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5 Lessons to Take From the Giuliana Rancic-Zendaya Fiasco!

(L-R: Giuliana Rancic, Zendaya/ Photo Credit:
There was a time when I couldn't stand "Fashion Police" on E!. The performance of industry folks sitting around to basically judge a celebrity's style -- following an award show or while dissecting Hollywood trends in segments like "Bitch Stole My Look" -- turned me off for a bit. Because my passion for fashion roots in creativity and in the beauty of diversity, I didn't always feel comfortable laughing at what comedian Joan Rivers said (even if it was hilarious!). It was so very "Mean Girls" to me.

But then I hopped back on the E! train a couple of years ago or so, becoming a regular viewer of the show. I decided to really listen and learn from the intellectual perspectives of the stylists, including topics surrounding the distinct signature styles of designers, why particular cuts don't work well with certain body shapes and sizes, and how this color combo or that type of print can make or break an outfit. From George Kotsiopoulos bringing me to a new level of understanding to the cleverly coined phrases and excitement of the fabulous Brad Goreski (who now sits in Kotsiopoulos' seat), their presence on the show helped to balance out the rest of the nonsense.

E!'s popular correspondent Giuliana Rancic usually added tasteful support (or tasteful opposition) to what some of the other hosts would say. And with her chic flavor and friendly personality, I maintained a certain level of respect for Rancic. I also gained a respect for Kelly Osbourne over the years, as she has proven to the world that she is her own person with her own opinion. The bubbly Brit (and daughter of the "Prince of Darkness") brought an edgy look, as well as a knowledgeable and unbiased commentary about a star's look (whether she was friends with him/her or not!).

(Kelly, you'll be missed! Photo Credit:

But now, due to poor judgment and for the sake of "comedy," everything has changed.

Here's what happened: Actress/singer/dancer Zendaya flaunted gorgeous faux dreadlocks at The Oscars. In analyzing her look on "Fashion Police," Rancic said: "I feel like she smells like pachouli oil" while another unidentified voice chimed in with "Or weed!" Zendaya then tweeted about being insulted in regards to the comment, prompting an uproar from the social media world, which included accusations that Rancic's comment was "racist." Rancic made a public apology to Zendaya on E!, and Zendaya acknowledged the apology. Then Kelly quits the show, after making it clear that she is friends with the star and that she was not happy with how any of it went down. According to US Weekly, Osbourne was against the Zendaya comments during filming and didn't want to go along with it.

My big questions: Why was Rancic the designated host to make the comment? Because she's not a comedian, wouldn't it make more sense if Kathy Griffin (who took Rivers' position) to say that? Did Rancic try to object or was it her idea? 

While a new season of "Fashion Police" is set to begin in a few weeks, I have decided to stop taking part in it. Simply being a viewer, in my mind, is saying being a Mean Girl is acceptable...and it's not. It has not been said yet who will take over Osbourne's position and whether or not Rancic even continues with the show (be it her choice or E!'s). Until then, I'd like to shower this story with some positivity. There are many lessons that we can take from this ordeal. Here are my top 5:

(Loyalty reigns!/ Photo Credit: Huffington Post)
1) Words DO hurt. Celebrities are people too, and yes critics can take things too far even if they didn't have an evil intention.

2) Know your lane. Rancic is not a professional comedian. Period. Stick to interviews, girl! That's what you're great at.

3) Public personalities must be aware that they make a difference (good or bad). Social media may not always feel like your friend when something goes wrong. Just means you need to remember that there is power in the people, as well as power in the tool that allows us to voice our opinions.

4) Glamour is not a cookie-cutter image. Who says that a couture gown cannot be accompanied with natural hair or a statement-making hairstyle? Coming from someone who loves her locs and loves her Bond No. 9 perfume (I hate pachouli oil!), I say eff yes - you can create your own version of glam.

5) Have boundaries. It's been reported that Osbourne has been unhappy on the show since Rivers passed. But whether that is true or not, the time obviously came when Osbourne had to make a decision that was best for her. She knew her boundaries.

Where do you stand now with "Fashion Police"...? Will you continue to watch the show?

Monday, February 23, 2015

Top 3 Movies That 'The Oscars' Got Me Hyped to Watch!

(Actress Emma Stone going off on her Pops, played by Michael Keaton, in "Birdman.")

