Thursday, April 28, 2016

Veg out and Vibe at VegFest With ‘Wear Bare Bones’

It’s been almost five months since I entered the world of veganism.  Now when I say it’s been an awesome experience thus far, I’m totally underrating it. The benefits of living a plant-based lifestyle is seriously extensive! I’m talking clearer skin, more energy, hair growth, weight loss, greater spirituality, and TONS more. Amidst my learning and growing as a vegan, I’m coming into contact with some really interesting people who, too, are living a happy life without consuming animal flesh and taking in animal hormones (sorry, but not sorry, for that visual)!

Enter Wear Bare Bones, a vegan-awareness brand that is proud to sell apparel with strong, rebellious messages. Using pop culture slang to arouse both conversation and empowerment (e.g., “Vegan As F&CK”), Wear Bare Bones is designed for the “plant-based rebel” who fights for what he or she believes in and doesn’t accept the status quo.

According to Wear Bare Bones, “We created this brand to spread our passion for plant-based living through casual and edgy apparel. Embracing a plant-based lifestyle has taught us how to respect our mind, body, and planet. That’s the message we want to promote to anyone who cares (and especially to those who don’t).” 

(New plant-based rebel gear on!)

That said, I’m super-excited to announce that Wear Bare Bones will be posted up at this year’s FREE VegFest in Woodley Park this Sunday (10:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.). If you're planning to attend "LA's BEST food, wine, and beer" festival, you’ll have the chance to stop by, chat with the team, and shop its selection in person. My plan! 

Ready to rep your vegan lifestyle with cool clothing, but unable to make it to Veg Fest? Enjoy a 15 percent discount when you shop online! Wear Bare Bones’ tees are affordable ($25 -- $36) and seasonally friendly (looove the tanks!), and its newest gear is also worth exploring! Use coupon code: REBEL upon checkout. Discount deal lasts through: May 31, 2016. *Free shipping on all U.S. orders. Free worldwide shipping over $30.

Connect with Wear Bare Bones on Twitter and Instagram! Tell ‘em the Good Girl Gone Shopping says hello! xo

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