Tuesday, July 29, 2014

3 Shopping Don'ts That DO!

(Photo Credit: www.seventeen.com
When I first began giving shopping tips back in '07-ish, my thoughts and theories were a bit more simple. A tad more black and white, if you will. I've always done my best to provide helpful information for y'all, which developed out of my own trial-and-error experiences and shopping outcries I would receive from friends, coworkers, and previous personal customers (past "Nordy" employee talking). Sometimes, however, you just grow. And in some cases, the don'ts that you once lived by, become dos. Here are 3 that could help you out:

(1) DON'T make a shopping list every time you shop. If you just feel like treating yourself and you're not obsessing over a certain item at the moment, don't limit yourself. Try a new store. Try a new fit. Try a new trend! Sometimes, allowing yourself to wind up somewhere new - or trying on something new - will open your eyes to new possibilities. This often happens to me at the Melrose flea market.)

(2) DON'T walk straight to the clearance racks. This used to be a must for me no matter what retail outlet, boutique, or department store I was in. But after doing this for so long, I realized that you skip out on the overall experience and aura of an awesome shop. Also, just because something isn't on clearance doesn't mean it isn't affordable...and just because you score a great clearance item doesn't mean it's of great quality. Readjust your thinking and you may try on an outfit that is full price and still fits within your budget. 

(2) DON'T remember where you parked. This one is tricky if you're on a time limit and/or you're wearing uncomfortable shoes. But if not, use the walking time to analyze what you bought -- hopefully with excitement! Get a good walk in, and enjoy the accomplishment of finding great new pieces to add to your wardrobe. Consider it meditational mall exiting. 

As always, I welcome your tips and feedback! Please feel free to comment below. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Get Exclusive 20% Off 'Weekend Society' Cool Casual Wear!

I'm sooo digging on Weekend Society. The LA-based clothing company (that I religiously stalk on Instagram) not only provides an affordable ($5 - $45) collection of guys and girls' casual wear, the message behind this brand is super cool: "Weekend Society is devoted to the wanderers, the wild ones, and those who believe there is still a bit of mystery in the world."

So how great is it that I can offer you, my fabulous readers, the chance to save while shopping their site?! Founded in August 2012 by Andres Andrieu and Jason Joyce, the Weekend Society collection includes a great selection of comfy cotton tees, snapbacks, hoodies, and more. I appreciate the balance of Weekend Society's So Cal style and vintage vibe, and I think you will too! So check out their site, learn more about their story, and update your wardrobe in the process.

Exclusive promo code: GOODGIRLSHOPS
Discount: 20% off anything in the shop!

Follow Weekend Society on Instagram and Twitter! (Both scenic and merchandise images are captured on camera beautifully.) 

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Weekend Society

Monday, July 14, 2014

I Wanna See You Tweet!

Happy Monday! Hope y'all had a fabulous weekend! From following up on new interview sources and phone chatting about a new project in the works to enjoying two nights out in Hollywood and playing a little b-ball outside (phew!), I was heavily busy.

...And because I'm social media-obsessed (proud of it), I typically tweet about my randomness in one or another. So if you're on Twitter, which I'm thinking you definitely are, be sure to follow me! I'm totally into creating connections and building relationships with like-minded creatives, so yup - I follow back, retweet, and reply regularly.

Tweet me or leave your Twitter handle in a comment below!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

No-Show Stylish Socks by Taft Clothing = Chic and Comfy!

There's nothing cute about sweaty feet (sans socks). Nor, is there anything cute about trying to attain the no-show sock look by pushing down long, bulky socks into your shoes. In both of these scenarios, Taft Clothing has your back.

With a collection for both men and women, this Utah-based clothing company (formerly known as "Wimbley's"), developed a style that is durable and lasts after several uses. According to Taft, they tested their socks "at the gym, on the field, on our shoes, and on the ground." 

The story behind Taft Clothing: In March of this year, they launched a Kickstarter project under the name "Wimbley's" to help bring their product to those who simply love shoes. In April, they ended up raising $45,000 (!!!), succeeding their goal of $29,000. According to the cool peeps at Taft, "Our no-show socks for men and women work because they hug your heal, ensuring your socks will never fall off! On top of all that, we designed our sock to look fun when you want to kick of your shoes...Just because you don't see them doesn't mean they have to be boring!"