Yes, I love award season for the fashion. I mean, it's a time when Hollywood's gorgeous of the gorgeous is wearing the gorgeous-of-the-gorgeous gowns! But, of course, I look forward to amazing acceptance speeches and seeing snippets of talented actors and actresses doing their thing on the big screen.

And last night was no exception! The 87th Academy Awards featured some amazing films that have now made it to my "must watch" list. While I have become more of a "Let's stay in and rent a movie!" kind of chick, these dramas are made for the big screen for a reason. So I will say that, yes, I'm willing to overspend on tickets and snacks (and even allow my ears to suffer during the grossly loud previews in the theater!) in order to truly learn why these films have become such a talk of the town.

In no particular order, here are the flicks that I'm ready to check out (including Oscar moments that were enough to make me wanna watch all three): 

(1) Boyhood: Patricia Arquette's speech on women's equality after winning for 'Best Supporting Actress' got Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez on the edge of their seat with applause and cheers. I need to learn if that particular topic holds relevance to the actual film.

(2) Birdman (Winner of "Best Picture"): The brief scene that showed a heated Emma Stone going off on Michael Keaton (who plays her father) was way intense. Looking forward to the build-up and why she thinks "Birdman" became a loser.

(3) Selma: I can't stop thinking about the horrid-yet-kinda-cool brick red suit worn by British actor David Oyelowo (who plays Martin Luther King, Jr.). That, and sensing the emotions behind his eyes when he teared up during John Legend and Common's "Glory" performance (total moxie status!) told me that this dude ain't scared of showing his dramatic personality. Was obviously casted for a reason!

Which movie do you think I should see first? I'm all ears!!

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Save 45% Off Luxury, Grecian-Inspired Sandals from the 'Corinna Saias Collection' (You're Welcome!)

(Photo Credit: Courtesy of Corinna Saias Collection)

The first day of spring is gonna arrive before we know it! And for fashionistas who are preparing their wardrobe for the warmer, more sunshine-y days even before March 20th hits (official start of the new season), you're in luck.

Corinna Saias, founder of the Grecian-inspired, luxury sandal brand Corinna Saias Collection, recently reached out to me with an exciting sales promotion: an exclusive 45% off discount for GGGS readers on ALL online merchandise! Considering spring is right around the corner, marking the beginning of international travels, resort stays, skin-baring fashion trends, and cutesy-pie pedicures, tons of you are looking into practical (and sexy!) footwear to accent your fierce ensembles. Yup - myself included.

(Photo Credit: Courtesy of Corinna Saias Collection)

As you browse the brand's site, you'll notice a detail that's pretty special: Each sandal is stamped with the name of exemplary women who have left their "stamp" on Greek history. According to Saias, "The designs are inspired from ancient Greece, but the classic silhouettes are reworked with ultra-luxe and glamorous touches for the modern woman." Regarding the beauty of each genuine leather sandal, which are handmade in Greece, she continues, "Swarovski crystals are used to embellish the sandals and to revive the du jour, jet-set lifestyle led by Jackie Onassis in Capri and Princess Grace of Monaco."

Although the price point may not easily fit into the common budget-conscious shopper -- regularly priced from $150 - $288 -- I love being able to offer you an exclusive 45% off discount. Here are the details: Merchandise coupon is valid from today, Sunday, February 22nd, through Wednesday, March 4th. Use coupon code "goodgirl" during checkout on, which can be used on an unlimited basis within this period.

....Happy Shopping! 

Friday, February 20, 2015

The 'Himalayan' Sneaker: An Iconic Collabo Between Camper and Bernhard Willhelm!

(Photo Credit:
Four weeks ago, I welcomed a great, new sneaker to my shoe collection.

Wait - that's such an understatement. The real truth is this: Four weeks ago, my shoe game reached a new height of coolness, creativity, and comfort with the addition of an artistic "sneaker."

Thanks to being introduced to this Mediterranean brand by my boyfriend ("Babe, there is this line of cool sneaks I want us to both try!"), I couldn't imagine my wardrobe without my Camper Himalayan kicks now! And as a journalist by nature (and degree), I immediately knew that I had to get the ins about this awesome brand firsthand.

