Friday, April 24, 2015

Red Carpet Realness at 'The Voice Spring Break Concert" Event!

(Featuring The Voice's top 8 contestants of Season 8!)

Had a blast night hangin' out on the red carpet with my friend and blogger buddy, Leeann of Join the Gossip, for "The Voice Spring Break" concert! Amongst the competition that actually does exist among press and the blogging community, it was quite a joy to attend "The Voice Spring Break Concert" event with someone who also prides herself in being an ethical journalist first. (She and I are both CSUF alumnae with print journalism degrees!) But that's a whole other topic to write about...

(Me and Leeann red carpet-ing it up. We love black!)
So, in between Leeann and I gabbing about all that is entertainment and the randomness we obsess over, we got some face-to-face action with Season 8 contestants. They chatted about tons (with other reporters right next to us), including their love for music, the support they provide one another, their love for the judges, and how being on television has changed their lives.

Not only did I gain inspiration from the contestants, I truly enjoyed meeting Pharrell (he and Blake hit the red carpet with the contestants also!). Due to the slight chaos that typically develops behind the ropes, I didn't have a chance to ask my favorite fashionable male celeb a question. But kindly, he shook my hand and I was able to introduce myself. In fact, the did that with every reporter, which according to Leeann (who hits more red carpet events than I do), that's an extremely rare gesture from a celeb.

(Pharrell: Judge, Trendsetter, Music Mogul)
Speaking to a reporter from Hollywire, Pharrell provided genuine insight to the world of the contestants and what he believes their goals are as performers: "The love what they do...So, yeah, they wanna win, but I think they want to learn and advance more than anything else. And that's what's super-exciting for me...And I think that's what America's responding to..."

If you religiously watch The Voice, you definitely do NOT want to miss out this Monday, 8/7c! Word on the street is (and well, everywhere...that just sounded cool), is that former judges CeeLo, Usher, and Gwen are returning to the show to provide coaching support.

My only question about that is: What will Gwen be wearing??? (Can't wait.)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of my new iPhone 6 Plus!

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Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Aw thanks for the shoutout :) So glad you joined me. Next time Pharrell is all yours. We WILL get our questions in!