Having received a cute pair of my own from Taft (the adorable polka dot, peach and navy pair you see above), I attest to the comfort and durability. I'm one of those fashionistas who pretends a mishap was on purpose, such as wearing mismatched socks 'cause I sloppily store them in my drawers. Now, just as I'm conscious with where I store my new Chuck's from Brize Collection, I am totally aware as to where I place my cute 'lil Taft socks. 

If you didn't get involved with the company's Kickstarter campaign, you can still pre-order your own pair(s) off their website: www.taftclothing.com. (A pack of 4 pairs for 40 bucks!) To connect with them directly, be sure to follow them on Twitter and Instagram

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Taft Clothing

Saturday, June 28, 2014

I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night (And Party Every Day) With Brize Collection...

Such a cool feeling when you interview a source and the two of you click. Like instantly. I never would have predicted that Tosha Brize, the humbled mastermind behind Brize Collection, would become more than an interview. That this woman, who is armed with such unwavering persistence, would quickly become a dear friend.

As the story goes, I reached out to Tosha on Twitter immediately after I noticed a conversation between her and Reality TV star/model/actress Tami Roman. Being the nosey tweetaholic that I am (and researcher, by nature), I began checking out the fashion item they were discussing. As I soon realized that Tosha Brize created custom-made Chuck's -- really cute, custom-made Chuck's - I knew that I needed to speak to her and feature her on Good Girl Gone Shopping. After all, unique, creative fashion will always be in style.

Agreeing to an interview (her first one!), Tosha not only gave me the rundown of the company, her goals, and her overall story, she also learned more about who I am. Finding time amongst our busy schedules, we eventually began chatting like old girlfriends, and not long thereafter, she began creating a custom-made shoe for...me!

Not only was I delighted to wear her art on my feet, it was a great time to explore a new, comfy flat! Typically, when I'm not wearing heels, I'm all about a pair of Old Navy flip flops...It was time to change that.

History behind the shoe:

In junior high and the earlier years of high school, my backpack and jeans were covered with patches of my fave early 90s, KROQ-esque bands (Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Hole, Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers...). I used to cut v-neck sweaters and then pin them together with safety pins. At 15 years old, I was most comfortable wearing my sister's 14-hole, worn-in Doc Martens with green laces (while sneaking a quick drag off a friend's cigarette in the parking lot at school). Basically, the time in my life when I really stood out as a Jewish biracial girl growing up in Pomona (receiving all sorts of criticism and confusion from different directions, which did not necessarily help a girl work thought an identity crisis), music was my go-to relief and sanity.

And today, music still plays a role in my well-being and image! I still rock out to the Chili Peppers while I drive, but I'll also ride along to the hits of Drake and the eclectic sounds of Santigold. With my newly locked hair and officially living among the beautiful and bizarre of Los Angeles, I find myself continuing to make my own statement as a fashion writer. Music definitely supports and inspires my own transformation.

So this pair of Chuck's was recreated by Tosha with my particular personality in mind. She says, "The shoes represent the historical Kiss group. When designing the shoe, I did research on the group - 1973 is the year the band was created. Their first big album to hit the billboard charts - which put the band on the map - was "Alive." As Tosha was explaining this to me, and adding that she thinks some great detail to the shoe should include safety pins as well as the word "Alive," I became waaaaay excited. I was all in! Although posters of the band Kiss didn't grace the walls of my bedroom while growing up, this American hard rock band has been one of the loudest statement-makers when it comes to their flamboyant style. I've always loved it, and trusted Tosha to use all of her creativity for my shoe. A one-of-a-kind shoe that uniquely plays on someone's love for rock music, my Chuck's are the most special piece in my closet right now (actually placed in a different room than my other shoes, as they deserve their own space). They were made for me.
Ordering your own pair of Chuck's:

The attentive and excellent business woman that she is, Tosha is very receptive to feedback and welcomes new orders.  I encourage you to follow Brize Collection on its social media platforms, so you can see the wide range of her custom-made Chuck's. You'll also notice that she is a jewelry designer!

