Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Shopping Ideas for a Sports Lover? ‘Majestic Athletic’ Has Your Back.

 Shopping for your sport-loving dude, brother, father, or friend isn’t always easy (even after the holidays). Then again, maybe it’s not that hard for some of you, if you know that person really well. I suppose tickets to their favorite team’s upcoming game…a framed, signed poster of his favorite player…a new mitt so he can play catch with a friend…are all possibilities. And maybe you did awesome and gifted someone with such things for Chanukah or Christmas. But maybe you didn’t and still wanna find something cool.

It’s never too late! After all, gifting a loved one or friend doesn’t always have to happen solely during the holidays. Surprise, I-love-you-gifts are also exciting to give!  And I do believe clothing always goes a long way.

When my boyfriend has “the homies” over for football or basketball, things can get heated, loud, and fun for him! So should he have some awesome NFL gear or some sort of performance apparel to show off as his team wins (Yay babe!)…well, that’s pretty cool. With his birthday also around the corner, I’m currently checking out Majestic Athletic (hope he doesn’t read this). I appreciate that the merchandise is full of non-cheesy items, providing both professional and collegiate sports teams and their fans tons of options. Also, it’s a totally sophisticated website that allows you to enjoy your online shopping experience. And yes – there is a clearance section (ALWAYS a plus!)

Everyone gets stuck at times, feeling left out in the cold when it comes to unique gift ideas. And at the same time, everyone deserves to have a stress-free shopping experience.  So I pride myself in being resourceful and providing helpful info to assist your shopping experience (hence, the ‘Good Girl Gone Shopping’), so be sure to let me know your thoughts with Majestic Athletic!

To start getting social with the company and get a feel for what it’s all about, be sure to connect on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and even YouTube!

*Please note: While I’m talking about shopping for a guy, of course, this can apply to gals too. No sexism here, just ‘cause I’m not that into sportswear myself!

Photo Credits: www.MajesticAthletic.com 

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