Friday, December 7, 2007


"Thanks, Good Girl Gone Shopping! Not only do I have a gorgeous wardrobe thanks to Elana's help, but I also have the willingness to wear it. Elana showed me how to put pieces together and wear them with confidence. Plus, the "look book" is a great reference for me to keep; anytime I forget what we did together, there it is. Thanks again for all your attention!"
Alia Congdon
Lake Balboa, CA

"I have thin legs that look awkward in regular jeans, but I never would have thought to look into skinny jeans without Elana's suggestion. I love how great these jeans look! I also took her advice on adding more color and have purchased some brighter pieces as well. Now I feel more confident in what I'm wearing, which gives me a better attitude all around. Thanks, Elana!"
Jennifer Galvan
Managing Editor
BeautyChatBlog.comMt. Baldy, CA

“Elana saved my life when she helped me come up with my outfit for a cocktail Christmas party. I was a little nervous to step out of the box, but I followed her advice and loved it! I felt so comfortable and pretty all night. Thanks Elana, you know your stuff!!!”
Audrey Seiberling
SEO Marketing Manager
PlasticSurgery.comSanta Ana, Calif.

“The weather in Oklahoma changes on a dime. I was in need of some chic additions to my wardrobe that would take me from warm to cold and back. I contacted Elana and she was able to send me links to specific websites with items that were on sale! I purchased a fabulous pair of leopard flats, a black cardigan sweater, tan cords and a purple cami all for under $100.”
Elizabeth Anderson
Editor-in-Chief/ Boutique owner
Tulsa, OK

“I am a no frills dresser, and due to being a working mom and wife, I find I have little time or patience to try and expand my wardrobe horizons. My good friend and co-worker Elana helped rescue me. She heard my woes of always looking drab and not having the time to spruce myself up. She took me on as a challenge! Elana and I spent numerous lunches discussing my likes and dislikes – what I was comfortable in and what I was not.

When getting ready for an upcoming vacation, we put her skill to use. We went shopping for accessories (I had to start small and ease into this new fashion trend). I walked away from our shopping experience with 3 sets of earrings and two gorgeous pairs of shoes.

To this day, whenever I wear either of the items that were purchased that day, I receive nothing but compliments. I had such a great response from that trip that when I recently needed new sunglasses, I again looked to Elana. She was great – explaining why something did not look good instead of pushing me to try something completely different than I am used too. Again we were successful! Every trip to the mall or sifting through the fashion magazines proves to be time well spent with Elana. She knows hers stuff and her clients!”
Denice Castillo
Event Planner
KDC Events

Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.

“After many years of doing the "mommy" thing, I felt I lost my glam. Not to mention that after finally attained my goal weight, it was hard to find anything that looked decent on me. It was so nice to have someone take the time to re-acquaint me withshopping! Thank you Elana!!”
Elaine Biss
Graphic/ Web Designer
Lancaster, Penn.