Saturday, December 15, 2007

Styling Shots

More Photos Coming Soon!

Name: Alia
Date: 2/13/10

Her Style Goals: Wants a wardrobe that offers versatility with a stylish vibe
My Style Goals: To show Alia how to wear the same piece multiple ways

After three appointments with Alia, which included styling her existing wardrobe and shopping with her at various stores at the mall, I helped her learn how to show her personality through distinct looks. Below, Alia is wearing a newly purchased long-sleeve orange tee (Yes, color is still important in the winter!) three different ways. By doing so, her wardrobe was enhanced as she now has multiple options with something as simple as a tee! Depending on where she goes, she can select the best outfit for the occasion. What a fun experience! This is just one of the many outfits I styled, which met her goal: having a versatile wardrobe.

Occasion: lunch with the girls

Occasion: running errands while out and about with her daughter

Occasion: a casual evening out

Name: Elana (me)
Date: 11/21/09

Occasion: My birthday party at a dueling piano bar

Fashion Headache: How to look chic without being too sexy and overdone

So I decided to post a pic of myself wearing an outfit that is atypical with my style. I love black, so I decided to go with that as my main color. But the length is what I wasn't too sure of when I bought this Forever 21 dress. So due to this, as well as the chilly November weather, I decided that black, opaque tights would be the most logical and sleek way to go. I would stay warm and bring a mod look to a girly style dress. My maroon shrug with a pearl brooch-like safety pin were also parts of my outfit that gave it something extra. After wearing this dress, I realize that the pencil skirt is not the only way to feel sexy or chic; the poofy A-line is quite do-able as well. Being bottom-heavy, I actually enjoy that the dress wasn't clingy. I suggest that everyone step out of my comfort zone once in awhile! I'm glad I did.

Name: Jennifer
Date: 5/1/09

I have been wanting to see Jennifer in a pair of skinny pants for soooo long. Recently, she took my advice and went shopping for this type of jean. Typically, her jeans look comfortable and relaxed, but having trim hips and thin legs, Jennifer's shape was calling for a fitting pant.She looks amazing, eh? So to really get inside her head and learn of her shopping experience, I interviewed her:

What was your experience before shopping for jeans?

I could never find a pair to flatter my figure (thin legs and no bum!). They would always seem to be too loose around my legs even though they fit everywhere else.

Did you ever think skinny jeans were an option?

Not until you mentioned them! I was afraid they would make me look thicker on top :)

Was it simple finding something that fit well?

Yes! I only tried on one pair and I loved how they looked.

Tell me about your level of confidence?

Much more confident with these jeans. I received a lot of compliments and I was very happy to see that I had little bit of a curve in my behind.

The colors you have paired up with the jeans are flattering and subtle. What made you select those pieces?

I loved the tank in pink (which I also bought) but the jacket has accents in the same shade of blue. My shopping buddy (Audrey) made me see that the jacket complimented my figure as well. I've been trying to incorporate more color into my wardrobe from what you've mentioned in the past and reading your Beauty Chat article.
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Clients: Sara
Date: 4/20/09

Sara has sexy clothes in her closet -- which is great! However, there IS such a thing as being too "in your face" with barely-there blouses. So as I conducted my Closet Clean-up at Sara's home, I showed her how two things can add a chic quality to a sultry look: a camisole and accessories.

Before: Sexy

After: Chic

Client: Stephanie
Date: 1/5/09

Fashion Headache: She has purchased so many scarves, but feeling stuck wearing each one in the same style.

Her Style Goals: Stephanie hopes to gain some new tips and ideas, so that she can style her scarves on her own.

My Style Goals: I want her to know that wearing a scarf should be a fun thing, as there is really no right or wrong way on how to do so! I did show her, however, that each type of scarf can be worn in distinct fashions, depending on quality, color, and occasion. I also want her to treat a scarf as an important accessory, and that while it may not necessarily "break" an outfit; a scarf can definitely add a nice, chic touch to a simple, daily work ensemble. I also asked her to wear a bold pink color as I also wanted to show how numerous shades and prints work well with a bright hue. (A peek of her silver necklace can also add a little something extra, as I encouraged her to keep it one when I styled her scarves.)

The looks from top to bottom: chunky and cozy, elegant and effortless, casual and creative, tied-up and proper

Client: Jana
Date: 12/20/08

Fashion Headache: Her weight gain after giving birth makes her feel limited with what she can wear...

Her Style Goals: To appear slimmer in the clothes she already has and adopt trendier looks

My Style Goals: To help Jana create various outfits out of the clothes she regularly wears. Although she is working hard to shed the weight she has gained 6 months after giving birth, I want her to know that she can still appear slimmer when the fit is right and style is flattering. I also set out to show her that many of her pieces are versatile.

BEFORE: I asked Jana to pick a type of outfit she would typically wear to work. So she chose this red stretchy, scoop neck Tee, as her focus point -- paired with a fitting black skirt.

AFTER: I wanted to maintain a nice touch of color in Jana's outfit, but at the same time, find a style that would bring the eyes upward towards her face and slenderize her midsection. Even though Jana has admitted that she hasn't treated herself to many new fashionable pieces for the past year, I was determined to prove that she still has basics to work with. So I found two pieces in her closet that added a chic, professional touch to her previous outfit: a black cardigan and a simple black belt.

Versatility Tips
This belt-and-cardigan set is also a great option for a casual Friday at work:

Throw it over a weekend-casual outfit! Perfect for a mom-on-the-run:

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Name: Audrey
Date: 12/12/08

Occasion: Christmas Cocktail Party

Fashion Headache: Unsure of what look to go with (as she will be amongst friends she hasn't seen in awhile)

Her Style Goals: To feel comfortable and appropriate, to avoid a predictable all-black cocktail dress, and to look like herself and not like she is trying to fit in

My Style Goals and Recommendation: After being consulted regarding Audrey's event to attend, I definitely believed that she should wear some black but not all black. So why not do a huge flash of color in a mod Sassy Magazine-esque style?! I recommended a bright pink, royal blue, or teal dress with black tights, heels, and black shrug or cardigan. So she found this flirty, coral-pink knee-length gown from Forever 21, just a few hours after I e-mailed her with various ideas of what I had in mind. Although I didn't get to see her before the party, I was so happy that she took this picture so that we could all see how great she appeared in her new cocktail-stylized outfit. Exactly how I envisioned this SEO marketing manager to look: chic, girly, and edgy.

Read Audrey's testimonial to see how my assistance contributed to her fabulous evening. I also encourage you to follow her on Twitter and tweet away!