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January 20, 2016: "3 Reasons Why You Should Raid Your Mama's Closet"

"...Find out more about the styles she likes, the colors she prefers, and the prints that make her happy. Does she have blouses that you've never seen her wear? Interested in knowing why she holds onto certain items for so long? (My mother has multiple pieces from 40 years ago, during her college days.) Simply getting a peak into your mama's closet is like entering her world and getting to know her on a new level... 

Fashion is very personal, and I predict that going through your mama's closet will bring up several memories and emotions for both of you. Who may see the blouse that first caught your father's eye!" READ FULL ARTICLE 


December 26, 2015: "Casual Night In on NYE? Here are 5 Outfit Ideas!"

"...if I do end up enjoying a NYE at home, I’m still planning to add a little somethin-somethin to my energy and excitement for 2016. This means a fabulous pair of earrings -- my favorite accessory! These can instantly fancy up a simple tank top, sweater, or even cute pjs, while complementing one's facial features (due to the color, shape, or sparkle). With a hot pair of earrings on and lovely loungewear to keep comfy in, you’re also prepared for pop-up visitors and of course, googoo-gaga photos with your love (as well as selfies galore!)..." READ FULL ARTICLE 


September 18, 2015: "How to Prepare for Selling or Trading Your Clothes in Store!" 

"...What is especially important to consider when evaluating your wardrobe? The cost factor. Buying, buying, buying, and then not wearing can quickly add up! You may also be in a situation where you need extra cash or wish you could somehow do an exchange on your wardrobe. The awesome thing is that this is not wishful thinking! There are really cool hotspots that allow you to do so. Based in LA, I've often hit up vintage stores like Buffalo Exchange, Wasteland, and Crossroads to sell some of my items and/or exchange them. While you willnever get close to what you paid for (I've sold a Juicy Couture sweatsuit jacket years ago during the height of the brand's popularity for only $20), you may definitely walk out with a few more bucks in your wallet and less stress (knowing you just freed up some room in your closet)..." READ FULL ARTICLE


August 29, 2015: "Easy Day-to-Night Outfit Transformation!" 

"...The So Cal sun is punishing us this summer! (I mean, we're talking 100+ degree weather.) So when I'm not wearing a loose sundress, I basically live in tanks and leggings or stretchy jeans, with black and white being a typical combo of choice. It's a simple, chic blank canvas that allows for awesome versatility. Not only is this outfit also comfortable for a gal with curves, but it's simple, basic look that can be transformed from day to night with just a few changes of accessories, handbags, and shoes..." READ FULL ARTICLE 

August 1, 2015: "Are You OVER Your Style? Top 3 Tips on How to Reveal the Real You!"

“…Before you can embrace the new, you need to understand the old…and possibly even say goodbye to some of it. So start by evaluating your wardrobe! Take a few hours and try on old pieces, creating a “keep” as well as a “donate” (or “sell”) pile. And in doing so, consider what fits, what is actually flattering, how often you wear an item, and whether or not you think you’ll ever wear it again. Once your closet is organized and you are ready to try out new trends, I’d suggest building on with what you already love. If you are obsessed with your pointy-toed stilettos, then maybe it’s the perfect time to invest in a pair of red ones!” READ FULL ARTICLE


July 19, 2015: "Looking Forward to a Night Out in the City? Here are 3 Reasons to Ditch Your Heels!"

"...If you're comfortable, you can walk longer! Whether you're bar hopping in LA or in Vegas, it's fun when your plans for the night are not based around how long you can actually bare to walk in your heels. Let's be honest: Complaining about your feet just annoys everybody after awhile, unless you're with gals who are experiencing the same thing, and y'all just decide to end your night early based on foot pain! (been there, done that) And while dancing in heels is much more fun, in my opinion, wearing sexy flats still look great on the dance floor! Plus, the longer you're moving, the more calories you're burning. Yup - that's important to me...and I bet to you too!"  READ FULL ARTICLE


March 12, 2015: "Rock Black on the Boardwalk During Hot Summer Evenings!"

