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Top 3 Ways to Keep Your Cool While Shopping Shoe Clearance

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My favorite place to shop shoes on clearance is Macy's. I love the quality designerwear, chic styles, and often the "additional" percentages off on already-marked down items. (Seeing the word "additional" associated with hot heels on clearance actually gives me a reaction...But that's a whole other story in itself!) My blue suede Marc Fisher heels and red, patent-leather, pointy-toed Anne Klein booties are still staples in my closet, both which I bought on a Macy's clearance rack more than five years ago. And currently on my radar, are a pair of sexy Jessica Simpson stilettos and a flavorful Carlos Santana style for the summer.

So no, you're not the only shopaholic who loves shoes, you're not the only shopaholic who loves to see shoes on sale, and you're definitely not the only shopaholic to show up to the scene ready to score big while spending less.

...And this is why I'm here! It's been years since I assisted a woman in a store as her personal shopper and headache relief, but that doesn't mean my retail shopping tips can't be shared with y'all here. This is what Good Girl Gone Shopping is all about: providing insight, tips, and experiences for you to soak up and then apply to your own shopping endeavors.

That being said, here are my Top 3 Ways to Keep Your Cool While Shopping Shoe Clearance:

(1) Hope for the best, but prepare to walk out of the store empty-handed! For the most part, clearance means "That's it, folks!" when it comes to sizing. The worst feeling is finding a dream shoe for an incredible deal (especially a shoe you've been eyeing for weeks and waiting for it to go down in price), and not finding your size. If you are going to shop shoes on clearance, just prepare yourself mentally beforehand. Sure, say a little prayer in your car before head through the door. Do what you gotta do get your mind right when it comes to the hunt for shoes on clearance, but be aware that there are millions of shoppers like you who might be doing the same. Always remind yourself that every shoe you missed out on, there are tons more waiting to be tried on! Just gotta be patient.

(2) Just because it's clearance doesn't mean you should avoid asking sales associates for help! I will admit that finding help from sales associates in the clearance section is rare. I mean, just finding a sales associate in the clearance section is rare! There could be a few contributing factors for this; they may not make as much commission on a clearance shoe or they may want to avoid the crowds in the aisles and let shoppers come to them if they can't find a size. But just because you aren't being approached by a friendly face asking "Are you finding everything OK?" in the clearance area, you most definitely can still turn to them for help. Go ahead and ask what you need to ask regarding size availability, stock at other stores, and whether or not they "hold" clearance if you need to keep shopping and want to come back in an hour.

(3) Don't put a shoe back on the rack unless you for sure don't want it! I've learned this the hard way. Putting a shoe back on the rack as you are browsing is normal. But clearance is a different ballgame! Even if you are only five-percent interested in that particular sandal or heel, hold on to it for dear life. The last thing you want to happen is for someone to come up right behind you and snag it. Then, after you have a handful of shoes in your arms, find that sales associate and ask for the other shoe to try on. First come, first serve with clearance.

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online shopping princess said...

Great! I'm actually addicted to shoe clearance shopping. Your tips will surely help me keep my cool while doing it, Thanks a lot for sharing this tips.

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Hi 'Online Shopping Princess'! Thank you for reading, and I'm glad you found value in this article!