Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Shopping for the Right Jeans: 3 Tips to Help Save Your Sanity!

For most women, shopping for the right jeans is a life challenge. Scratch that – a battle. You want a jean that’s comfy while still being sexy. A jean that’s versatile while perfectly suited for a night out on the town. You want a classic cut that is still trendy in style.

I know – waaaaay too many things to consider when thinking about finding a new pair of great jeans. While I have pairs that I love and some that I don’t so much (but still wear due to silly emotional attachments), it’s been a long time since I’ve walked into a mall with the goal of buying the perfect denim pant. Honestly, that means I would need to carve out a good chunk of my weekend to really be on the search. Ummm…not ready yet.

But, as I continue to tone my body (slimming this area, tightening up that part…), uncovering the right pair of jeans is at the top of my shopping list. There are many designers and brands out there to choose from, such as the awesome NYDJ, a line that is famous for helping women look and feel fabulous. (I’ve had a pair from this brand and can attest to its slimming jeans!). So to help you first get in tune with the concept of shopping for a new jean, while hopefully keeping you calm, collected, and actually excited about your next purchase, I’ve put together 3 tips that should help you before you immerse yourself in this gut-wrenching (ahem, challenging) journey. Consider these your starting points:

(Photo Credit: NYDJ on Instagram)

Be realistic about your overall budget. Whether you can afford a $200 pair of jeans or a $50 pair of jeans, the goal is to not break your bank while shopping. The reasons behind this are obvious (bills, bills, bills), but one of the things you may not have considered is the fact that you may want to score some new heels and a tee to go with your new find. So if your overall budget is $100, then it would be wise to budget everything else in as well. Caution: Once you look in the mirror and want to jump up and down because you found the pair of your dreams at a great cost, it’s likely you’re going to want to start styling an entire outfit around the jeans right away. You know, before actually leaving the store.

Consider your curves. These days, the question really isn’t “Do these jeans make my butt look fat?” Rather, it’s: “Do these jeans make my butt look big enough?” Women with curves often experience the difficulty in finding a jean that fits their rear and their smaller waist. Fortunately, the selection of jeans for women these days is getting better in being able to embrace a woman’s curves. So while the issues now aren’t so much having about limited options, it’s about patience really. Your best bet is to research where those jeans can be found, so you don’t waste time flipping through a rack of clothing that is designed for women without curves. Considering your curves is über-important, which will also prompt you to learn about which materials and percentage of stretch will do the trick. I also suggest exploring various colors and shades of jeans, as certain styles will either accentuate your lovely shape or make ‘em look sorta blah.

(Photo Credit: NYDJ on Twitter)

Think quality first. Yes, it is very likely that an expensive pair of jeans is of better quality than, say, a $20 pair of jeans. The craftsmanship, the brand reputation, and the material all play a role in the cost. While I do encourage you to leave a little extra room in your budget for another item to dress up your jeans…If you find that perfect pair that truly feels like it could take you all the way into a new decade – don’t skimp out. One great pair of jeans in a year is better than 5 cheap pairs that will soon split at the seams after just a couple of wears (or washes!).

While there are tons more tips to consider before shopping for the right jeans (i.e., versatility, the best length for jeans, the age appropriate factor), these are starting points…Happy Shopping!

To learn about the awesome collections of NYDJ, be sure to follow this brand on Twitter and Instagram!

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