Saturday, December 19, 2015

Presented by Her Mama, Lady Gaga Receives "Woman of The Year" at Billboard's Women in Music 2015

Did you catch Billboard's Women in Music 2015 Awards last night? Even though I missed nearly the entire show, what I did catch was in perfect, divine timing. When I flipped to Lifetime, a woman with a kind face, platinum hair, and a gorgeous pearl necklace was talking about a girl. As my ears perked and I listened in closely, I quickly realized that this woman -- Cynthia Germanotta -- was talking about her daughter, Stephanie. Or, rather as we know her, Lady Gaga.

In this 15-minute video clip, I believe you'll soak up heavy doses of inspiration -- no matter the type of creative professional you are! It includes Gaga's performance ("Til It Happens To You"), a warm embrace between a mama and daughter, and her beautiful, emotionally heavy acceptance speech after receiving the "Woman of The Year" Award. I'd love to know your thoughts on this major moment. Feel free to comment and share how/if it affected you!

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