Thursday, August 4, 2016

Letting Your True Colors Show "Underneath It All"

In consideration of "Throwback Thursday," I'd like to share one of my favorite No Doubt videos! "Underneath It All" -- a track from the band's 2001 Rock Steady album, featuring Lady Saw -- is a beautiful, simple song about a lover finding beauty and warmth in another lover despite his faults or shortcomings ("You see the colors in me like no one else...And behind your dark glasses you're, you're something else...").

I think this video is interestingly beautiful, as it features Gwen Stefani doing what she hoped her lover (or ex-hubby Gavin?) did -- revealing her true self as she stripped away all of her layers of layers of...stuff. The end result is a more youthful-looking Gwen in a more vulnerable, makeup-less pure state -- the state of being that I believe all women secretly wish to live in if they knew there was no risk in losing their lover.

Is "Underneath It All" also one of your fave No Doubt videos too?! Do tell! xo

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