Tuesday, May 26, 2015

ENTER TO WIN a Toola Accessory That Will Protect Your Tech and Give You a Peace of Mind!

(Add some peace to your life with the help of Toola!)

"WHERE. Is. My. Phone??!?!?"

Yup - it's what most women exclaim day in and day out. And usually there is this overwhelming feeling of stress that develops while hunting through the same oversized purse or pile of clothes. Whether that stress developed out of the fear that you've actually lost your phone or out of annoyance because your lengthy to-do list can only be accomplished with the use of your phone -- it's no fun dealing with the frustration that could potentially ruin your day.

So, when I came across this Toola fashion accessory, one of my first thoughts was: "Wow...even if I were to lose my phone in this case, at least that peace sign will give me a sense of calmness when I finally find it..." And in addition to the obvious benefits of a phone case -- providing protection should it drop or get too close to some unidentifiable liquid -- this particular style can serve a functional purpose. You'll be able to hang your phone right next to your purse! Let us also consider and respect the edginess of the black chain, as it will take nearly any outfit to a cooler level. Whether you wear it on your shoulder or wrapped around your wrist as you strut the catwalk (remember: the street is your personal runway!), it's all rock and roll.

That said, I'm sooooo happy that I'm able to give away one iPhone 6 Peace Phone Case ($48 value), an exclusive product of www.toolastyle.com!

ENTER TO WIN (Pick 1):

*Leave a comment that answers this question: How do you regain peace in your day if your stress level gets too crazy?


* Tweet this post and tag both @GoodGirlShops and @ToolaStyle!

Last day to enter: June 1st! Winner will be chosen at random. All entrants must be located in the U.S. 

(Please Note: All phone case models by Toola are customized to a particular smartphone. To place your order, feel free to contact this LA-based company directly! Get your Toola Style on and shop now! ) 

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