Monday, February 1, 2016

HealthSMART Coffee: A Blogger’s Perfect ‘Lil Sidekick!

(My perfect sidekick for a loooong day of writing!)
As I sit here typing, I’m listening to the gurgly, drip-drip sounds from my Mr. Coffee and enjoying the lovely scent of java filling the air.  I often think that my coffee-consuming routine could be made simpler if I had one of those Keurig machines or some new toy that produces my coffee at the speed of light! But then I think twice about it and realize that I would miss out on my treasured at-home, coffee-making process: opening a tin of coffee, inhaling the coffee aroma with a smile, and then scooping out a few spoonfuls of coffee grounds for a nice, strong cup. And as I sit here typing, it just dawned on me that my tin of coffee is nearly empty already! 

HealthSMART Coffee really is that good.

When I received the product in December, I was obsessed with iced Americanos from Starbucks and Coffee Bean. But only with multiple packets of artificial sweetener and heavy drops of “half and half,” of course. That was my must-have drink in the morning. As for a second cup of coffee in the afternoon, I’d usually use Maxwell House, Folgers, or another inexpensive brand you can find at Ralph’s or Vons. That, of course, would quickly be smothered with so much flavored, caloric-heavy creamer that I barely even tasted the coffee! 

So, naturally, when I received a 10.5 oz can of HealthSMART Coffee to sample (courtesy of its CEO Michael Reines), I figured I’d work it in somewhere throughout the day to enjoy. For the first two weeks, I would drink it here and there as I worked on my writing projects. The taste was fine and it went down smoothly. But because I was over-doing it with the creamer, I don’t believe I really experienced the coffee’s real vibe.  

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But then something amazing happened! Not too long after receiving my tin of HealthSMART Coffee, I made the choice to dramatically change my life and adopt a vegan lifestyle. Now, I truly enjoy a cup of HealthSMART Coffee every morning. Sometimes I add a little bit of almond milk or sometimes I embody my mother and drink it black. Either way, it’s heaven. 

Per HealthSMART Coffee  product info, here are some of the reasons why I’m digging it so much:

-       NO BITTERNESS – Just delicious!
-       Organically grown and specially fertilized in the rich soils of Colombia (following the strictest USDA Organic Standards)
-       Includes ALL Essential Nutrients (high in B vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and dietary fiber)
-       Heartburn-Free due to the elimination of excess acids typically found in any other coffee.

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Ultimately, HealthSMART Coffee is the perfect sidekick for a blogger’s early morning or late-night writing adventures!

To learn more about HealthSMART Coffee , be sure to visit its website! It includes super-important info about TechnoRoastingmore on the Health Benefitsand shopping deals for buying in bulk. 

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