Turned out the original pair my boyfriend chose for me were a bit snug on my wide 'ol feet (and the line runs slightly small), so my visit to the Camper store at The Grove in LA was the perfect opportunity to chat with one of its team members. And to my delight, Dachelle Boehm (retail area manager for the west coast of the US and Canada) was there to give me the goods!

"Romain Kremer just became our creative director, and the styles are shifting and becoming more fashion-forward, which is really cool," said Boehm. "We're known for having comfortable, quality walking shoes. So everything is meant to be very comfortable and look very premium."

(Capturing the beauty of the "Himalayan" shoe...)
Not only did I also learn that Camper is a family-owned company based in Majorca, Spain and began making shoes 130 years ago (!!!), I learned that my particular shoe is a product of the creative collabo between Camper and innovative German designer Bernhard Willhelm.

Per Boehm, "The Bernhard Willhelm's have a huge cult following."

Nope - not surprised in the least. As you can see, the unusual features of this shoe are waaaay fashion-forward, epitomizing the designer's unique and edgy style. Willhelm's career in fashion is one that is internationally notable (launched his first women's collection during Paris Fashion Week in 1999, just after college, and designed his first menswear outfits in 2000).

Eventually, upon receiving accolades, becoming the creative director for Roberto Capucci fashion house (2002-2004), and opening his first boutique in Japan in 2006 (his women's line is licensed under the Japanese company, Bus Stop), Willhelm joined forces with Camper seven years ago, according to the designer's website. The "Bernhard Willhelm-Camper-Together" special lines of shoes began in 2008, providing both men and women interesting options in footwear.

(His and hers!)
I loooove that my Himalayan shoes turn heads anywhere I go. From the grocery store to the mall, it's now odd not to hear, "Hey girl, cool shoes!" Often pairing them with all black or a black-and-white ensemble, I let my Himalayans take center stage with each outfit.

While the cost of the Himalayan shoe costs sorta an arm and a leg for the common fashion lover, the details are worth the purchase ($275 regular price).

Awesome features of this shoe: padded tongue, thick laces that wrap around the entire shoe, anatomic insole that gives extra comfort on the heel (and a little bounce!), rubber layer for a good grip, and striking contrasts of color.

If you're in the LA area, I suggest stopping by The Grove to inhale the artistry of the "Together with Camper" line. I also just noticed that Willhelm is currently presenting a solo exhibition at MOCO Pacific Design Center in LA, which will last through May 17, 2015 ("When Fashion Shows the Danger Then Fashion is the Danger"). That's definitely on my radar and making its way to my calendar as we speak.

So what else can I say about my favorite new shoe? Just that I'm officially one "Happy Camper."

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

So You Received Great Customer Service...Now What? My 5 Tips Get You Started!

(Photo Credit: 

Bad customer service is my number one pet peeve. I can't stand when a sales associate doesn't greet me when I walk in the door, doesn't ask me if I need assistance, and simply forgets about me when I'm in the fitting room or waiting on a size. And every other poor behavior in between! 

A Los Angeles fashion blogger who has worked in retail for 6 years (from the tail-end of high school throughout college), I know what goes into making customers satisfied and what can really piss a shopper off. That said, I know how easy it truly is to be a kind retail employee and treat everyone with the same level of service. It's really all about the "Golden Rule" - treat people how you would want to be treated. 

Unfortunately, I often experience poor customer service for reasons I know exist, but I hate to accept (race? the way I'm dressed on a particular off day?). So when I do receive extraordinary help from an associate, I feel it's important to bring that person and his/her personality to light. What about you? While you may have tons of stories to tell your friends and loved ones regarding bad customer you make an effort to spread the word about great customers service? If you've never taken an extra step to do so, I suggest that you take a few minutes to get that rollin'. Positive feedback can go a long way, and it honestly says a lot about your character as well! The term "giving back" can be interpreted in many ways, and I think giving praise to where praise is due is one significant aspect to this term.

Here are some ways you can give kudos to your favorite sales associate: 

(1) Write a review on Yelp or Facebook. These days it's all about social media, right? Yup - pretty much. So turning to sites such as Yelp or Facebook to rate a certain store and write a review means the world to a company. Be sure to include the associate's name, store number, and the details regarding your visit!

