Monday, March 14, 2011

Be Grateful for What You DO Have (Including What's in Your Closet)

If we are learning anything from the devastation that has invaded Japan, it is this: We must be grateful for what we DO have. There will always be stressful days that require balancing acts and sacrifices. But at some point, you get through it. Somehow, you find the strength to break down the barriers and overcome certain daily frustrations. And, yes, it helps when you have family and friends who support you, a comfortable living environment, and a healthy lifestyle. Now imagine if all that is taken away from you without you actually appreciating it. I can't help but think about those in Japan who may not have taken the time to seize certain moments, hugged their family, or smiled at their accomplishments.

As unimportant as fashion feels during a world catastrophe, it is still a key communicator in our society. What you wear on your body, you feet, and your head shows your personality and expresses who you are. So I ask you: When was the last time you looked in your closet and felt pride in what you owned? Or, did you stare at your wardrobe with anxiety because you don't have the "in" trend, according to say Lucky Magazine or InStyle? Not only is fashion recyclable (styles nearly always come back around another year or season), but it will most likely always be accessible to you. Now may be a better time to look at what you DO have, acknowledge what you DON'T need...and donate it to a cause that will benefit a person just like you who has nothing left.

Let's all think about this for a second. Life is not to be taken for granted...Be grateful for what you have and stop focusing on what you don't. From a baby's cry and the sound of laughter to having an overflowing wardrobe and the ability to shop for what you love; If you look within, you will realize that beauty and fortune surrounds you. xoxo

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