Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Exclusive Interview with Kristi Yamaguchi - Olympic Champion and Creator of Activewear Clothing Line, Tsu.ya!

(Kristi Yamaguchi - the one and only!)

Did you know that Kristi Yamaguchi -- the Olympic Champion and American figure skater we've all adored over the years -- has a retail fashion collection? After recently learning about her line, Tsu.ya (pronounced sue-ya), I can think of a handful of awesome women who would benefit from this collection - including myself. 

"Designed to Feel Good. Designed with a Purpose. Designed for Real Life.

A philanthropist, active mom, and fashion aficionado, the Olympic medalist was influenced by her many years of traveling as an international athlete. She understands the importance of comfort when it comes to fashion! And these days, after several years off the ice, Kristi knows that women on a mission (who probably couldn't even grasp the concept of "getting a day off") deserve amazing clothing to wear. Offering modern designs, on-trend colors and sophisticated styles, Tsu.ya looks to nicely combine the concepts of fashionable and functional, while giving back to a beautiful cause; a portion of the proceeds from this activewear line going to her Always Dream Foundation," which inspires underserved children to reach for their dreams through innovative reading programs and by advancing the cause of early childhood literacy." 

For more insight from this all-star professional (including exclusive fashion tips!), check out our interview:

      As an Olympic gold medalist, did you ever envision that you would take on the fashion industry with an exclusive retail collection?
K.Y.: I’ve always been interested in fashion and have always been open to one day doing something like this. I think years of being a part of my costume designing whet my appetite.
(Yup - you can totally be comfy AND cute in activewear clothing!)

I really appreciate the concept of Tsu.ya. How does your retail collection stand out among what’s currently available online and in stores?
      K.Y.: We are proud to be a product with purpose. Tsu.ya was inspired to be able to give back so women can feel good both inside and out. Tsu.ya also takes great care in selecting quality fabrics that feel good. Our designs are on trend with a feminine touch with many pieces that can layer on the active ones for a more contemporary look. Silhouettes that flatter the female figure.
Tsu.ya has turned up the notch on casual, post-workout wear, adding a chic, feminine touch. What are some of your favorite Tsu.ya pieces you'd recommend to on-the-go, busy women for summertime? 
K.Y: I love the Danya tank...either over a sports bra or a cami. The Rachel capris are a staple and have a great wide, supportive waistband. The Julia jacket has been popular and will also carry over to Fall in a new color. 

(A portion of Tsu.ya's proceeds goes to Kristi's foundation - www.alwaysdream.org)

Which celebs could you immediately see wearing pieces of the Tsu.ya line? 
K.Y.: I see Reese Whitherspoon, Lucy Lui, Jennifer Gardner, Pink, Kerry Washington, to name a few!
Who or what inspires you?
K.Y.: My daughters, philanthropy 
What do you feel is the biggest challenge women have when it comes to shopping? Any tips to making the experience enjoyable? 
K.Y.: Have an open mind. When I go out to find something specific, I never find it. When I just go to look, something usually catches my eye. Also, I like going in the evening, its much quieter then. 
Three words to describe your own sense of style feminine, on-trend, comfortable
Wanna keep up with Kristi Yamaguchi? (I know, sounds so cool.) Connect with her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook! Oh, and did I mention that you can find great deals on Tsu.ya.com! Go ahead - get your wallet out. 
Photo Credits: Courtesy of Tsu.ya

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