Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Good Girl Gone... On Hiatus!

Thank you for your interest in, and support of, Good Girl Gone Shopping over the years! Currently, it is on hiatus for now. To stay in touch, feel free to connect with me on Twitter and Instagram.

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Letting Your True Colors Show "Underneath It All"

In consideration of "Throwback Thursday," I'd like to share one of my favorite No Doubt videos! "Underneath It All" -- a track from the band's 2001 Rock Steady album, featuring Lady Saw -- is a beautiful, simple song about a lover finding beauty and warmth in another lover despite his faults or shortcomings ("You see the colors in me like no one else...And behind your dark glasses you're, you're something else...").

I think this video is interestingly beautiful, as it features Gwen Stefani doing what she hoped her lover (or ex-hubby Gavin?) did -- revealing her true self as she stripped away all of her layers of layers of...stuff. The end result is a more youthful-looking Gwen in a more vulnerable, makeup-less pure state -- the state of being that I believe all women secretly wish to live in if they knew there was no risk in losing their lover.

Is "Underneath It All" also one of your fave No Doubt videos too?! Do tell! xo

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Attention Eco-Conscious Fashion Lovers: These 5 Tips Are For You!

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“With our world in such dire need of major changes, sometimes it feels like a few small changes hold very little power. Especially when it comes to the world of alternative fashion. But, really, it’s extremely important to look within and figure out how you can help create a positive impact in your own unique way. That said, making eco-conscious fashion choices for the betterment of our planet is one way you can take control of your own life while positively contributing to the bigger picture…”

Ready for my top 5 tips? Check out the full article on RebelsMarket: "5 Eco-Conscious Fashion Choices For Alternative Fashionistas." As a staff writer for this awesome shopping site, I'm happy to provide you with resourceful style articles that'll get you pumped to make AWESOME decisions. 

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

NEW YouTube Channel in Effect!

I'm a happy ‪‎vegan‬, budget-conscious fashion writer, and biracial chick with dreadlocks. I'm here to help make a change and BE a change! So in order to do so, I feel that it's important that I not only use my writing skills to provide tips and insight to a very FREE way of living...Connecting with y'all through video is also important. As a fashion and health-related resource, I aim to inspire and empower. 

That said, may you enjoy this brief "hello and welcome" video and subscribe if you dig my vibe! Want me to address a certain topic? Feel free to leave a comment here, on Good Girl Gone Shopping, or on my channel under the video!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

KingNYC: Aspirational Lifestyle Brand To Help You Tap Into Your Inner Royalty!

(Exclusive 'KING' tees and hats on!)

What you choose to wear – as well as what you choose not to wear – is a significant telltale sign of what you’re about. From the type of music you dig to your perspective on politics, fashion helps us communicate our personality as freely as we can (in our own individual circumstances). Now of course, fashion doesn’t always reveal a person’s true identity off the bat (considering that so many genres and subcultures borrow and share from one another), but it does give off big-time clues about who you are. You know that thing – that inner core.

So I love that I was recently contacted by Marcus King, head of the aspirational lifestyle brand, KingNYC. I was instantly drawn to the concept and foundation of his casual wear line, which caters to both men and women. “The Alchemist Club is a collection/ collective for both men and women of like minds in pursuit of their dreams, constantly refining themselves to operate at their highest potential,” says King.

(KingNYC's "Lead II Gold" concept: transmuting your value into something priceless)

KingNYC developed in response to – as well as to stand apart from – the “mad hateful imagery” he noticed among brands in boutiques. “I was like, do people even know what their wearing? Life is already hard, we need as many things as possible to keep our energy up and us focused on the goal,” says King, who designs each piece using alchemy symbols, axioms and aphorisms to project high energy through each garment. “We're all vibrating at a certain frequency, science has proven that thoughts, as well as words and symbols effect that vibration.

With each piece designed by King and produced in a Manhattan-based workshop, the motto behind the brand is based on an empowering concept that I think people from all industries and walks of life would find value in.

(Exclusive sweatshirts and zip-ups for men and women on!)

 “Our motto  is ‘Lead II Gold,’ which means to take something that's perceived to have no value and transmuting it into something priceless,” says King, who is proud to provide a product for guys and girls that act as a reminder of this. KingNYC provides a thorough range of casual wear merchandise online at, including T-shirts, crewnecks, hoodies, zip-up jackets, and hats. Prices range from about $25 -- $100.

Wanna get social with KingNYC? Check ‘em out on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

Monday, May 23, 2016

How To Clean Those Jeans (The Right Way!)