Connect with her today on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Click HERE to read our full interview!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Shopping Cheap (With Chump Change): Don't Knock It Til You Try It!

(Walked in a store next to Trader Joe's last week and walked out with these $1.50 boho chic danglies.)

(A total score at Marshall's - a BCBGeneration "Blessed" band spotted for less than $10 while in line. Was a must-have.)

(The flea market off Melrose and Fairfax is the perfect hunting ground. This $7 turquoise, double-strand necklace is my new fave item.)

If you've never paid for a pair of costume earrings, a bracelet, or a necklace with just a handful of change, I gotta be honest with you: you're not truly living. I mean, you may believe that you're the hottest fashionista to strut your stuff since the 80s catwalk days of Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, and Naomi Campbell...and OK, maybe you are...BUT...what about being a hot style maven who knows how to stretch her dollar while appearing effortlessly gorge?

While luxury accessories will always be sought after by the ultra-chic fashionista, there is something exciting and purely awesome in buying a new, fun item to adorn your outfit with using the change in your purse pocket. (Maybe from that $5 you forgot was left over from your breakfast combo from Starbucks...or possibly from those bucks that used to go toward a pack of Marlboro menthols...)

Ultimately, there is just something really cool and smart in buying cheap costume accessories. Whether you are on a mission ("OK, I have $20! I'm gonna find some great items today!") or you calmly stash your fashion change on an as-needed basis ("There's nothing I really need right now, but I might check out that shop I walk past every day. Let's see what they have in stock..."), keep your options open! Don't get me wrong, I firmly believe that quality outweighs quantity, and that investing in brands and designers is an important part of maintaining a fabulous image. (I love my Tiffany jewelry and Betsey Johnson dangly earrings.) But I also believe that if you leave misconceptions, judgment, and nervousness at the door, you are opening yourself up to workable items that you may never have considered before.

Living in Los Angeles, I often walk the historical flea market off Melrose and Fairfax on Sundays, typically walking away with an extra pep in my step because of my new necklaces and hair clips. I also come to a screeching halt when I see local lawns full of yard sale junk treasures. Yup - the Goodwill is also a fun stomping ground for affordable and vintage-y pieces.

Remember: It's all about how you style what you've got. As a fashion writer, I take pride in being able to sit at top designer fashion shows in both LA and New York (inhaling the fabulous scent of couture), while equally proud that I don't give an eff if I'm wearing earrings that cost $1.50 or $100. In fact, I brag more about the former investment.

Do you proudly shop cheap? What was the best item you ever purchased? 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

My Top 3 (Totally EASY) Health Tips for the Workaholic Woman

I love french fries. Any kind - anywhere. I love chips. Any kind - anywhere. And most definitely, I love every single type of chocolate chip cookie. (Crunchy, soft, stale...whatevs.). But in the last few months, I put a screeching halt on my over-consumption of horrible goodies. OK, that's a lie (whoops). Maybe these delicious items are not completely banned from my diet, but I have finally come to the understanding of what "in moderation" means.

And just like nearly every woman, springtime is an important part of summertime -- it's prep-time baby! While I strive to continue eating healthy and working out for the rest of my life, there is something about the idea of a body-baring season that gets me revved up even more. Currently, I'm proud to report tht I'm making pretty fab headway as I am working toward reshaping my curvy body.  YES, adopting a fitness regimen that includes cardio such as running, biking, walking, kickboxing, and/or dancing is essential to losing weight. But don't forget: What you consume is ridiculously important as well. Like Gwen and Gavin, working out and eating healthy just naturally go together.

So my goal of this article is not to give a rundown of what you should eat more or eat less of (I'm still learning myself!). Rather, it's to help keep the workaholic woman on track despite the urge she may have to pull out her hair during the day. That said -- as the 'Good Girl' that I am -- I'm here to keep you feeling great versus going bald.

My Top 3 (Totally EASY) Health Tips for the Workaholic Woman:

Keep stashes of 100 calorie-pack nuts in your glove compartment. And in all of the purses you often trade out. And your office drawers. And your laptop bag. If you're like me, cravings and hunger can sprout up at any time. Also, if you're like me, you can get cranky if you don't have an accessible snack to well...snack on. A much better, filling choice than making that U-turn and heading to the Del Taco drive-thru for (those dang delicious) fries before an appointment!

