Saturday, May 9, 2015

Viva La Print!

(March 8, 2015: Schooling myself at Barnes and Noble/ The Grove, LA)

Over the past decade, I've made a career in the online world. From heading an SEO writing department and managing social media campaigns of professional practices to becoming a fashion columnist, freelance writer, and currently, a full-time Los Angeles blogger, my life in the field of communications has been solely Internet-based.

Ironically, when I wrote for my college newspaper and student-run magazine back in the day (Daily Titan and TUSK Magazine), I never cared if my articles were published online (mind you, it was the late 90s - early 2000s...). As an observer by nature, I just loved watching other students on campus reading my articles in between classes and folding it up to put in their backpacks. Having my words splattered inside something tangible was an indescribable feeling! But after I graduated (print journalism degree), technology evolved, and I realized how truly awesome it is to work in the online world, my goals in print took a backseat. The opportunities that I was presented shortly after graduating from CSUF became priority, so I sorta stopped pitching to mags and stuff. But I never stopped studying and reading some of my fave publications (especially when sipping on coffee at Borders or Barnes and Noble).

See, the thing is, my heart beats fastest when reading, touching, and inhaling the beauty of a print magazine versus scrolling and swiping on my laptop or iPhone. Slowly turning crisp pages, folding the corners on a great article that I can revisit later, and opening up the perfume ads to rub on my wrist -- print magazines offer a multi-sensory experience that a blog or online magazine just doesn't have the ability to do.

(August 19, 2013: the now-closed Barnes and Noble/ Pasadena, CA)
OK, I realize that this article is coming across as Internet-bashing, which may seem especially odd coming from me, a blogger. But nope - not what I'm saying. This is more of a don't-forget-about-print-magazines even as you remain addicted to blogs, websites, and social media. When I hear people say things like, "print is dead" or "print will soon be extinct" palms get sweaty imagining life without them. I also feel for the entire teams behind producing just one monthly magazine issue. From the writers and editors to the employees behind a cool printing process and advertising execs that work hard to make sure their brand gets a proper space, I would hate to think that their jobs have an expiration date. (I mean, I still want to contribute to a print mag one day myself!)

Ultimately, my love for print publications comes from the 'lil pleasures that are really big deals. That said, here are my top 5 reasons why print mags still rule: 

(1) Perfect for a long bath: I do NOT trust myself with anything technology-based near a mass of water (and you shouldn't either!). Wet, wrinkled pages, on the other hand, I can deal with. Last night, I enjoyed a glass of merlot and the lovely sounds of Sade in a bubbly bath as I studied some of the new workout moves and nutritious recipes in the latest issue of Women's Health Magazine. Was a perfect evening!

(2) Coffee table conversations: The type of magazines that someone has laid out on their coffee tables says a lot about his/her personality, be it a gossip mag or a fashion publication. It gets conversations flowing ("Oh my gosh! Do you think Kylie Jenner will ever stop enhancing her lips?") provides an artsy touch to, possibly, an otherwise dull table, and gives guests something to casually browse through as they wait for you to get ready. (Last-minute date?)

(April 22, 2012: Soaking up the sun with Self/ San Dimas, CA
(3) Summertime companions: I don't know about you, but there is something awesome about laying out in the hot SoCal sun -- whether on the sandy beach or while laying out at an apartment pool -- and flipping through the latest this or that mag. Soaking up the rays and new knowledge at the same time is pretty peaceful, if you ask me. (Which you didn't, but you're reading this, so you must care about my opinion in one way or another!)

(4) Wall or fridge art: When I see an amazing outfit on a website, I rarely print it out and post on my bulletin board or frdige. But when I find something memorable in a magazine, such as an affordable pair of heels or an inspirational quote, I rip out and plaster it somewhere. I love this convenience factor as well as the actual look of a ripped-out page of a mag...uneven torn edges are just so ultra-cool and edgy.

(5) Creative artifacts: While I don't like to face that fact that print will (ahem, could?) become obsolete, I think it's important to start saving some of your favorite issues. For years, I saved as many magazines as I could with Gwen Stefani starring as the cover model. These are social artifacts that our children of children may one day want to discover. Let's give 'em something to talk about!

So, now that you have an understanding (I hope!) of why I believe that print still rules, I gotta know your thoughts! Are you proud to shout "Viva La Print!" at the top of your lungs? Or, are you so Internet-based that you don't find value anymore in print mags? Do tell!

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Scarlett said...

I totally agree, truth be told, online magazines, blogs and websites might be the thing now days but where would all our work go if if one these days the cloud simply vanish...blogs would have to go printed..
Nothing like grabbing the real thing

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Hey Scarlett! YES - great point. There's just something so REAL about print. I hope they are around forever! Call it high hopes, but I, too, believe in the power and beauty of print mags.