Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Lemon Frog Shop: LA's Hip, Unique Treasure!

(Goodies galore!)
You know that place you drive past every day and always tell yourself, "One day, I'm finally going to go in!" Well, for me, that place was Lemon Frog Shop -- the hip, unique treasure that is located at the border of Echo Park and Silverlake on Alvarado and Sunset. Situated in an often-congested area that connects you to both the 101 and 2 freeway, this unique vintage bazaar is tucked away right next to the delicious Tierra Mia Coffee Company. You may not necessarily notice the name of the shop right away on the building, but you will notice colorful clothing neatly adorning the shop, directly outside its doors.

Interestingly, the day I stepped foot in Lemon Frog Shop for the first time, I was also trying Tierra Mia for the first time as well! After spending an hour or so reading at the café, I decided to poke my head in the vintage boutique to check it out before I headed to my car.

And I'm so glad I did. Here is my breakdown on the fabulousness of Lemon Frog Shop:

Immediate Customer Service: As I held my Ethiopian-flavored coffee from Tierra Mia, I pushed open the door to Lemon Frog Shop already enthralled by the goodies that surrounded me. And after noticing the "no drinks" sign, I asked the petite woman who greeted me if I can place my coffee cup at the register. She replied with "Thank you for noticing the sign! Most people don't. But yes, you definitely want your hands free so you can experience the whole store." I love shopping in places that are run by those with passion and pride in their merchandise. Turned out that the kind woman with the cat eye glasses was the owner (Micki) and made me feel comfortable from the start. Although I
(Thanks for the pic, Marie!)
didn't purchase anything that day, as I simply wanted to poke my head in so I could get a feel for the boutique, I definitely did when I returned the following week. To my satisfaction, I received the same courteous and friendly service from her associate, Marie, during that second visit. From taking photos of me trying on clothing to answering all of my random questions, Marie provided me a pleasurable shopping experience.

Savvy Selection: Although the store is small in square footage, the selection of merchandise is sovast and organized! I'm all about great deals, and I appreciated that both Micki and Marie showed me that the front of the store held the less expensive items, while the more expensive pieces trickled toward the back. Marie mentioned to me that they usually receive items on a daily basis, which is great to know. It gives frequent Lemon Frog Shop customers the eagerness to return for more! The shop is home to various special items that have stamped some of our favorite eras. Think hippie, disco, punk, glam, mod, bombshell and bohemian clothing, purses, shoes, hats, and a wide range of accessories. Yup - something for everybody!

Crisp Quality: Adding to the quaint, well-organized structure of the shop is the quality of the items. Skirts and pants were clipped on hangers perfectly, shoes neatly lined the shelves and floor, and accessories nicely hung from fixtures and were laid out on flat surfaces for ease and accessibility. It's clear that Micki runs not just a shop full of vintage items, but a shop stocked with treasures that are made for fashionistas who want to make a statement in something unique (and affordable!). Just as dusty shelves and poorly-hung clothes say tons about the caliber of management and pride employees take in their job, so much can be said about those who are happy to provide a positive shopping experience. Lemon Frog Shop is, no doubt, characteristic of the latter.

(Looooove this summer top!)
Sea of Inspiration: YES...inspiration abounds at this beautiful, LA boutique! From the colors and textures of the items to the affordability and well-taken-care-of pieces, the merchandise gave me a sense of calmness and openness. This knit, yellow top immediately caught the attention of my boho-chic personality. As I softly touched clothing and accessories while hanging out in the shop, I felt a sudden surge of inspiration regarding my own wardrobe...I couldn't wait to get rid of old things in my close to make room for new pieces that exemplify my style even more. So, although, I didn't purchase the yellow knit top (I need to see if it's still in stock because I can't stop thinking about it!), I did find two $10 accessories I knew I couldn't live without: a turquoise ring and a pair of turquoise-teal dangly earrings. I wear a lot of black and these colors add a nice pop of creative color to my daily ensembles!

Special Treat Upon Purchase: So after I tried on merchandise, graciously thanked Marie for taking pics of me (and for listening to my rambling chatter), I was ready to check out with my two accessories! And then I heard the cutest thing from Marie. She said, "You get to pick something from our treasure box!" I mean...huh?!? I get a thank-you gift after only spending a few bucks on amazing pieces? That final touch of the Lemon Frog Shop experience really proved the level of appreciation Micki and her team have for customers. It was a small detail that was a major
(My new treaures...perfect to wear with black!)
contributing factor to my overall satisfaction. I felt so special! The item I chose was perfect: a decorative bobby pin. This practical, chic hair accessory fits my style wonderfully, as it perfectly pins some of my locs back. And to be honest, I personally felt like a treasure as I walked out!

So, yes, I definitely recommend Lemon Frog Shop. It's the place to go for great customer service, a stylish selection of vintage goodies, and the fashion inspiration you may need. Hope to run into you there!

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