Sunday, May 3, 2015

Put Your D.I.Y. Skills to the Test With Jamberry Nails!

(Photo Credit: Jamberry Nails on IG...and moi!)

...And that's what I did recently. You know, put my arts-and-craftsy self to the test with Jamberry Nails at-home application!

I was introduced to Jamberry Nails, which launched in 2010 by three sisters who were ready to take nail art to a new level, by my friend and Independent Consultant Shana Swanson. Now, I haven't seen this adorable chick for years, but we go waaaaay back. I'm talking Sunday School as kids, Jewish camps in Malibu as know-it-all-teens, and Honors English classes throughout high school in Pomona (as the only two Jews in the school, besides my sister, I think). Fortunately, due to the power and incredible benefit of social media, we've remained connected on Facebook. (Oh yeah, and after visiting Israel back in the day, she brough me back a Tori Amos T-shirt in Hebrew and an album from a singer dude that has a track titled, "Elana." See what I mean?! Shana rocks.) when she messaged me and asked if I wanted to try out Jamberry Nails and blog about it, I was all over the opportunity for a few reasons. Yes, the first being that Shana is my girl, and I'm always into supporting a friend. The second reason is that, of course, as a blogger it's fun to sample products and write a review. And for the third reason: I'm all about saving money. This cost-effective application method offers nail art lovers the chance to save a good chunk of mula. (I'm sure you'll agree with me that visiting a nail shop every two weeks or so can add up!)

So I tried out her samples, and as you can see from my photo collage above - I had a great time showing off my results. Here is the application video that I chose to watch when it came to applying my Jamberry Nails -- pretty easy-to-follow:

Soooo....the question now is: Are Jamberry Nails right for me -- an LA blogger who is always on the go? The truth is, I absolutely adore the plethora of unique designs and colors. In addition, the application process is simple and straightforward. However, I believe that the ideal Jamberry Nails customer is a gal who has PATIENCE. While I am working on building up my patience (in all sorts of ways and for all sorts of reasons!), it also requires time and a clear mind. You must be conscientious and meticulous regarding the process! Because I was a little nervous that I would mess up each fingernail (which I did with a few during the filing step), I didn't enjoy the overall process as much as I thought I would.

Therefore, for me and my busy lifestyle, I prefer to let the pros beautify my nails in between running errands around town. 'Cause truth is, I trust that they will do a near-perfect job and I'll get that hand and arm mini-massage that I live for.

But if you, my dear, pride yourself in being a D.I.Y. queen, then I highly suggest looking into Jamberry Nails. Their website is fun to cruise, the range of selection is vast, and the cost range is VERY affordable: $15 - $17.50/set. And, of course, please connect with my friend Shana when you're ready to get started!

To place an order, schedule a party, and/or join Shana's team:
Join her Facebook page for customers to ask questions/share pictures:
Cell: (702) 275-6326 (text is preffered)


Shana Swanson said...

Like Elana says, it does take some patience. It took me forever to apply a full set when I first started wearing Jamberry nail wraps, but I got used to it. It now takes me about 30 minutes to prep my nails and apply a full set. AAAAND it's totally worth it because they are non-toxic (as opposed to nail polish and artificial nails), they last longer than polish, and it's soooooo much less expensive!! One sheet of wraps (that Elana mentioned is $15 or $17.50) does TWO manicures and TWO pedicures!! So, there are tons of benefits to using Jamberry nail wraps! Contact me for more info. Looking forward to hearing from everyone!!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Thanks for sharing, Shana! I may try again...After all, I'm all about saving some mula! :-)