Sunday, February 8, 2009

"Zara" Gets Thumbs Up...OC Sales Associates, No Comment

Think Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 topped with French Connection and Anthropologie. This is the vibe I get when browsing in the Spanish fashion boutique, Zara, at South Coast Plaza (in Costa Mesa, CA). Yesterday, it was my older sister's birthday. This means that it automotically means a day of shopping. So me and my favorite girls -- my mom, my sis, and my niece -- decided to head to this indoor mall, due to the weather. Preferably, we would have chosen Old Town Pasadena, but the chill and inconsistent rain pours aren't too fun to deal with.

Following the positive and delicious dining at "The Clubhouse" (2nd floor), including my 12 o'clock bloody mary, we headed to Zara. While the customer service, I will admit, is non-existent, the current merchandise is totally worth their B.S. The sales were phenomenal:

- $19.99 for 80s-inspired skinny jeans

- Heels and booties ranging from about $29 -- $59

- a bold color selection of turtlenecks with 3/4 sleeve length for $9.99

- Peacoats started @39 -- $100

And their regular-priced items aren't too shabby either! The kiddies and guys can also enjoy Zara -- great fashion for all. Because the goal of the shopping trip was to treat my sister to her birthday gifts, I chose to hold back and not shop for myself. (The day before I got a cool, polka-dot umbrella and Spring floral dress from H&M. I was good.) So she chose this olive-colored, drapey cardigan with loose ruffle-like material at the opening. Totally my sis's style. Regular-priced...but was OK. She deserved something cute on her special day.

As for the rest of our time spent at South Coast Plaza...

After my niece rode the carousel with my mom (yes, in the mall, there is a carousel) and got a purple Mickey-shaped balloon, we headed to Nordi's -- of course. Sarah then chose the rest of her gift -- a new, Betsey Johnson necklace. Get this: the theme was yellow taxis. I LOVED IT, and admit, the salivation started to kick in.

A nice suprise at the end of our 4-hour shopping trip at South Coast (we hit up a few other stores in between), I eyed a Reality TV "star" shopping at the end of the accessories counter at Nordstrom. It was Lynn from the "Desperate Housewives of Orange County." (She is the newest addition of the show -- the one who annoys Vicki to no end.) I usually don't get starstruck, but because I watch the show religiously, I thought it was very cool. My sister and my mom thought I was ridiculous, because they had no clue as to who she was and as to why I cared so. But I did! Fortunately, I stopped myself from approaching her. Even though the cameras weren't there, and it wouldn't have been a big deal; what do I say?..."Hey Lynn, you are my favorite housewife!"

So, in getting back to my original point: Zara is hot and worth a drive if you are in the Inland Empire or Los Angeles area, and want to gather a few basic as well as cutting-edge, trendy items. My 31 year-old sister and my 59 year-old mom both found great items (my mom chose one of the turtlenecks), which shows you that all ages and styles can enjoy the store.

Just, on your way out the door, prepare yourself for a little South Coast sales associate snotty-ness.

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