Take fashion mags with you when you eat out during your solo lunch break. Looking at slender bodies and fabulous, body-hugging fashion trends while you chow down on chow mein and orange chicken just doesn't feel right. Instead, try browsing through the mags while enjoying a bowl of steamed veggies and teriyaki chicken (just a 'lil bit of sauce). Warning: You're likely to be all smiles due to your sense of self-control when you leave Panda Express. (Let 'em stare!)

Replace smoke breaks with squats, sit-ups, and push-ups when working from home: Get up from your computer at least once every one or two hours for quick bursts of exercise. In doing so, you'll get energized, rest your eyes, and start to build up that booty, tighten your bloated tummy, and tone those "bat wings."And remember, you're not losing any time by trying to fit in a workout, because you would have been blacking out your lungs during that time anyway, right? Just do it. I KNOW what I'm talking about -- trust.

Do these ring a bell with you? Tell me -- What are YOUR totally easy health tips?

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Don't Miss Fashion Designer Cookie Johnson's HSN On-Air Debut Today!

(Photo Credit: Courtesy of CJ by Cookie Johnson)

So excited to announce that Cookie Johnson, the amazing fashion designer, activist, philanthropist, and wife of Earvin "Magic" Johnson, is hitting HSN today with her on-air debut!  Having interviewed Cookie for GGGS, written about her commemorative collection for World AIDS Day in Agenda Magazine, and tried on several jeans from her collection, I can attest to the fact that the CJ by Cookie Johnson line is made with love and with the understanding that all women deserve a fabulous jean. So it's super-cool that CJ by Cookie Johnson will be launching its collection of premium denim on HSN.

According to Cookie's camp, "Cookie is thrilled to be able to bring her premium denim collection into the households of so many Americans. CJ jeans are meant to make women feel beautiful and confident while embracing on-trend, fashion-froward styling. Through this new HSN partnership, Cookie will be able to introduce that sentiment to a whole new breadth of women." 

Tune in at 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. / PT. Check your local listings for the HSN channel and follow CJ by Cookie Johnson on Twitter...Happy Shopping!


Monday, March 31, 2014

gx by Gwen Stefani: The Affordable and Ultra-Stylish Collection for Shoedazzle!

(Photo Credit: www.shoedazzle.com)

L.A.M.B. offers ridiculously amazing couture handbags and shoes for the cool and couture-loving fashion lover. But always affordable for the common chick? Well...unless you come across a fab shoe or purse on sale at say, Nordstrom Rack,...not really. So, I'm pretty excited about the gx by Gwen Stefani collaboration with Shoedazzle. (I love the name "gx" too - Gwen's signature tweet sign-off!). The line launched last month, giving Shoedazzle members more styles to explore and incorporate in their own wardrobes. All items under $110! The collection includes: edgy-chic strappy sandals, fancy wedges, and (not your mama's!) dramatic pumps. The graphic palette includes a bold mix of black, white, red, and cobalt. Dig!

Recently, Gwen shared thoughts about her new collection with Eonline.com: "I created gx with the goal of making amazing shoes and bags at really great prices. Gx is super luxurious and stylish but still affordable." 

With the ├╝ber-talented Rachel Zoe as the new chief stylist alongside "Kim K," Shoedazzle is becoming quite the go-to site for fun looks. And, I mean, of course No Doubt's frontwoman and fashion designer would be an amazing person to collab with. What team wouldn't want Gwen breathing her cool vibe of creativity into an exclusive collection?!

(Photo Credit: www.shoedazzle.com) 

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Friday, March 14, 2014

'Porchea's Beauty Tips" Series Coming to GGGS!

She does hair. She does fashion. She does makeup. She does kindness. Porchea Davis is a straight-up talented woman who I've known for more than 15 years. So, naturally, it makes sense to bring some of her knowledge to my GGGS with a series of "Porchea's Beauty Tips."

To start keeping up with this chameleon's looks, follow her on Instagram!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

South American Grassroots Brand 'Sundried' Adds to My Casual SoCal Style!

(Bring it on sun! I've been waiting for you!)

