted to make sure the wrap stayed in place, I decided not to sit down while it was on. So, I basically placed my laptop on the counter and continued writing and emailing with it on. (I'm all about staying productive!) The time flew, and then when I took off the wrap, I rubbed the leftover lotion on my skin, per instructions. Although my above before-and-after photo does not show a major difference, I immediately noticed and felt a tightness. In order to maintain results, instructions said to eat clean the rest of the day and make sure you avoid salty foods, alcohol, etc., because technically, the body is in detox mode after usage. The first time, it was a slight challenge 'cause I wasn't completely conformed to better eating and habits. But the week after, it was much easier. The next morning, following both applications, I noticed that the sides of my stomach were tighter and more cinched in. It could have been results from my ab exercises or the applicator, or both. Either way, it made this girl happy!

Would I recommend the Ultimate Body Applicator? Yes, if you combine clean eating, exercise, and multiple uses over the month. Also, the applicator can eventually be worn up to eight hours. I'm sure that will make a ton of difference!

Facial Applicator ($59/box of 4):

I really enjoyed this product, simply due to the fact that it allowed me to relax and rejuvenate! However, the Facial Applicator enhanced more of my spirit and wellness versus my skin.

The Process: Just like the Body Applicator, I needed to cleanse my skin first and make sure that the side with the most lotion was applied directly to my skin. Figured that out and applied directly, smoothing it out so it really held to skin. Then it was time to lay down on the my couch, with head back for at least 45 minutes. That was my biggest challenge...the sitting-down-doing-nothing concept! The botanical-formulated scent, which was nearly identical to the Ultimate Body Applicator, calmed me quickly and I did my best in closing my eyes and enjoy some still time and light music. I haven't been to a spa in ages, so this was a nice at-home, spa-like experience for me. After the 45 minutes, I took off the Facial Applicator, discarded it, and rubbed in the lotion. You'll notice that my "before" (left) and my "after" (right) is not too noticeable. But it felt really good on my skin, and you can actually see that in my after pic, my skin is a little darker. Possibly, it helped stimulate my blood circulation, because I don't appear as pale as the before pic. What can't be pictured, really, is how smooth my skin felt afterward. That pimple is still there (blah), but overall, the experience was refreshing!

Would I recommend the Facial Applicator? Yes, if you can find the time to relax and use at least once a week.


The other It Works! products I sampled include: the Lip and Eye (nice, subtle moisturizer for both areas), Greens Chew (a yummy treat with fiber and antioxidants), and Greens On the Go, Berry (liquid supplement that was lightly flavored and helped curb my appetite a few hours!).

In Conclusion: Products such as these are designed to enhance the health and wellness results of an already-healthy person. Remember that. Each of these products, in their own way, definitely motivated me to continue working out, eating well, and taking care of my skin. There is no magic potion for perfection and It Works! is no exception. But these products are pretty cool if you can be consistent with usage!

If you have questions regarding these products and would like to directly communicate with Stevie Telken, be sure to visit her website and follow her on Instagram