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Daisy Gonzalez: The LA Designer Who is Proud to Create Pieces for Women that OWN IT!

("I was always around fabrics..." - Daisy Gonzalez)
With a couture collection continuing to blossom and a passion for dressing women who unapologetically “own it,” Daisy Gonzalez is that humble, Los Angeles fashion designer you’d love to chat with over coffee. I speak from experience, because recently I did just that! And I must say that Gonzalez’s calming and peaceful demeanor combined with her love for creating sophisticated and sexy fashion for the confident, self-aware woman is refreshing.

Since launching her women’s line in 2008, Gonzalez has participated in Los Angeles Fashion Week (which is when I first saw her designs grace the runway!), won an online competition in which she was selected by Patricia Field and flown out to New York for a meet-and-greet, received interest from editors, stylists, and industry tastemakers, and has styled custom-made dresses for multiple celebrities, including K. Michelle and Gloria Lovan.

While this has been quite a journey thus far for Gonzalez, who grew up watching her mom sew, the road doesn’t stop here. The brain behind the “Giselle,” the “Sophia,” and the “Alessandra” – just a few of Gonzalez’s affordable dresses – proves that the right fit can embrace a woman’s curves in the right way!

(Elements of Daisy's creative process.)
Your dress collection is full of sophisticated and sexy styles for women. Tell me what has inspired your line!

Women inspired me. I feel that we, as women, have so many layers as far as who we are. I always remember that and try to tap into that every time I sit down and sketch. I think of women who stand out to me and they are confident, strong, hardworking, stylish, sexy (all in different ways because there is not only one way to be sexy)...they’re just owning it!  That’s the type of women that I design for.

I know that one of your high points as a fashion designer was when you met the world-renowned stylist Patricia Fields, after she hand-picked you from an online competition. What was THAT like?

[Laughs] I remember feeling so nervous that inside I just felt like I froze. Even when she was right in front of me I couldn’t get myself to tell her how amazing I thought she was, even though I’m pretty sure she knows anyway.  She was so sweet, and took the time to really talk to me and take me around her shop. Every time I think about it I have to laugh a little because I can’t even believe something like that happened...it was great.

(K Michelle, on the left, wearing the "Giselle" dress)
You have had the joy of designing multiple celebrities, including Gloria Govan and K. Michelle. Which celebs have you yet to design for but would love to?

Somebody asked me this question not too long ago and I couldn't give a list of names because so many people come to mind. A lot of influential women of course. It's amazing to see somebody in the public eye wearing something that you've put so much work into but it's just as amazing to see somebody who is not in the public eye wearing one of your pieces. They're both great feelings.

Jeannie Mai is wearing one of your dresses in her promo pic for the upcoming show on GSN, "Steampunk'd." Tell me about that dress as well as how it feels to see such a fabulous fashion figure wearing it!!

I was extremely excited to see Jeannie Mae wearing my dress to promote her new show! First, I'm a big fan hers and of the ladies from 'The Real,' but also because it's promoting a show about style and fashion (Steampunk'd). I know she loves fashion and that again makes it all more amazing. 

As for the dress, I fell in love with the fabric first and it just all came together. I loved how regal it looked and a bit untraditional today. I'm happy that it was appreciated and used so beautifully. 

("I loved how regal it looked..." - Daisy Gonzalez on the dress)
From the debut of your fashion collection in 2008 to now, what are some of the most important lessons you’ve gained?

I would say the most important out of the many is to remember that you are not only a designer, but you are a business owner.

Everyone has a favorite place to work and gain inspiration. For me, as a writer, it’s a coffee shop. What about you when it comes to designing?

Any place with an ocean view, or near the beach, will definitely make things flow easier. Most of the time though I’ll be in my home office sketching with music playing in the background.

Do you have a favorite dress in your collection?

Right now my favorite the ALESSANDRA dress. It’s made with beautiful French lace and it has a corset back. It’s just like you said in your first question: sexy and sophisticated.

(2009 - Fitting a model before her first fashion show)
I understand that you would like to start incorporating plus-size fashion in your collection. What inspired you to want to dress women of all shapes and sizes?

You know, until a friend of mine really educated me about the frustrations plus-size women have regarding their fashion choices, I never thought of designing plus-size pieces. It’s something that I would love to get into because beautiful, fabulous women don't just come in a size two.

Is there a certain color or print that looks good on ALL women?

Honestly there are a lot of classic colors that complement most people, but I feel before any of that we have to find a good silhouette to complement each body type. Then, color and prints can be decided.  

What about fashion design made you fall in love with it?

At a young age I was always around fabrics, machines, seamstresses, everything. It was fascinating.  I would say that after those years everything in my life lovingly shifted towards fashion.
What are the 3 essential items you believe all women should have in their wardrobe? 

A great dress, coat (or jacket), and a basic white (or black) top that will go with everything.


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