Friday, October 24, 2014

Two Thumbs Up for Gwen's new Song? Baby Don't Lie...

I love her voice...Her insane sense of style...Her journey from Orange County Girl to pop culture icon....Her stardom as the new platinum blonde on "The Voice"...Her ability to make balancing celebrity, business, and family look so easy...Her power.

Now enter the first track we're hearing from her upcoming third solo album: Baby Don't Lie. Ummmm...I mean...I'll dance and sing to it. But I do feel that the lyrics are missing tons of substance. Then again, Gwen's proven for more than 20 years that she knows substance (No Doubt's "Tragic Kingdom" and "Return of Saturn" is full of some of her best poetry, in my opinion.) So a fun song to bop around to? Well, why not? It's what I did to her first two solo albums (Love.Angel.Music.Baby being the more fabulous of the two).

Ultimately, it feels like an appetizer to a really, yummy meal. That said, I hope her third album is full of delicious entre├ęs. What I do know for certain - this pop art-esque video adds color to the song. No lie.

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