The chilly air, snow, rain, and all that wintertime...STUFF...doesn't really excite me. Totally -- there are many ways to incorporate your summer clothing into your winter wardrobe while embracing gorgeous boots, coats, and hats. But naturally, being a SoCal native and an LA resident, I feel at home in flip-flops, leggings, jeans, tees, tanks, and spaghetti-strapped maxi dresses. They all make me happy under the sun!

(My custom-made Sundried tee is totally #unique!)

So my recent connection with the awesome folks at Sundried, a South American grassroots brand, developed at the perfect time. With summertime inching its way back into my life (making the sound of the waves and the sand between my toes more of an upcoming reality versus a fantasy) I was delighted to receive a custom-made Sundried tee. Here are some fun facts about this eco-conscious and community-driven company:

- Sundried products are handmade and hand-screened!

- Sundried was founded in Peru. It was inspired by a memorable observation of a lone surfer who emerged fresh out of the water after an epic surf, who stood and waited for the sun to rise and for its natural warmth to dry his tired body. (Hence, SUN DRIED.)

- Deeply passionate about charity work, Sundried sponsors Surfers Against Sewage, an environment charity protecting UK waves, oceans and beaches. 

- Sundried has evolved to provide products for the beach, the bar, the street, the swell (ocean), and the skatepark.

- Sundried is loved by active people, from triathletes to surfers throughout Peru, the UK, New Zealand, and the US!

How to connect with this awesome company:

website - www.sundried.com



...Tell 'em the Good Girl Gone Shopping says rock on! Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The 'Good Girl Gone Shopping' Helps Kick Off LA Fashion Week as a Speaker at LHT Fashion "Sense-Ability" Event!

("Learn.Help.Teach."/ www.lht.la)

It is with pure delight that I inform you about my upcoming speaking engagement this season, during Los Angeles Fashion Week! I was recently asked to be part of this season's "Potluck Presenters" event, hosted by Learn.Help.Teach. LHT is a unique environment brought to you by event designers, artists, community developers, collaborative communities, and philanthropists with a focus on skill sharing. This season's Potluck Presenters event will be held at the LHT Loft on Thursday, March 13th, from 7:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.. The evening's topic: "Fashion Sense."

I'm also proud to invite you to come and enjoy this evening of presentations and interaction in a very unique, intimate social setting. Would be a great time for you to network amongst experts, artists, and visionaries! I will be presenting alongside two amazing industry professionals, including Jason Peskin, Founder and CEO of Project Ethos (@ProjectEthos), and Taryn Hipwell, CEO of EcoDivas/EcoDivasTV.com (@ecodivas).

The brains behind LHT include: Co-Creator Brandi Veil (@brandiveil), Co-Creator Keith Neves (@nevescreative), and Creative Director Daniel Bax (@BaxImages).

Ticket Info: A suggested $20 donation per person or free with a potluck dish!

Location: LHT Loft, 900 East 1st St., Los Angeles, CA 90012

Details about my presentation as listed on www.lht.la:

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Scion, Project Ethos Continues To Spotlight New Talent at LA Fashion Week, Uniting a Diverse Crowd of Guests!

(Mark your calendars!)

More than 2,000 attendees expected at the growing fashion, music and art showcase event of the season, put on by Scion and Project Ethos! Taking place at its usual hotspot, Avalon Hollywood, this event always maintains its ability provide creative stimulation all around. I've attended several shows over the last few years, and each one is quite unique. Fashion show details:

(Click here to check out full release.)

Another reason to mark March 18th on your calendar, Scion and Project Ethos effectively reel in tons of industry folk as well as fashion, art, and music lovers together. Thanks to this LA Fashion Week presentation, I was able to cross paths with the beautiful and talented owner/creator of Trending LA -- Joy Rich Bullard -- for the first time (and we wound up sitting next to each other!). A few seasons before that, I watched the awesome model and pop-punk star Eryn Woods walk in the Tumbler and Tipsy show...And I just recently interviewed this doll for Agenda! So, please say hello if you see me -- I'll be covering the evening's affair for Agenda Magazine.  It's all about connections y'all, and I'm happy to attest that the Scion and Project Ethos event is great in attracting a diverse, yet like-minded, crowd of folks. To attend this LA Fashion Week event, check out the ticket info!