Tuesday, June 30, 2015

StoryLeather Luxury Goodies: Unique Style, Selection, and Personalization!

Most of you know that I am more of an in-store shopper versus an online shopper. This is simply due to preference -- I love to experience a multi-sensory store visit! When it comes to investing in a new retail item, I like to touch the material, inhale the scent of newness, and chat with sales associates as I have questions about merchandise (or simply because I love to talk!).

So when one of the heads of StoryLeather reached out to me and asked if I’d like to sample some of their products, I welcomed it with open arms. And I did so after only briefly browsing the StoryLeather site. Because first impressions are everything, I wanted to simply experience that as authentically as possible. 

Well, I was delighted when it arrived not long after. The packaging was very impressive! I love the details of the box, how it was wrapped, the soft cloth, and the sticky emblem. The contents of the box included: a black phone holster case, a purple leather phone case with credit card slots, and a red key holder. Beautifully custom-made, handcrafted items (100% genuine leather) with individual textures!

Now, what’s especially unique about StoryLeather (after really researching its site), is that you can basically build your own product. The 3 signature steps: 1) Select a Style 2) Choose Your Leather 3) Personalize It. I appreciate a company that realizes that not everyone wants a cookie-cutter accessory, especially when the product is a luxury item (price range: about $100 and up). As for the personalization, I can attest to the beautiful engraving, as the purple phone case/credit card holder had a scripted name on it.

Also, when researching StoryLeather, I was impressed by its selection of goodies for both men and women, as well as the provided product knowledge alongside each item. In addition, the StoryLeather site has a blog section that explores a variety of technology topics. I think that’s pretty cool, as it offers the shopper the ability to learn more about his/her own gadget as well as relevant industry news. This definitely shows that StoryLeather wants its customers to have a stimulating online shopping experience, while supporting its premise: Everyone has a unique story to tell about themselves. (It's also really great online marketing!)

While, I cannot attest to the actual process of placing an order on StoryLeather.com, etc., I can say that the it was a joy communicating with the company. So I will assume that the level of customer service I was provided with is, most importantly, extended to shoppers! 

For luxury goods, especially when it comes to gifting for the holidays, I say YES to StoryLeather quality products as well as its unique concept. And maybe…just maybe…this Los Angeles blogger will reconsider online shopping.

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