Thursday, April 17, 2014

My Top 3 (Totally EASY) Health Tips for the Workaholic Woman

I love french fries. Any kind - anywhere. I love chips. Any kind - anywhere. And most definitely, I love every single type of chocolate chip cookie. (Crunchy, soft, stale...whatevs.). But in the last few months, I put a screeching halt on my over-consumption of horrible goodies. OK, that's a lie (whoops). Maybe these delicious items are not completely banned from my diet, but I have finally come to the understanding of what "in moderation" means.

And just like nearly every woman, springtime is an important part of summertime -- it's prep-time baby! While I strive to continue eating healthy and working out for the rest of my life, there is something about the idea of a body-baring season that gets me revved up even more. Currently, I'm proud to report tht I'm making pretty fab headway as I am working toward reshaping my curvy body.  YES, adopting a fitness regimen that includes cardio such as running, biking, walking, kickboxing, and/or dancing is essential to losing weight. But don't forget: What you consume is ridiculously important as well. Like Gwen and Gavin, working out and eating healthy just naturally go together.

So my goal of this article is not to give a rundown of what you should eat more or eat less of (I'm still learning myself!). Rather, it's to help keep the workaholic woman on track despite the urge she may have to pull out her hair during the day. That said -- as the 'Good Girl' that I am -- I'm here to keep you feeling great versus going bald.

My Top 3 (Totally EASY) Health Tips for the Workaholic Woman:

Keep stashes of 100 calorie-pack nuts in your glove compartment. And in all of the purses you often trade out. And your office drawers. And your laptop bag. If you're like me, cravings and hunger can sprout up at any time. Also, if you're like me, you can get cranky if you don't have an accessible snack to well...snack on. A much better, filling choice than making that U-turn and heading to the Del Taco drive-thru for (those dang delicious) fries before an appointment!

Take fashion mags with you when you eat out during your solo lunch break. Looking at slender bodies and fabulous, body-hugging fashion trends while you chow down on chow mein and orange chicken just doesn't feel right. Instead, try browsing through the mags while enjoying a bowl of steamed veggies and teriyaki chicken (just a 'lil bit of sauce). Warning: You're likely to be all smiles due to your sense of self-control when you leave Panda Express. (Let 'em stare!)

Replace smoke breaks with squats, sit-ups, and push-ups when working from home: Get up from your computer at least once every one or two hours for quick bursts of exercise. In doing so, you'll get energized, rest your eyes, and start to build up that booty, tighten your bloated tummy, and tone those "bat wings."And remember, you're not losing any time by trying to fit in a workout, because you would have been blacking out your lungs during that time anyway, right? Just do it. I KNOW what I'm talking about -- trust.

Do these ring a bell with you? Tell me -- What are YOUR totally easy health tips?

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SoHo Accessories said...

Water !! And plenty of it, especially before a meal. It will fill you up so that you can have some control.
Another tip- Don't wear stretchy pants. Wear pants that remind you that they are getting tight. :>)

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Water!! You're so right. My mom always told me - 8 glasses a day :-) As for stretchy pants...but they're so comfy! ;-)