Thursday, February 5, 2009

Designer Tracy Porter Talks Color, a Must-Have, and De-Cluttering Computer Space!

I may feel comfortable and confident when styling an outfit. But when it comes to my office space, as well as other areas of my home...Well, I am the first to admit that I can use some helpful tips!

And getting insight directly from Ripon, Wisconsin-based designer Tracy Porter is such a delight. I predict that you will love what she has to say, just as I do; whether you want to re-do your closet, add some color to your wardrobe, and/or de-clutter one of the most important spaces of your home. (You know that room with the computer, piles of mail here and there, and your old coffee mug in it? Yes, that room.)


As a versatile designer: what do you see more as a challenge for people: finding the right fashion or finding the right home d├ęcor?

[Tracy Porter] I think the real challenge for most is finding what “their style” is. By this I mean we are all ever searching to enrich ourselves…become more of who we are, be open to new ideas, new ways to get inspired….in this, people try to figure out what “their” own style is. The process to me …. is identifying what you love….determining does it feel right?..... Does it make you giddy…to put a certain something on or sit in a particular kind of chair. It is all so very personal…and it takes time. Some come to it early….they notice things around them all the time…others find it later. It really doesn’t matter when you find your style…… I think most people want to find it, they want to find a style for their home and their own look….that feels “right." It takes a certain confidence to identify it…and perhaps a bit of perspective mixed with a sure twinge of “who cares”…..this is when you know you are close….because style in your home and on your person is just that…….it is about YOU feeling good, YOU being inspired and YOU surrounding yourself with matters and feels so juicy and true to you!
Updating or re-doing a living room or bedroom is not only a big project, but can be quite costly. Which Tracy Porter exclusive pieces are must-haves no matter the style of a person’s home?

A chandelier is a TRACY PORTER must have…we design extraordinary lighting…luscious and delightful to live with! I also believe our ceramics are enchanting and colorful and will always add a unique twist to your entertaining. I also adore our bedding and furniture….we believe a home should be rich with soul, and when we design pieces for the home or body we follow these same ideals. Inspired, soulful…timeless things that you will covet for a lifetime.

Your videos offer such great tips and information, such as your recent “inspiration” video. Even though I am inspired every time I sit down, I tend to start focusing on the clutter surrounding me. I want to be more organized! What tips could you give me regarding when and how I can quickly keep things in order as I keep up with my busy schedule?

I too believe that being organized can be key to an uncluttered mind. My thoughts on the de-clutterization of one’s world would be to arm yourself with baskets, bins, and other attractive vessels that allow you to march into any space and effectively clean and sort out the “junk,” and then to assess what will stay and how you can continue to enjoy it so it doesn’t take you away from life’s bigger mission….LIVING!! Think about color when redoing a closet…consider….quirky containers when changing up your desk….little pewter creamer and sugar pots are great for pencils and paper clips…etc. Beautiful trays allow a space to feel pulled together while adding a great layer of texture or color.
What are the top three ways that you keep a balance between your family life and work?

I keep my eyes and brain moving forward and onto positive thinking always….I do everything I can to stay focused on the bigger picture in life…..the…..we are healthy, we are happy sort of stuff…the little things and negative people can drag you down…I avoid it and them!!

I love my family and I love my work, and I am clear that I need both. I know that I am a really good mom because I am inspired everyday and I love what I do and how I get to inspire other people…it is incredibly therapeutic. I also know that I am inspired at my work because I give to my family in all sort of ways that make sense for us. We love to have good food, so that is a big part of our world. We love to talk and play games….so we do…we love to read….so we do lots of it. I try not to feel guilty about not going on field trips or not participating in things that I cannot realistically manage. I say NO a lot, because it works for me, my family, and my life…..and it keeps me balanced….as much as one can be!

I also stay pretty balanced because my partner and husband are the same guy. John and I have been married for 17 years, went into business and family knowing it was a team deal for us….and it really is. This brings me calm everyday knowing that we communicate the way we do, and care that the other person is feeling balanced and happy.

I love your idea of draping necklaces over statues and using a big silver bowl for other bracelets. What would you recommend for keeping scarves accessible as well as attractively featured among your accessories?

I would incorporate them into your jewelry statement if possible…find a marvelous statue and loosely tie them around it, or a spectacular basket or stunning bowl that they can be casually tossed into…you want to have them within reach and still be able to enjoy their beauty. Even a simple row of eye screws or something similar like a basic hook, that you could thread them through in a straight row would be a gorgeous way to display them.

You can find more tips and ideas on the Tracy Porter Blog as well. In doing so, you can enjoy some Tracy TV!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Tracy Porter, FEATURING Tracy Porter

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