(Zoƫ Kravitz/Photo Credit:
I remember when I used to dry clean my jeans. I was a college student working at Nordstrom, often receiving complimentary pairs of top brands in the department (e.g., 7 For All Mankind, AG Jeans, Blue Cult) as well as spending my paychecks on haute fashion lines sold there. I wanted to preserve the color, quality, and size of the jeans, so I figured dry cleaning would be the best bet (plus my older sister was doing it and sounded like a good idea). But, quickly, it became costly and time-consuming...and I like budget-conscious and quick! 

So I then chose to toss ‘em in the washing machine in cold water and hang dry them instead. But the crispiness of the denim – as a result of letting the jeans air dry – began to gross me out. Ewww.

The last option was to just use the washing machine and dryer already. And because I do love a grunge-inspired distressed jean, especially when worn with plaid and a tank, I figured if the look or feel of the jeans changed a bit that I would still rock ‘em. And should any shrinkage happen, then I figured I would deal with it on a case-by-case basis. Ultimately, the quality and sizing changed here and there. Nothing major. I just wish that I would have understood the right way to really wash jeans early on. (In other words, I wish I would have listened to the domestic tips from my mama more often).

So as the self-proclaimed "Good Girl Gone Shopping," I’m happy to share some helpful info with you! Compiled by the creators of the Downey Ball, here are 4 busted myths about washing your jeans:

Myth 1: “I separate my jeans from other fabrics, so I’m totally good to go.”

The Bust: To keep your dark denim from potentially staining your lighter denim, we recommend separating your darker shades from your lighter shades.

(Jennifer Lopez/ Photo Credit:
Myth 2: “Denim is a tough enough fabric to withstand the tugs and pulls of any wash.” 

The Bust: No matter how resilient denim seems, you still need to take precautions. Button buttons, zip up zippers, and flip your jeans inside out to prolong their life. Taking a second to prep your denim will help prevent it from getting damaged in the wash.

Myth 3: “I should wash my jeans in warm or hot washer cycles.” 

The Bust: As a general rule, use cold water and a laundry detergent that will respect the denim’s color and wash. It’s fine to wash denim in the washing machine on a gentle cycle with other deep-colored clothing, preferably turned inside out.

Myth 4: “My jeans love being toasty, so I tumble them on a high dryer setting.”

The Bust: Dry on the lowest dryer setting or line dry your jeans to help prevent shrinking and stretching. Such precautions will keep your denim fresh and timeless, just like your style.

Was I the only one to have a tad bit of washer-and-dryer paranoia?! Feel free to admit it in a comment below!


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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Floral Fashion: Are You Into It?

A little unsure as to whether or not floral fashion is your thing? My latest article on the RebelsMarket Blog explores the variety of ways to incorporate this type of print and/or vibe into your wardrobe without looking like cheesy. Check out Fresh Ideas For Floral Fashion" for inspiration!

To check out more of my work for RebelsMarket, I encourage you to check out my author page. All comments are welcome and appreciated! 

For all PR pitches, media requests, and partnership opportunities, please feel free to directly contact me. Happy Tuesday! 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Veg out and Vibe at VegFest With ‘Wear Bare Bones’

It’s been almost five months since I entered the world of veganism.  Now when I say it’s been an awesome experience thus far, I’m totally underrating it. The benefits of living a plant-based lifestyle is seriously extensive! I’m talking clearer skin, more energy, hair growth, weight loss, greater spirituality, and TONS more. Amidst my learning and growing as a vegan, I’m coming into contact with some really interesting people who, too, are living a happy life without consuming animal flesh and taking in animal hormones (sorry, but not sorry, for that visual)!

Enter Wear Bare Bones, a vegan-awareness brand that is proud to sell apparel with strong, rebellious messages. Using pop culture slang to arouse both conversation and empowerment (e.g., “Vegan As F&CK”), Wear Bare Bones is designed for the “plant-based rebel” who fights for what he or she believes in and doesn’t accept the status quo.

According to Wear Bare Bones, “We created this brand to spread our passion for plant-based living through casual and edgy apparel. Embracing a plant-based lifestyle has taught us how to respect our mind, body, and planet. That’s the message we want to promote to anyone who cares (and especially to those who don’t).” 

(New plant-based rebel gear on!)

That said, I’m super-excited to announce that Wear Bare Bones will be posted up at this year’s FREE VegFest in Woodley Park this Sunday (10:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.). If you're planning to attend "LA's BEST food, wine, and beer" festival, you’ll have the chance to stop by, chat with the team, and shop its selection in person. My plan! 

