Sunday, December 23, 2007

Last Minute Holiday Shopping: Doing the Dirty

I am about to head out for 10 last-minute employee gifts for my boyfriend's crew at work. Yes, I am the one doing this. He says, "You're the personal shopper. You know what to look for." The compliment (which was an obvious sort of psychological hoopla) was not what made me put my battle gear on. It is the fact that I know where I can find some inexpensive gifts for 10 ladies, which means I can get out of the stores, shops, and madness in a short period of time. I will report a little later, and let you know the outcome of my search!

I have brownies in the oven (hoping he takes them out on time), a 1-hour time limit, and not much gas in my car. Let's see where I can head without having to stop to fill up, or grab a second cup of coffee...

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