(2) Promote the brand/store/associates on Social Media. Do not underestimate the power of word-of-mouth, and again, social media is a fabulous place to spread your positive experience with friends, family, and contacts! Facebook and Instagram provide great space for tons of interaction with your connections, which gives you a chance to answer specific questions that others may post. In addition, if you tag that particular brand/store, it could take notice and likely get involved with the convo and possibly even share on its corporate page. Also, if you tag that sales associate's social media page, he/she may also get involved and share or repost on his/her personal page!

(Photo Credit:

(3) Ask to speak to the manager. The next time you can't stop smiling after making your purchase, simply because you treated with a lil' (or a lot of!) TLC, ask to speak directly to the manager. Communicating your experience first-hand regarding a particular associate will, in turn, make the manager smile. Your feedback will be appreciated, and you never know, your kindness may be the cherry on top for someone. Your new favorite helper may now get that raise!

(4) Email Corporate. Sometimes, you need to process the entire experience during you drive home before you reach out and share your experience with a company's corporate office. OR, you may have already utilized social media and spoke to a manager about an associate's professionalism....but still want to make that extra effort. Either way, you can typically find contact info to a store/brand's corporate office directly on its website if you wish to reach out and send a 'thank you' message.

(5) Remain a Loyal Customer (And Make Yourself a VIP!). Remember, if you really enjoyed your experience with an associate, it's likely that he/she did too! Day in and day out, these people have to deal with rude customers and challenging situations, so if they continue to see your friendly face on a regular basis, you can count on being treated with R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  Beware: His/her happiness may be contagious; don't be surprised if other associates step in to help you as well. Oh, and wanna be notified when upcoming sales or promotions are coming? Just be your sweet self, abide by The Golden Rule...and welcome the special VIP treatment with open arms!

If you liked this article, you might also like "Shopping for the Right Jeans: 3 Tips to Help Save Your Sanity!"

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Want Boss-Style Inspiration? 'Cookie' Shows You How It's Done in Animal Print!

For many fashionistas and fashion critics, animal-print clothing has had its day. It's often associated with tacky New Joisey fashion or cheap street style. Then, for others, incorporating bits and pieces of a leopard or snake-print look in your wardrobe can add a sexy-like sassiness.

While I tend to sway back and forth with my interest in animal-print clothing (I've had a few leopard-print heels in my life!), I do find that the single common trait among those who dare to wear such a trend is: CONFIDENCE. And boy, oh boy, does my new favorite character on TV these days exude just that. I'm talking about the one and only "Cookie," played by the awesome Taraji P. Henson, in the new (semi-controversial) Fox Television hit "Empire." 

Despite being a Reality TV junkie, I'm always down for a good drama! Think: hip-hop, record label politics, prison time, ex-loves working together, murder, a gay son clearly not accepted by his dying music mogul father (played by Terrance Howard ), unexpected celebrity cameos, and multi-layered perspectives on race, culture, entertainment, and health. Yup - the show has definitely gotten my attention. And if you've yet to tune in at 9 p.m./pac time on Wednesdays (tonight!), I suggest that you give it a try.

I mean, even if this drama sounds a bit too erratic for you, Cookie's style will make you re-think animal-print style. Shoot, she may even make you re-evaluate your wardrobe altogether! From stepping out of the limo to storming in on board meetings, this Boss is definitely making a fashion statement...even after spending over a decade in prison! (Like I gotta tune in.)

Photo Credits: Google Images

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Interview with Katie Maloney of 'Vanderpump Rules': "It's been a wild ride to say the least!"

(Katie Maloney/Photo Credit: Brooke Mason)
"Vanderpump Rules" -- the drama-packed Reality TV show built on British restaurateur and Beverly Hills Housewife, Lisa Vanderpump -- has grown to be one of my fave guilty pleasures on Bravo. The show basically gives viewers a taste of what occurs among the servers, bartenders, and hostesses at West Hollywood's SUR (one of Lisa's restaurants). But really, this show is a heavy meal of friendship and relationship woes, wins, and WTFs. 

And this season, a lot of the outspokenness (which has entailed tears as well as kind-hearted forgiveness) comes from Katie Maloney. As compared to the first two seasons of Vanderpump Rules, we're getting to know more of the Reality TV star's personality. She is much more than just Stassi's friend and the chick who got criticized for dyeing her hair "orange." In our recent interview, Katie not only talks about her experience on Vanderpump Rules and Reality TV as a whole; co-founder of Pucker & Pout, a beauty and style website designed to inspire, gives insight to her view on healthy relationships, her "neo goth" personal style, and just why a statement jacket is a must-have. Oh, and did I mention that she's a Gwen-lover as well?  Yup...Katie my kind of girl! 