Ready to rep your vegan lifestyle with cool clothing, but unable to make it to Veg Fest? Enjoy a 15 percent discount when you shop online! Wear Bare Bones’ tees are affordable ($25 -- $36) and seasonally friendly (looove the tanks!), and its newest gear is also worth exploring! Use coupon code: REBEL upon checkout. Discount deal lasts through: May 31, 2016. *Free shipping on all U.S. orders. Free worldwide shipping over $30.

Connect with Wear Bare Bones on Twitter and Instagram! Tell ‘em the Good Girl Gone Shopping says hello! xo

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

What Type of Fashion Suits You?

(Photo Credit:

Shopping doesn't have to be a nightmare -- especially when it comes to shopping for the right jeans. It doesn't have to be a whirlwind of confusion, despair, and embarrassment. It actually could make you smile at yourself in the mirror and beam with pride.

The thing is this: When you're in touch with your individual fire, your fashion choices are typically effortless and your shopping experience is generally productive and could even be (gasp!) an enjoyable experience. This quote from the beautifully radical fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood, got me thinking about individualism, the functional side of fashion, and the freedom we all have in styling our outfits according to what best suits our personalities, lifestyles, sizes, and shapes. 

Hmmmmm....are you making an effort to uncover the type of fashion that suits you? Do share in a comment below!


When I'm not chatting it up on Good Girl Gone Shopping; I'm writing for RebelsMarket, creating easy vegan recipes, walking 5+ miles on Wilshire, twisting my dreadlocks while watching bad Reality TV, and hanging out on Twitter and Instagram. If you're interested in learning more about my personal journey or would like to inquire about haute interviews, product reviews, advertising, and/or sponsorships/partnerships, please feel free to contact me

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Haute Interview: Personal Shopper/ Fashion Stylist Kristie Jorfald Talks Trends, Best Brands, and Empowering Women!

Personal Shopper/ Fashion Stylist: Kristie Jorfald

Kristie Jorfald is a multifaceted personal shopper and fashion stylist whose work is notable across multiple media platforms. Some of Jorfald’s credits include: Assistant Wardrobe Stylist on the Style Network’s “How Do I Look?” (Season 12), Freelance Fashion Stylist for Paper Magazine and Edge Magazine, and Assistant Wardrobe Stylist on “Detention” – a Joseph Kahn film.

So, yes, it’s awesome to feature Jorfald in Good Girl Gone Shopping’s first Haute Interview of 2016! From describing her favorite personal shopping client to giving major shout-outs to designers and brands she can always count on for fabulous fashion items, Kristie Jorfald has a unique perspective on trends and style. Enjoy!

With 2016 currently in effect and fashion is providing us more and more options each season, what are some of the trends that are really catching your eye this year?

I’m so flipping excited to see metallic making its way back for fall! Bring on the fringe, 70s boho chic inspiration, pleated dresses/skirts, sequin floral prints, lightweight denim, halfmoon cross body bags, lingerie slip dresses, and blown-out plaid!

What about the fashion trends of 2015? Is there a look that you hope most women will finally let go? 

Yes! I’m so over the cut-out dresses and stacked rings. They all need to go!

You have an extensive background in personal shopping and styling, so I can imagine how many different personalities you’ve assisted. What type of client excites you the most when it comes to helping him or her find that perfect outfit?

My absolute favorite clients to work with are the women that don’t believe in shopping and don’t understand that personal style is connected to their personality. I love teaching my clients how to shop for their shape and how to build self-confidence skills through wardrobe styling. It’s an incredible feeling to see your clients come back to you after your shopping session to show you their new looks they’ve put together on their own, when they share compliments from their friends and coworkers on their new looks, or when they refer you to others. It’s really a combination of seeing their happiness and self-confidence shine in a different light. I feel so lucky to have met and worked with such incredible women!

Personal Shopper/ Fashion Stylist: Kristie Jorfald
Do you believe that there is a difference between “shopping cheap” and “shopping on a budget”…?

Yes – it’s all based on having a good eye and rich taste.

How would you describe your personal style?

Romantic, chic, and edgy. I love my super girly and flirty looks, however, you will most likely catch me wearing all black any given day…with lots of leather and lace.

What do you feel are the biggest misconceptions people have regarding the fashion industry?

I’ve heard too many people say “It’s so fabulous and easy, anyone could do it.”

What are some of the fashion designers or brands that you can always count on for fabulous pieces for your clients?

