Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Interview with Celeb Fashion Stylist Ali Levine Now Featured in Agenda Magazine!

(Ali on set! Photo Courtesy of Agenda Magazine)

Remember when I gave a heads up that my interview with Ali Levine, social media-savvy celeb fashion stylist, would be coming to Agenda Magazine soon? Well, it's LIVE. Here's an excerpt of my intro:

"Ali Levine and I met via social media. She followed me on Twitter; I followed back. I followed her on Instagram; she followed me back. Early on, Ali and I began building a connection naturally based on our individual passions in the fashion industry. And since building a fabulous working relationship with this Los Angeles-based celebrity fashion stylist, I’ve come to gain the utmost respect for her. Ali’s bubbly, passionate personality is evident not only as a social media guru (creator of “TrendsTues™”); chit-chatting with her is just as fun!..." 

Visit Agenda Magazine to read my interview with Ali! Enjoy! 

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