Saturday, September 5, 2015

Save 20% on an Adorable (and Affordable!) Handbag from 'Bags 4 Fabs'

(Stylish, cost-friendly handbags at your fingertips!)

I’m a believer in affordable, sensible fashion. This is especially true when it comes to handbags! One of the most essential pieces to add to your daily outfits -- the handbag you choose plays a major role in what you’re trying to communicate about your personality. Whether you consciously consider these factors or not; the color, size, style, texture, and functionality all play a role in the type of handbag that’s right for you. And after chatting with the founder and owner of Bags 4 Fabs, Rechelle Dolor, my belief about budget-friendly fashion was reaffirmed. Our thoughts are aligned and yes...her site has totally got your back!

With prices ranging from only about $25 - $55, the selection of handbags on Bags 4 Fabs is versatile and designed to enhance your individual style. It's definitely a has-something-for-every-type-of-personality boutique! (I'm digging the clutches as well as the oversized structured purses, which come in amazingly bright hues.) So, I’m happy to share the announcement of its special Labor Day sale! Go ahead – treat yourself to something cute. I’m sure you deserve it! [Code: LABORDAY2015]

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of Bags 4 Fabs

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