Oscar de la Renta will never let you down on the red carpet. DL1961 are the best jeans a woman can own. Everyone should have a black Theory blazer in their closet. A Burberry Kensington heritage trench coat is a must. Nicole Miller makes the perfect cocktail dress – she really understands a woman’s body shape. Stuart Weitzman makes comfortable and beautiful boots and pumps, which are also a personal favorite. More bang for your buck – Banana Republic always has some great jewelry finds, Zara for coats and shoes, Luxury Garage Sale for one-of-a-kind pieces, and Sandro and Maje for that everyday sophisticated look.

The 3 items that every women should own: 

A leather jacket, trench coat, black leather pants, patent nude pumps, black blazer – oops that’s more than 3!

To keep up with Kristie Jorfald and her fabulous fashion work, be sure to connect with her on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram!

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Kristie Jorfald 

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Rebels Market Feature: "How To Style A Black Motorcycle Jacket"

(Set from Rebels Market article featuring Pete Wentz as style inspo!)

As a contributing blogger for Rebels Market, I explore a variety of fashion-related topics. And recently, I discussed one of my favorite timeless clothing items: the black motorcycle jacket. Worn and adored by both women and men, I showed how to style this type of leather jacket on an everyday basis, for a night out, and for a formal event. Each look is inspired by a trendsetting figure in music or entertainment, and was created to show you the VERSATILITY of the motorcycle jacket.

Link to full article: "How To Style A Black Motorcycle Jacket"

Is there a certain topic you'd like me to explore on Rebels Market or Good Girl Gone Shopping? Please feel free to comment with your request!

Monday, February 1, 2016

HealthSMART Coffee: A Blogger’s Perfect ‘Lil Sidekick!

(My perfect sidekick for a loooong day of writing!)
As I sit here typing, I’m listening to the gurgly, drip-drip sounds from my Mr. Coffee and enjoying the lovely scent of java filling the air.  I often think that my coffee-consuming routine could be made simpler if I had one of those Keurig machines or some new toy that produces my coffee at the speed of light! But then I think twice about it and realize that I would miss out on my treasured at-home, coffee-making process: opening a tin of coffee, inhaling the coffee aroma with a smile, and then scooping out a few spoonfuls of coffee grounds for a nice, strong cup. And as I sit here typing, it just dawned on me that my tin of coffee is nearly empty already! 

HealthSMART Coffee really is that good.

When I received the product in December, I was obsessed with iced Americanos from Starbucks and Coffee Bean. But only with multiple packets of artificial sweetener and heavy drops of “half and half,” of course. That was my must-have drink in the morning. As for a second cup of coffee in the afternoon, I’d usually use Maxwell House, Folgers, or another inexpensive brand you can find at Ralph’s or Vons. That, of course, would quickly be smothered with so much flavored, caloric-heavy creamer that I barely even tasted the coffee! 

So, naturally, when I received a 10.5 oz can of HealthSMART Coffee to sample (courtesy of its CEO Michael Reines), I figured I’d work it in somewhere throughout the day to enjoy. For the first two weeks, I would drink it here and there as I worked on my writing projects. The taste was fine and it went down smoothly. But because I was over-doing it with the creamer, I don’t believe I really experienced the coffee’s real vibe.  

(Photo Credit:

But then something amazing happened! Not too long after receiving my tin of HealthSMART Coffee, I made the choice to dramatically change my life and adopt a vegan lifestyle. Now, I truly enjoy a cup of HealthSMART Coffee every morning. Sometimes I add a little bit of almond milk or sometimes I embody my mother and drink it black. Either way, it’s heaven. 

Per HealthSMART Coffee  product info, here are some of the reasons why I’m digging it so much:

-       NO BITTERNESS – Just delicious!
-       Organically grown and specially fertilized in the rich soils of Colombia (following the strictest USDA Organic Standards)
-       Includes ALL Essential Nutrients (high in B vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and dietary fiber)
-       Heartburn-Free due to the elimination of excess acids typically found in any other coffee.

(Photo Credit:

Ultimately, HealthSMART Coffee is the perfect sidekick for a blogger’s early morning or late-night writing adventures!

To learn more about HealthSMART Coffee , be sure to visit its website! It includes super-important info about TechnoRoastingmore on the Health Benefitsand shopping deals for buying in bulk. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Featured on Rebels Market: "5 Tips For Accessorizing A Minimalist Outfit"

Super proud to announce that I'm now a contributing blogger for Rebels Market -- an ultra-cool, online retail spot that sells fashion from "the most badass alternative brands and stores." In my first article -- "5 Tips For Accessorizing A Minimalist Outfit" -- I explore the many options minimalist stylistas have when it comes to enhancing their simplistic, structured looks. All comments are welcome, especially if your style is more Victoria Beckham vs. Gwen Stefani. Thanks for reading! xo