Good Girl Gone...VEGAN!

June 22, 2016: New YouTube Channel ("Vegan Soul Awakened")

As an LA-based vegan and fashion writer who believes in the beauty and power of plant-based living, I'm happy to present my new YouTube: "Vegan Soul Awakened." Through tips, recipes, quirky narratives, and health information, I aim to inspire and help you understand that a dairy-free and meatless life can bring so many benefits to you. The quality of my life has enhanced a million percent since I decided to embrace this "alternative lifestyle," so it's important that I become a vegan resource, just as I am a fashion resource. If you dig my vibe, feel free to subscribe!

(June 27, 2016: "3 Tips: How To Survive Dining Out With Non-Vegans!")


April 28, 2016: "Veg Out and Vibe at VegFest With 'Wear Bare Bones'"

“Enter Wear Bare Bones, a vegan-awareness brand that is proud to sell apparel with strong, rebellious messages. Using pop culture slang to arouse both conversation and empowerment (e.g., “Vegan As F&CK”), Wear Bare Bones is designed for the “plant-based rebel” who fights for what he or she believes in and doesn’t accept the status quo…

That said, I’m super-excited to announce that Wear Bare Bones will be posted up at this year’s FREE VegFest in Woodley Park this Sunday (10:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.). If you're planning to attend "LA's BEST food, wine, and beer" festival, you’ll have the chance to stop by, chat with the team, and shop its selection in person. My plan!” READ FULL ARTICLE


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