What has been your experience on Vanderpump Rules been like thus far? 
It's been a wild ride to say the least. It's been really fun and always really taxing both mentally and emotionally. This was an experience I couldn’t prepare myself for, but I feel like I have taken everything in stride and really grown through all my experiences on the show.
The show is so interwoven with relationship “drama.” Has becoming a Reality TV star altered your perception on the concept of a healthy relationship?
I was nervous about putting my relationship out there. It's obviously something sacred to me and I want to protect it. I feel like Tom and I have really grown closer and stronger through this all. We might not have a perfect, drama-free relationship but we definitely have a strong one and contrary to what people might think based on what they’ve seen, we do have a healthy relationship. Of course we have had bumps and messed up along the way but what remains is our bond. What goes on with us behind closed doors is important and should not be overlooked.

(Katie Maloney/Photo Credit: Brooke Mason)
It’s been said that not only could Reality TV harm a real relationship, but that social media has the potential to damage one. What are your thoughts on that?
I don't think anything besides the two people in the relationship could damage it. Of course the show and social media can strain the relationship. However the only two people accountable for the relationship and its integrity are the ones involved. Tom and I have a healthy perspective on social media and the show so we don't let the negativity infiltrate what we have. 
I understand that you balanced theater and cheerleading in high school while working with a local agency to book commercial shoots and hosting work at an early age. Did you ever envision yourself as a regular on one of Bravo TV’s hit shows?
I never dreamed of ever doing a reality show. Reality TV has changed so much over the recent years and I feel like it was a twist of fate getting my job at SUR 5 years ago and I regret nothing.
How much is the line blurred between your real life and Reality TV? Or, do you consider these entirely separate entities?
The line is very-much-so blurred. After all, these are my real friends and I really work at SUR and all the drama that occurs is organic. There's no pretending. When we aren't filming, we still carry on the same way. Obviously sometimes, thanks to editing, some things are sensationalized and they put heavy focus on certain topics for dramatic purposes but that doesn't mean it didn't happen or that it wasn't real.
What do you love most about being on Vanderpump Rules?
It's a surreal thing living your life out in front of the cameras. We have had so much fun on our trips and also had some shitty times too. I'm happy to share these moments with the people I'm closest too. I feel extremely lucky to be a part of this show.
What do you like the least?
It's more difficult than I can describe what it is like to experience heart break and personal intimate moments while filming. It's not like "real life" where if something traumatic happens (i.e., your boyfriend admitting he has cheated on you) you can retreat and take personal time. You have to share every moment, talking about how you feel and share what's going on inside your head. These are the times that it really takes a toll on you.

(Katie Maloney/Photo Credit: Brooke Mason)
Pucker & Pout is such a great resource for women who could use some tips in a variety of areas. When did you realize, “It’s time for a website!”…?
Pucker & Pout embodies so much of who I am. I have always shared the products I love or little tips and tricks with my girlfriends, and the response has always been great. Obviously I have accumulated a strong following on my social media so I thought to myself what an amazing idea to create a space where I share my beauty knowledge. It's been such a fun and inspirational experience and the response has been incredible. 
How would you describe your own personal style?
I guess it could be described as slightly "neo goth." I tend to gravitate towards darker clothes and edgier pieces but I still have trendy elements. I would rather wear kicks or boots than heels. I love androgynous with a feminine twist style. I'm a lipstick-with-shades and a leather jacket kind of chick. Gwen Stefani is definitely my fave style icon! 
Scenario: A woman is on a budget with $50 bucks and needs to update her style. What items do you think she should focus on first?
I would say hone in on one piece that is versatile. A statement jacket that can be worn with a pair of jeans and kicks but could as be thrown over a LBD. Or a slick pair of pants or pencil skirt. Focus on something that suits you and what's already in your closet that you can mix, match and layer with!

Katie rules! To keep up the Reality TV star, be sure to follow her on Twitter and Instagram

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My New Love: Rejuvenating 'Emtage Beauty' Rose Hip Rollerball!

