Saturday, October 19, 2013! ('Cause She Says So!)

Kinsey Schofield. My, this chick is on fire! She's a smiley, doggy-lovin' social media strategist and TV commentator you gotta keep on your radar. The stylishly nationally recognized (and hilarious!) personality was listed #25 in The 100 Greatest Women in Social Media, has more than 100K followers on Twitter, and is a fabulous celeb interviewer. Kinsey made her television debut alongside celebrities like P. Diddy50 Cent, and The Kardashians while starring on E!’s event planning competition series, Party Monsters. 

OK, so right now, Kinsey is competing for the title of "Most Fashionable" for Arizona Foothills Magazine. According to the comedic campaigner, "If I win, I will be featured in their 'Best Of' issue, and I'd love the opportunity!" Kinsey most definitely is working her arse off to get this title. Just check out some of her campaign pics below, which I took from her Instagram profile! So why not spread the word and help out my social media friend? I've got nothing but love for her ambition. As a writer and social media professional myself, I truly dig her personality. She's, like, real. Hence, her clever campaign antics and being kind enough to take the time to answer my 7 interview questions (see below). 

(Stickers galore!!)

So here's how to vote for Kinsey: Go to and register. You will receive an email in your inbox with your password. Then log in, click the circle next to "Kinsey Schofield" enter the code at the bottom (to prove you're a human), and then click the "VOTE" button. And when you're done, tweet Kinsey at @kinseyschofield so she can personally thank you!

My TOP 7 Fun Fashion Questions for Kinsey Schofield: 

If you could raid any celeb's closet...Who would it be?

Patricia Field! She has the most unbelievable eye for fierce and funky. I find myself envious of all of the characters she dresses and she inspires me to wear my tutu to the dog park! 

What is your favorite fashion trend?

I noticed a slew of fierce flats at NYFW this year and I was beyond relieved. I look tragic when I walk in heels for long periods of time. I've had multiple Britney moments where I'm hopping barefoot around Downtown Los Angeles trying to get to a shoot. So I would say, feeling sexy and confident in flats. Knowing I'm not going to fall on my face or be taller than all of the cute boys.

(Dear Obama...)

What style do you think looks bad on every woman and should be avoided at all costs?

I think we all have that single friend that wonders why she's single or isn't treated well by men, and you're like, "Because you don't dress appropriately." There is a time and place for cleavage and lace... You can be as sexy in a peacoat as you can be in a bikini! I guess the answer is: desperation.  

Your favorite fashion designer?

DVF. I'm curvy so I've spent more time than I care to relive being disappointed in a dressing room. DVF is reliable, timeless, and trendy. I know when I need an outfit for a specific occasion or event, that I will find something that makes me feel confident within the DVF collection. When it comes to street wear, I live in Chaser Brand tanks and Black Milk leggings. 

Your most treasured item in your closet?

My leather jacket from TOPSHOP. I never get to wear it when I'm in Arizona (Hot, Hot Heat!), but whenever I'm in LA, I wear it religiously! And sadly I pack it with me wherever I go. It's a pathetic kind of love. 


What do you think all women should own at least one of?

Isn't it amazing what a red lip can do to you and your outfit? Completely shake up a plain white tee and some boyfriend jeans with a red lip or dramatize your basic LBD with the addition. I think owning MAC's Russian Red is an absolute necessity! 

If you win "Most Fashionable"...Which social media site will you hit first?!

OMG. What a cute question, it made me smile. ...Still smiling... Instagram is my favorite, but Twitter is the most attentive! So, I'd have to say that Twitter will be the first to know! 

Thanks Kinsey! Good luck! xoxo