"So, with summer inching closer (hurry up!!), I'm looking forward to investing in a few black bikini tops and halter styles that can take me from day to night. In other words, items that I can lay out in and then dress up for a nighttime stroll on the boardwalk with my BF. As you can see with this visual, I included a pair of grunge-y jeans (Rag & Bone Women's Boyfriend Jean - Rebel Wash) to offset the sexiness of the tops and heels…” READ FULL ARTICLE  


January 27, 2015: "So You Received Great Customer Service...Now What? My 5 Tips to Get You Started!"

“…Unfortunately, I often experience poor customer service for reasons I know exist, but I hate to accept (race? the way I'm dressed on a particular off day?). So when I do receive extraordinary help from an associate, I feel it's important to bring that person and his/her personality to light. What about you? While you may have tons of stories to tell your friends and loved ones regarding bad customer you make an effort to spread the word about great customers service? If you've never taken an extra step to do so, I suggest that you take a few minutes to get that rollin'. Positive feedback can go a long way, and it honestly says a lot about your character as well! The term "giving back" can be interpreted in many ways, and I think giving praise to where praise is due is one significant aspect to this term…” READ FULL ARTICLE


October 28, 2014: "Shopping for the Right Jeans: 3 Tips to Help Save Your Sanity!"

“…These days, the question really isn’t “Do these jeans make my butt look fat?” Rather, it’s: “Do these jeans make my butt look big enough?” Women with curves often experience the difficulty in finding a jean that fits their rear and their smaller waist. Fortunately, the selection of jeans for women these days is getting better in being able to embrace a woman’s curves. So while the issues now aren’t so much having about limited options, it’s about patience really. Your best bet is to research where those jeans can be found, so you don’t waste time flipping through a rack of clothing that is designed for women without curves. Considering your curves is ├╝ber-important, which will also prompt you to learn about which materials and percentage of stretch will do the trick…” READ FULL ARTICLE


July 29, 2014: "3 Shopping Don'ts That DO!"

“…When I first began giving shopping tips back in '07-ish, my thoughts and theories were a bit more simple. A tad more black and white, if you will. I've always done my best to provide helpful information for y'all, which developed out of my own trial-and-error experiences and shopping outcries I would receive from friends, coworkers, and previous personal customers (past "Nordy" employee talking). Sometimes, however, you just grow. And in some cases, the don'ts that you once lived by, become dos. .” READ FULL ARTICLE


January 6, 2014: "My 3 SIMPLE Money-Saving Shopping Tips"

“…Ever hit a store that is full of amazing sales and deals, but you're so hungry that you can barely think? Do yourself a favor and eat before you shop. Not only will you feel energized, but you won't have to leave the shop to fill your tummy and risk missing out on that marked-down biker jacket you've been eyeing forever. I also suggest eating at home so you can apply that $5, $10, or $20 bucks toward your purchase…” READ FULL ARTICLE

July 11, 2013: "Top 3 Ways to Keep Your Cool While Shopping Shoe Clearance"

“…For the most part, clearance means "That's it, folks!" when it comes to sizing. The worst feeling is finding a dream shoe for an incredible deal (especially a shoe you've been eyeing for weeks and waiting for it to go down in price), and not finding your size. If you are going to shop shoes on clearance, just prepare yourself mentally beforehand. Sure, say a little prayer in your car before head through the door. Do what you gotta do get your mind right when it comes to the hunt for shoes on clearance, but be aware that there are millions of shoppers like you who might be doing the same. Always remind yourself that every shoe you missed out on, there are tons more waiting to be tried on! Just gotta be patient…” READ FULL ARTICLE


October 7, 2012: "5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Colored-Leather Jacket"

“I've yet to purchase a new jacket this fall. With SoCal weather still in the 80s and 90s, I don't necessarily feel ready; but it would be smart to gradually add on lovely pieces to my wardrobe. And bright is always right in my book -- every season deserves some sunshine.

I've always been obsessed with Gwen's confidence to completely own a new style. And lately, seeing her don pink and blue leather motorcycle jackets...I'm totally digging on this trend. I definitely want me a colored-leather, motorcycle-ish jacket in my closet for some edge and flair. Assuming that many of you are getting turned on by this trend as well, I think there are a few things to think about before spending your money…” READ FULL ARTICLE

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