Friday, December 11, 2015

Wanna (Naturally) Plump Your Lips for Picture-Perfect Moments this Holiday Season?

As I get older, I analyze my body and face more than ever! This includes my lips. And although they're not itty-bitty or even a problem, I have noticed that aging has taken a small toll on 'em -- something my mama told me would eventually happen: "Honey! Enjoy your face and body now because things change as you age!" Well, as a healthy 35-year old who is always willing to test new products and services that could improve certain areas, here I am talking about Candy Lipz!

Before I accepted its Single-Lobed Red Apple Lip Plumper, I wanted to get a good feel of what to expect. So I headed straight to the Candy Lipz Instagram page...and, um, wow. Seeing the before and after photos blew me away -- such a difference! Some of the gals' results crazily resembled Kylie Jenner's big 'ol lips in their "after" photos, which sorta freaked me out and sorta excited me! Not a stranger to the world of plastic surgery and beauty enhancements, I won't lie and say that I've never considered lip injections for a fuller look. So, I figured if anything, this was a good experiment to see how I would look and feel with plumped-up lips.

("Fortunately, I did not get any marks...")
Rundown of process: I read instructions about 20 times first, just so I felt completely comfortable getting started. That said, it took me a few tries to get the suctioning perfect! It just wasn't that easy to get it in place correctly, and when I eventually did the little sting from the suctioning made my lips feel a 'lil funny. So I stopped for a few days, even though the slight sting is a normal side effect. But then I was back and determined to conquer my positioning challenge by relaxing and trying it out again. Then yup -- nailed it! In order to prevent another common side effect -- hickey-like marks around the mouth if you suction for too long, too quickly -- I made sure to follow instructions regarding the "lip conditioning period." This period is a Beginner 101 schedule regarding how to initially use the Candy Lipz plumper, how long each session should be, and usage frequency. Fortunately, I did not get any hickies because I went by the book with this product! 

Now, being about two months after I received the product, I use it whenever I can remember and try to make it part of my daily beauty regimen. Now that my lips are accustomed to this process, I basically use it as often as I wish. Typically, I use it for about 5 minutes on and off per session one to two times a day, which is totally fine according to Candy Lipz's product safety information. According to the founder and CEO, Thienna Ho, "If you are diligent and you use your lip plumper daily, in the long-run, the appearance of your lips may stay fuller without you using the lip plumper on a daily basis." 

Recently, I traveled with my lip plumper and used it a few times on the plane, which was very convenient. (I reclined with a jacket over my face, so I didn't look like a nutty chick with an apple stuck to her mouth. But now that I think about it...I probably looked sillier with a jacket over my face!) However, the most common times I use the product: washing the dishes, vacuuming, watching TV, and folding clothes. (Whoa! When did I become so domestic?) Using at night before bed is recommended by Candy Lipz, because its said that our lips are the most still during sleep and the results will last longer. I can attest to this, as I have noticed that my lips are still a little full when I wake up in the morning after using it before bed.

("Recently I traveled with it, and used it a few times on the plane...")
Verdict: I love the results! My Candy Lipz lip plumper has become my new BFF. Would I still consider lip fillers? Well, now seeing how I appear with fuller lips and I enjoy seeing how they balance out my facial features nicely...YES, I can foresee needle pricks here and there in my future for longer-lasting results. Until then, my Candy Lipz and I are doing just fine!

To treat yourself to plumper lips in time for picture-perfect moments this holiday season, head on over to to get started. Quite affordable now too! The regular retail price for individual lip plumpers is $69.99, but I noticed that they are currently on sale for $34.99. In addition, I'm happy to offer you an extra 10 percent off (courtesy of Candy Lipz). Just use discount code: luvGGGG10. Valid through December 31, 2015. Before you do, however, be sure to read all about the different plumpers, the concept of this product, and Thienna's reason for developing this product ("Thienna's Personal Story.")

My personal disclaimer: Beauty enhancement products are like fashion trends -- what's right for one person may not be right for another. Therefore, remember to always follow instructions, know your body's limits, and educate yourself before beginning a trial period. 

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