I never leave home without my 'lil cosmetics bag full of cheap NYX lip gloss, a Revlon powder compact, Vincent Longo lipstick in "Mulberry," hand sanitizer, several sample-sized Bond No. 9 perfumes, and a light spritzer from Zara. But for the last couple of weeks, these guys have welcomed a new friend to the bunch: a Rose Hip-scented rollerball by Emtage Beauty. My new love!

This $14.99 lovely rollerball consists of a "rich, nourishing, luxurious blend of Argan oil and Rose hip oil infused with Geranium essential oil." Said to also provide instant hydration and age-defying benefits (i.e., powerful antioxidants, vitamin E, C, and essential fatty acids) to dry skin, wrinkles, fine lines and discoloration, it seriously has helped to ease my daily stress in 3 simple, distinctive ways:

(1) The Yummy, Relaxing Scent: I find myself rolling the oil on my neck, palms, and chest area a few times a day. The minute the wonderful scent hits my nose, I get that everything-is-gonna-be-alright Bob Marley-esque feeling. I also love that it doesn't leave a gross residue; rather, my skin feels smoother and softer. (I actually find myself using this rollerball more than I do lotion throughout the day.)   

(Argan Oil Rose Hip Rollerball)
(2) Provides Temporary Itchy-Scalp Relief: Eight months ago, I naturally transformed into a loc-wearin', boho-chic writer. And although there is very minor maintenence required for this style (besides twisting and locking as need be), my scalp often gets dry. Usually, I use a special oil or grease for my scalp. But before I was able to restock on those products, I decided to try the rollerball in between all of my locs and really work the oil into my scalp...and YES - I love it. The natural ingredients of this Argan oil is truly a delight! And nope - not just a temporary relief; if I take 5-10 minutes in the morning to really work it on my scalp, I'm a happy girl the entire day. (Plus, I love that the Rose Hip scent is now added to my hair!)

(3) Cute and Convenient: This tiny, easy-to-apply product plays nice with my other cosmetic buddies. I was gifted with more than one of the rollerballs, so I keep one in my purse and one in my bathroom cabinet. Instantly, my new love fit right into my beauty, skincare, and haircare regimen. What more could this chick ask for?

To learn more about Emtage Beauty, its philosophy, and the story of founder Robin Emtage, as well as to get your shop on (!!!), be sure to visit its website:

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Shopping Ideas for a Sports Lover? ‘Majestic Athletic’ Has Your Back.

 Shopping for your sport-loving dude, brother, father, or friend isn’t always easy (even after the holidays). Then again, maybe it’s not that hard for some of you, if you know that person really well. I suppose tickets to their favorite team’s upcoming game…a framed, signed poster of his favorite player…a new mitt so he can play catch with a friend…are all possibilities. And maybe you did awesome and gifted someone with such things for Chanukah or Christmas. But maybe you didn’t and still wanna find something cool.

It’s never too late! After all, gifting a loved one or friend doesn’t always have to happen solely during the holidays. Surprise, I-love-you-gifts are also exciting to give!  And I do believe clothing always goes a long way.

When my boyfriend has “the homies” over for football or basketball, things can get heated, loud, and fun for him! So should he have some awesome NFL gear or some sort of performance apparel to show off as his team wins (Yay babe!)…well, that’s pretty cool. With his birthday also around the corner, I’m currently checking out Majestic Athletic (hope he doesn’t read this). I appreciate that the merchandise is full of non-cheesy items, providing both professional and collegiate sports teams and their fans tons of options. Also, it’s a totally sophisticated website that allows you to enjoy your online shopping experience. And yes – there is a clearance section (ALWAYS a plus!)

Everyone gets stuck at times, feeling left out in the cold when it comes to unique gift ideas. And at the same time, everyone deserves to have a stress-free shopping experience.  So I pride myself in being resourceful and providing helpful info to assist your shopping experience (hence, the ‘Good Girl Gone Shopping’), so be sure to let me know your thoughts with Majestic Athletic!

To start getting social with the company and get a feel for what it’s all about, be sure to connect on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and even YouTube!

*Please note: While I’m talking about shopping for a guy, of course, this can apply to gals too. No sexism here, just ‘cause I’m not that into sportswear myself!

