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June 16, 2016: "Aspirational Lifestyle Brand To Help You Tap Into Your Inner Royalty!"

"KingNYC developed in response to – as well as to stand apart from – the “mad hateful imagery” he noticed among brands in boutiques. “I was like, do people even know what their wearing? Life is already hard, we need as many things as possible to keep our energy up and us focused on the goal,” says King, who designs each piece using alchemy symbols, axioms and aphorisms to project high energy through each garment. “We're all vibrating at a certain frequency, science has proven that thoughts, as well as words and symbols effect that vibration..." READ FULL ARTICLE


November 18, 2015: "SLINK Jeans: Premium Denim for the Edgy and Sexy, Full-Figured Woman!" 

"...With nearly two decades in the fashion industry, the entrepreneurial giant and denim pioneer proudly opened up about the beauty of SLINK Jeans. “There’s a new generation of women who feel empowered,” says the notable CEO of Joe’s Jeans Kids and DA-NANG. “SLINK Jeans are based on the concept of being proud and owning how you look.” With sizes starting at size 10, Dahan does not define SLINK Jeans as a fashion option for "plus size" women, simply due to the fact that categories and stringent titles could actually do more harm than good to a woman’s sense of empowerment. “What we’re saying is: You’re big and you’re sexy. Here is a premium brand to help you feel even more beautiful,” says Dahan." READ FULL ARTICLE

November 1, 2015: "Rollable 'Flat Out of Heels' for Comfort, Convenience, and Style!"

"Although I typically wear flip-flops (I’m such a So Cal girl!), Nike running shoes, or Camper sneakers, it’s awesome to have a delicate pair of flats to add to my collection of comfy wear. My pair of Kimberly (Pink Floral) flats have an ultra-feminine print and fit comfortably (snug elastic around the heel). Although I wouldn’t walk a crazy, long distance wearing these flats – I’m so heavy-footed that I wear shoes out quickly – I appreciate its hard, durable sole. It’s now one of my running-errands-all-day-in-LA type of shoe, which looks great with olive-colored pants (as seen in the above pic) or any style of blue jeans..." READ FULL ARTICLE

September 5, 2015: "Save 20% on an Adorable (and Affordable!) Handbag From 'Bags 4 Fabs'" 

“With prices ranging from only about $25 - $55, the selection of handbags on Bags 4 Fabs is versatile and designed to enhance your individual style. It's definitely a has-something-for-every-type-of-personality boutique! (I'm digging the clutches as well as the oversized structured purses, which come in amazingly bright hues.) So, I’m happy to share the announcement of its special Labor Day sale! Go ahead – treat yourself to something cute…" READ FULL ARTICLE

August 7, 2015: "The Jennifer Lopez Collection for 'Endless Jewelry' = Endless Style"

“My bracelet arrived to me with the black love drop silver charm already attached, which was a lovely bonus to this gift. But what's especially awesome about shopping Endless Jewelry is that it offers shoppers the chance to build their own charm bracelets! I appreciate this shopping concept, because everyone is different and it allows a fashionista to mix and match bracelets and charms as she chooses. In particular, The Jennifer Lopez Endless Jewelry Collection offers you a nice selection of choices – something all fashion lovers deserve when it comes to accessorizing…” READ FULL ARTICLE

July 21, 2015: "Uncommon Goods...for the Uncommon Personality!"

“Uncommon Goods, a Brooklyn-based, environmentally friendly and socially responsible company (think handmade, recycled, and organic products), offers a plethora of stylishly unique jewelry. And these delicately designed pieces look to meet the needs of both the budget-conscious shopper as well as the lavish spender ($35 - $600). Most importantly: ALL who are proud to enhance their beautiful, uncommon styles. (Attention vintage lovers!) I also dig just how many type of unique gifts this company offers! Whether you’re shopping for yourself or..." READ FULL ARTICLE

June 30, 2015: "StoryLeather Luxury Goodies: Unique Style, Selection, and Personalization!"

“So when one of the heads of StoryLeather reached out to me and asked if I’d like to sample some of their products, I welcomed it with open arms. And I did so after only briefly browsing the StoryLeather site. Because first impressions are everything, I wanted to simply experience that as authentically as possible. 

Well, I was delighted when it arrived not long after. The packaging was very impressive! I love the details of the box, how it was wrapped, the soft cloth, and the sticky emblem. The contents of the box included: a black phone holster case, a purple leather phone case with credit card slots, and a red key holder. Beautifully custom-made, handcrafted items (100% genuine leather) with individual textures...” READ FULL ARTICLE

June 23, 2015: “Shop 'KIN LA' for Statement, Summer Fashion Trends!”

