Thursday, June 16, 2016

KingNYC: Aspirational Lifestyle Brand To Help You Tap Into Your Inner Royalty!

(Exclusive 'KING' tees and hats on!)

What you choose to wear – as well as what you choose not to wear – is a significant telltale sign of what you’re about. From the type of music you dig to your perspective on politics, fashion helps us communicate our personality as freely as we can (in our own individual circumstances). Now of course, fashion doesn’t always reveal a person’s true identity off the bat (considering that so many genres and subcultures borrow and share from one another), but it does give off big-time clues about who you are. You know that thing – that inner core.

So I love that I was recently contacted by Marcus King, head of the aspirational lifestyle brand, KingNYC. I was instantly drawn to the concept and foundation of his casual wear line, which caters to both men and women. “The Alchemist Club is a collection/ collective for both men and women of like minds in pursuit of their dreams, constantly refining themselves to operate at their highest potential,” says King.

(KingNYC's "Lead II Gold" concept: transmuting your value into something priceless)

KingNYC developed in response to – as well as to stand apart from – the “mad hateful imagery” he noticed among brands in boutiques. “I was like, do people even know what their wearing? Life is already hard, we need as many things as possible to keep our energy up and us focused on the goal,” says King, who designs each piece using alchemy symbols, axioms and aphorisms to project high energy through each garment. “We're all vibrating at a certain frequency, science has proven that thoughts, as well as words and symbols effect that vibration.

With each piece designed by King and produced in a Manhattan-based workshop, the motto behind the brand is based on an empowering concept that I think people from all industries and walks of life would find value in.

(Exclusive sweatshirts and zip-ups for men and women on!)

 “Our motto  is ‘Lead II Gold,’ which means to take something that's perceived to have no value and transmuting it into something priceless,” says King, who is proud to provide a product for guys and girls that act as a reminder of this. KingNYC provides a thorough range of casual wear merchandise online at, including T-shirts, crewnecks, hoodies, zip-up jackets, and hats. Prices range from about $25 -- $100.

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