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How To Clean Those Jeans (The Right Way!)

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I remember when I used to dry clean my jeans. I was a college student working at Nordstrom, often receiving complimentary pairs of top brands in the department (e.g., 7 For All Mankind, AG Jeans, Blue Cult) as well as spending my paychecks on haute fashion lines sold there. I wanted to preserve the color, quality, and size of the jeans, so I figured dry cleaning would be the best bet (plus my older sister was doing it and sounded like a good idea). But, quickly, it became costly and time-consuming...and I like budget-conscious and quick! 

So I then chose to toss ‘em in the washing machine in cold water and hang dry them instead. But the crispiness of the denim – as a result of letting the jeans air dry – began to gross me out. Ewww.

The last option was to just use the washing machine and dryer already. And because I do love a grunge-inspired distressed jean, especially when worn with plaid and a tank, I figured if the look or feel of the jeans changed a bit that I would still rock ‘em. And should any shrinkage happen, then I figured I would deal with it on a case-by-case basis. Ultimately, the quality and sizing changed here and there. Nothing major. I just wish that I would have understood the right way to really wash jeans early on. (In other words, I wish I would have listened to the domestic tips from my mama more often).

So as the self-proclaimed "Good Girl Gone Shopping," I’m happy to share some helpful info with you! Compiled by the creators of the Downey Ball, here are 4 busted myths about washing your jeans:

Myth 1: “I separate my jeans from other fabrics, so I’m totally good to go.”

The Bust: To keep your dark denim from potentially staining your lighter denim, we recommend separating your darker shades from your lighter shades.

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Myth 2: “Denim is a tough enough fabric to withstand the tugs and pulls of any wash.” 

The Bust: No matter how resilient denim seems, you still need to take precautions. Button buttons, zip up zippers, and flip your jeans inside out to prolong their life. Taking a second to prep your denim will help prevent it from getting damaged in the wash.

Myth 3: “I should wash my jeans in warm or hot washer cycles.” 

The Bust: As a general rule, use cold water and a laundry detergent that will respect the denim’s color and wash. It’s fine to wash denim in the washing machine on a gentle cycle with other deep-colored clothing, preferably turned inside out.

Myth 4: “My jeans love being toasty, so I tumble them on a high dryer setting.”

The Bust: Dry on the lowest dryer setting or line dry your jeans to help prevent shrinking and stretching. Such precautions will keep your denim fresh and timeless, just like your style.

Was I the only one to have a tad bit of washer-and-dryer paranoia?! Feel free to admit it in a comment below!


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