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February 1, 2016: "HealthSMART Coffee: A Blogger's Perfect 'Lil Sidekick!"

"...Not too long after receiving my tin of HealthSMART Coffee, I made the choice to dramatically change my life and adopt a vegan lifestyle. Now, I truly enjoy a cup of HealthSMART Coffee every morning. Sometimes I add a little bit of almond milk or sometimes I embody my mother and drink it black. Either way, it’s heaven." READ FULL ARTICLE  


December 11, 2015: "Wanna (Naturally) Plump Your Lips For Picture-Perfect Moments This Holiday Season?"

"Before I accepted its Single-Lobed Red Apple Lip Plumper, I wanted to get a good feel of what to expect. So I headed straight to the Candy Lipz Instagram page...and, um, wow. Seeing the before and after photos blew me away -- such a difference! Some of the gals' results crazily resembled Kylie Jenner's big 'ol lips in their "after" photos, which sorta freaked me out and sorta excited me! Not a stranger to the world of plastic surgery and beauty enhancements, I won't lie and say that I've never considered lip injections for a fuller look. So, I figured if anything, this was a good experiment to see how I would look and feel with plumped-up lips..." READ FULL ARTICLE


October 1, 2015: "Product Review: Skincare, Health, and Wellness Goodies From 'It Works!'"

"Due to my busy schedule and somewhat scattered brain at times, I took a few weeks to try everything out and really see if It Works!....actually does. Because I am aware that nearly every type of beauty and skincare product typically takes more than one application before showing visible results, I entered this experience with a realistic mind-frame..." READ FULL ARTICLE 


May 3, 2015: "Put Your D.I.Y. Skills to the Test With Jamberry Nails!"

"Soooo....the question now is: Are Jamberry Nails right for me -- an LA blogger who is always on the go? The truth is, I absolutely adore the plethora of unique designs and colors. In addition, the application process is simple and straightforward. However, I believe that the ideal Jamberry Nails customer is a gal who has PATIENCE. While I am working on building up my patience (in all sorts of ways and for all sorts of reasons!), it also requires time and a clear mind. You must be conscientious and meticulous regarding the process! Because I was a little nervous that I would mess up each fingernail (which I did with a few during the filing step), I didn't enjoy the overall process as much as I thought I would..." READ FULL ARTICLE


January 9, 2015: "My New Love: Rejuvenating 'Emtage Beauty' Rose Rollerball! 

"I find myself rolling the oil on my neck, palms, and chest area a few times a day. The minute the wonderful scent hits my nose, I get that everything-is-gonna-be-alright Bob Marley-esque feeling. I also love that it doesn't leave a gross residue; rather, my skin feels smoother and softer. (I actually find myself using this rollerball more than I do lotion throughout the day.)..." READ FULL ARTICLE 


November 8, 2014: "My QT Collection Product Review: Feelin' Pretty in "Possie Pink" Lip Gloss

"Launched just a few weeks after our conversation (on her 19th birthday!), the QT Collection is gaining quite the momentum in social media as well as across the Web. And I was gifted with a "Possie Pink" lip gloss not long thereafter. of my best Good Girl Gone Shopping arrivals to date! Typically, the glosses that I wear are pretty sheer and subtle...not nearly as dramatically bold as this product. The minute the wand touched my bottom lip, I knew that I was entering a new territory of makeup. And when I finished applying the gloss, which has a more matte feel that could be comparable to an actual lipstick, I looked at myself and knew that wearing this in public means only one thing: There's no turning back!" READ FULL ARTICLE



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