Photo Credits: 

Monday, December 22, 2014

You Don't HAVE to Bust Through Your Favorite Fashion Pieces This Holiday Season!

(Photo Credit: 
In my latest article for, I provide 3 (EASY) tips on how to ease up on the over-consumption of goodies this holiday season! 

"Ohhh…how the holiday season brings us much joy. From reuniting with loved ones to volunteering at a local charity, this season no doubt gives us a sense of rejuvenation and a time to reflect on what’s going great, what’s not, and what could use improving (especially as you start making your New Year’ resolutions).
But here’s where the tricky part comes in: enjoying yummy treats while still wearing what you love.
I personally love the pineapple cheesecake and brownies my m
om makes for Chanukah, and it gives me pleasure to bake cookies for my boyfriend during Christmas (and, ahem, eating the cookie dough at the same time).  And like most people, I am definitely guilty of over-consuming, while telling myself, “I’ll just cut back after the holidays.” But the thing is, that’s never fun. The pressure that comes from that can sometimes cause you to turn to all those leftover sweets a few too many times!  So, through trial and error, I’ve figured out how to enjoy the holidays while still fitting into my favorite leggings, blouses, and sweaters..." Read the full article

Thursday, December 11, 2014

‘Tarte Cosmetics’ Waterproof Mascara to Hide My Sentiments of the Holidays Season!

(Photo Credit: "lights, camera, splashes waterproof mascara") 

I’m a Jewish chick who enjoys driving home from work while listening to Christmas music (sorry mom!). There’s something about the vibe of the holidays, good cheer, and nostalgia. Sometimes, I’ll cruise to the music with a light smile plastered on my face, but usually, I get sentimental and start remembering all of the drama from the years passed. Maybe it’ the way Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas is You” reminds me of the movie “Love Actually” and it’s many love stories regarding new love as well as betrayal that gets me misty-eyed. Or, maybe it’s just the beauty of Mariah’s incredible voice. Either way, because I’m by myself driving, I am fine letting the tears fall. But with tears, comes a yucky face…which glasses don’t always hide. And when I get home, my conspiracy-theorist boyfriend just wouldn’t get it.

Please note: I don’t cake on my makeup, especially at work. But the darkness under my eyes is usually quite apparent after a drive home listening to KOST 103.5. Runny makeup will do that to a girl!

So to help change the scenario of getting a yucky face – without having to change the radio dial – I suppose I could look into some new makeup. First up: waterproof mascara, as I definitely don’t leave home without a few swift strokes on my lashes. So working in a new brand to my collection of cosmetics could be good for me.

Tarte Cosmetics – the beauty company that is famous for its eco-chic beauty products – sells a $20 “lights, camera, splashes waterproof mascara.” Have you tried it before? According to its website, it offers “lengthening, curling, volumizing, and conditioning benefits.” I will admit that I’m a 5 buck-mascara-from-Target kind of girl, but if a product is truly quality, I’m all for experimenting with it. My mom always tells me that as you get older, you lashes get thinner (Nooo!!). That said, I appreciate that this product is also said to “treat and protect your lashes.”

And because I’m a native SoCal girl who loves baring it at the beach more than being covered up with scarfs, beanies, and boots in the winter, a waterproof mascara would benefit my time in the water as well. That’s a given.

So…cheers to holiday music, having the chutzpah to admit I like it, and taking the first step to hide my (not-so-secret-anymore) guilty pleasure with a new beauty product!

If you’re a lover of Tarte Cosmetics, please do comment on this article and share which one you can’t live without!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

'Spark the Fire' with Gwen Stefani and Mastercard! (Priceless)

Not only is Gwen's newest single, "Spark the Fire," blasting in the latest Mastercard commercial...ummm...she's totally featured in it. The Voice star judge, fashion icon and designer, No Doubt frontwoman, and mother of three keeps on kicking!

And although I do my best to NOT use my own credit card...I may spark that fire and shop 'til I drop. Suddently, I'm feeling waaaay inspired to bust out that plastic again.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Do You Know How To Iron? (No, Really...Do You?)

Thank you to Alight Fashion Blog for reaching out to me with this awesome infographic! Great clothing needs to be taken care of properly, and it all starts with the basics. This includes IRONING (which I abhor). Do you attack your crinkles, folds, and creases correctly?

Click on the image to check it out in full view: