Sunday, February 13, 2011

Top 5 Tips to Online Shopping

I prefer to go shopping early in the morning. I like to get to the mall early and watch the associates open up their store gates. There is something so exciting about walking into a fresh store, touching newly crisp clothes, and being able to find things in the right place (the messiness starts happening after noon.)

But not everyone is like me. Many of you prefer to shop in your pjs, with coffee in hand, and credit card ready! Online shopping can be just as rewarding as shopping in-store. However, just like shopping for the right pieces at a boutique or the mall, spending time online should be worth your time, effort, and money. Therefore in order to get the most bang for your buck and the most flattering, adorable fashion, please take notice of my top 5 tips:

(1) Know your size and shape: Sometimes it's hard to be honest with yourself and accept your size. But it's worth accepting it when you're shopping online, because you can't try things on before you buy. Many sites have a sizing chart to help determine which jeans will work the best for you. Take advantage of it!

(2) Go to the clearance section first: Yes, you can totally find deals online. Take notice of a site's clearance and sale sections. Great quality fashion can be found in these areas at affordable prices. Don't overlook the fact that you can save and still buy the perfect pieces.

(3) Read product descriptions -- One time I ordered a black jumpsuit from a site and decided that it would work because it was my size. But because I didn't fully read the product description, I had to return it because it didn't fit. I need certain amounts of stretch in my clothing, and it was 100 percent cotton. It is worth learning the etails about the fabric, measurements, etc.

(4) Compare before you buy: Many times I like to compare the merchandise at a few different shops before I buy the piece I want. You can most definitely do the same thing when shopping online. is not the only place where you can find style; is a wonderful outlet too. Do your research by comparing the quality, cost, and fit of items.

(5) Check out return and exchange policies: I really hate to return and exchange items. Not because I am embarassed to. I just don't like having to take the time to go back to a store, stand in line, yada, yada, yada. Fortunately, I always take notice of the return and exchange policies, so I never have a problem with that. In order to prevent you from having issues with this online, be sure to check out the fine print. Remeber, the downside of shopping online is that you can't try a piece on before you buy. So protect yourself and be aware of terms and policies.

Have any online shopping tips of our own? Do share!

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SoHo Accessories said...

Always google for a coupon code. or are good sites to get them

Buzz In Market said...

Always go to a coupon site to see if there are any coupons available. I usually end up saving a couple of books by doing that.

Charleen Larson said...

Second the retailmenot rec.

Plus, if you find a coupon code make a note of it even if it seems to be expired. Sometimes they're not!

You can also try generic words (like "welcome") in the coupon field at checkout. Who knows, you might just get lucky.

buy and sell philippines said...

I always research the web site before I order. I do business with companies you already know. If the company is unfamiliar, do your homework before buying their products. If you decide to buy something from an unknown company, start out with an inexpensive order to learn if the company is trustworthy.

Buy watches online said...

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Daily Deals said...

Online shopping is best way to buy a product from all over the world.These 5 tips are really helpful for people who want to buy products online.