Who is this Chick?

I am Elana Brin Pruitt -- the self-proclaimed Good Girl Gone Shopping. From chatting about socially conscious lifestyle brands to giving budget-conscious shopping tips, I live to inspire. Since I created this blog in 2007, as an extension of an early personal shopping venture (originally launched as "Diary of a Personal Shopper"), I have stayed true to my gut belief: fabulous fashion can be found at any budget level and should be styled according to one's personality versus what's hot right now. Not one to (ever) conform to fashion rules or pigeonhole myself into a niche or crowd, you'll notice that Good Girl Gone Shopping is not a traditional fashion blog in any sense. Style is multidimensional, and GGGS was created to reflect that.

With a bachelor's degree in print journalism and a minor in speech communications from California State University, Fullerton (2004), I'm also a staff writer for Rebels Market, an editorial freelancer, andan outspoken vegan. CONTACT ME