“Whether you’re all about chillin’ in your PJs and shopping your heart out online or more of the “I want to browse around and try things on” kind of fashionista, KIN LA can help add some edge and creativity to your wardrobe. Stripes…asymmetrical shapes…heavy doses of black...bold accessories? I say rock ON. 

Since 2004, KIN LA has been a highly coveted shopping destination on Sunset. Stocked with the latest collections from established designers around the globe, KIN LA is a multidimensional store that features both men’s and women’s clothing, as well as accessories from more than 20 international and domestic brands…” READ FULL ARTICLE

June 9, 2015: "Lemon Frog Shop: LA's Hip, Unique Treasure!"

“Adding to the quaint, well-organized structure of the shop is the quality of the items. Skirts and pants were clipped on hangers perfectly, shoes neatly lined the shelves and floor, and accessories nicely hung from fixtures and were laid out on flat surfaces for ease and accessibility. It's clear that Micki runs not just a shop full of vintage items, but a shop stocked with treasures that are made for fashionistas who want to make a statement in something unique (and affordable!). Just as dusty shelves and poorly-hung clothes say tons about the caliber of management and pride employees take in their job, so much can be said about those who are happy to provide a positive shopping experience. Lemon Frog Shop is, no doubt, characteristic of the latter..” READ FULL ARTICLE  

May 26, 2015: "ENTER TO WIN a Toola Accessory That Will Protect Your Tech and Give You a Piece of Mind!"

" addition to the obvious benefits of a phone case -- providing protection should it drop or get too close to some unidentifiable liquid -- this particular style can serve a functional purpose. You'll be able to hang your phone right next to your purse! Let us also consider and respect the edginess of the black chain, as it will take nearly any outfit to a cooler level. Whether you wear it on your shoulder or wrapped around your wrist as you strut the catwalk (remember: the street is your personal runway!), it's all rock and roll..." READ FULL ARTICLE 


February 22, 2015: “Save 45% Off Luxury, Grecian-Inspired Sandals from the 'Corinna Saias Collection' (You're Welcome!)”


“As you browse the brand's site, you'll notice a detail that's pretty special: Each sandal is stamped with the name of exemplary women who have left their "stamp" on Greek history. According to Saias, "The designs are inspired from ancient Greece, but the classic silhouettes are reworked with ultra-luxe and glamorous touches for the modern woman." Regarding the beauty of each genuine leather sandal, which are handmade in Greece, she continues, "Swarovski crystals are used to embellish the sandals and to revive the du jour, jet-set lifestyle led by Jackie Onassis in Capri and Princess Grace of Monaco…” READ FULL ARTICLE 

February 20, 2015: The 'Himalayan' Sneaker: An Iconic Collabo Between Camper and Bernhard Willhelm!


“Thanks to being introduced to this Mediterranean brand by my boyfriend ("Babe, there is this line of cool sneaks I want us to both try!"), I couldn't imagine my wardrobe without my Camper Himalayan kicks now! And as a journalist by nature (and degree), I immediately knew that I had to get the ins about this awesome brand firsthand. Turned out the original pair my boyfriend chose for me were a bit snug on my wide 'ol feet (and the line runs slightly small), so my visit to the Camper store at The Grove in LA was the perfect opportunity to chat with one of its team members…” READ FULL ARTICLE

January 9, 2015: "My New Love: Rejuvenating 'Emtage Beauty' Rose Hip Rollerball!" 

 This $14.99 lovely rollerball consists of a "rich, nourishing, luxurious blend of Argan oil and Rose hip oil infused with Geranium essential oil." Said to also provide instant hydration and age-defying benefits (i.e., powerful antioxidants, vitamin E, C, and essential fatty acids) to dry skin, wrinkles, fine lines and discoloration, it seriously has helped to ease my daily stress in 3 simple, distinctive waysI find myself rolling the oil on my neck, palms, and chest area a few times a day. The minute the wonderful scent hits my nose, I get that everything-is-gonna-be-alright Bob Marley-esque feeling..." READ FULL ARTICLE

December 30, 2014: "Shopping Ideas For a Sports Lover? 'Majestic Athletic' Has Your Back"

"I appreciate that the merchandise is full of non-cheesy items, providing both professional and collegiate sports teams and their fans tons of options. Also, it’s a totally sophisticated website that allows you to enjoy your online shopping experience. And yes – there is a clearance section (ALWAYS a plus!)" READ FULL ARTICLE



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