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Interview with Katie Maloney of 'Vanderpump Rules': "It's been a wild ride to say the least!"

(Katie Maloney/Photo Credit: Brooke Mason)
"Vanderpump Rules" -- the drama-packed Reality TV show built on British restaurateur and Beverly Hills Housewife, Lisa Vanderpump -- has grown to be one of my fave guilty pleasures on Bravo. The show basically gives viewers a taste of what occurs among the servers, bartenders, and hostesses at West Hollywood's SUR (one of Lisa's restaurants). But really, this show is a heavy meal of friendship and relationship woes, wins, and WTFs. 

And this season, a lot of the outspokenness (which has entailed tears as well as kind-hearted forgiveness) comes from Katie Maloney. As compared to the first two seasons of Vanderpump Rules, we're getting to know more of the Reality TV star's personality. She is much more than just Stassi's friend and the chick who got criticized for dyeing her hair "orange." In our recent interview, Katie not only talks about her experience on Vanderpump Rules and Reality TV as a whole; co-founder of Pucker & Pout, a beauty and style website designed to inspire, gives insight to her view on healthy relationships, her "neo goth" personal style, and just why a statement jacket is a must-have. Oh, and did I mention that she's a Gwen-lover as well?  Yup...Katie my kind of girl! 

What has been your experience on Vanderpump Rules been like thus far? 
It's been a wild ride to say the least. It's been really fun and always really taxing both mentally and emotionally. This was an experience I couldn’t prepare myself for, but I feel like I have taken everything in stride and really grown through all my experiences on the show.
The show is so interwoven with relationship “drama.” Has becoming a Reality TV star altered your perception on the concept of a healthy relationship?
I was nervous about putting my relationship out there. It's obviously something sacred to me and I want to protect it. I feel like Tom and I have really grown closer and stronger through this all. We might not have a perfect, drama-free relationship but we definitely have a strong one and contrary to what people might think based on what they’ve seen, we do have a healthy relationship. Of course we have had bumps and messed up along the way but what remains is our bond. What goes on with us behind closed doors is important and should not be overlooked.

(Katie Maloney/Photo Credit: Brooke Mason)
It’s been said that not only could Reality TV harm a real relationship, but that social media has the potential to damage one. What are your thoughts on that?
I don't think anything besides the two people in the relationship could damage it. Of course the show and social media can strain the relationship. However the only two people accountable for the relationship and its integrity are the ones involved. Tom and I have a healthy perspective on social media and the show so we don't let the negativity infiltrate what we have. 
I understand that you balanced theater and cheerleading in high school while working with a local agency to book commercial shoots and hosting work at an early age. Did you ever envision yourself as a regular on one of Bravo TV’s hit shows?
I never dreamed of ever doing a reality show. Reality TV has changed so much over the recent years and I feel like it was a twist of fate getting my job at SUR 5 years ago and I regret nothing.
How much is the line blurred between your real life and Reality TV? Or, do you consider these entirely separate entities?
The line is very-much-so blurred. After all, these are my real friends and I really work at SUR and all the drama that occurs is organic. There's no pretending. When we aren't filming, we still carry on the same way. Obviously sometimes, thanks to editing, some things are sensationalized and they put heavy focus on certain topics for dramatic purposes but that doesn't mean it didn't happen or that it wasn't real.
What do you love most about being on Vanderpump Rules?
It's a surreal thing living your life out in front of the cameras. We have had so much fun on our trips and also had some shitty times too. I'm happy to share these moments with the people I'm closest too. I feel extremely lucky to be a part of this show.
What do you like the least?
It's more difficult than I can describe what it is like to experience heart break and personal intimate moments while filming. It's not like "real life" where if something traumatic happens (i.e., your boyfriend admitting he has cheated on you) you can retreat and take personal time. You have to share every moment, talking about how you feel and share what's going on inside your head. These are the times that it really takes a toll on you.

(Katie Maloney/Photo Credit: Brooke Mason)
Pucker & Pout is such a great resource for women who could use some tips in a variety of areas. When did you realize, “It’s time for a website!”…?
Pucker & Pout embodies so much of who I am. I have always shared the products I love or little tips and tricks with my girlfriends, and the response has always been great. Obviously I have accumulated a strong following on my social media so I thought to myself what an amazing idea to create a space where I share my beauty knowledge. It's been such a fun and inspirational experience and the response has been incredible. 
How would you describe your own personal style?
I guess it could be described as slightly "neo goth." I tend to gravitate towards darker clothes and edgier pieces but I still have trendy elements. I would rather wear kicks or boots than heels. I love androgynous with a feminine twist style. I'm a lipstick-with-shades and a leather jacket kind of chick. Gwen Stefani is definitely my fave style icon! 
Scenario: A woman is on a budget with $50 bucks and needs to update her style. What items do you think she should focus on first?
I would say hone in on one piece that is versatile. A statement jacket that can be worn with a pair of jeans and kicks but could as be thrown over a LBD. Or a slick pair of pants or pencil skirt. Focus on something that suits you and what's already in your closet that you can mix, match and layer with!

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