Sunday, September 2, 2012

Note to Self: Water In a Cute Cup Does the Body Good

(By photographer Ruud Baan)

As a health-conscious fashion writer, I believe it all comes down to this simple formula: eating healthy and exercising regularly = more energy + a fitter bod + excitement to shop for new fashion trends + more confidence to adorn your best assets + an overall greater sense of well-being. 

I am in no way claiming to be a fitness and health expert; I only speak from experience and what has worked for me in my journey thus far. That said, here is my biggest tip (especially if you're living in the scorching SoCal heat this summer!): Drink water!!

It's so easy to make the wrong choice, such as deciding to wash down that big burger with a soda instead of an iced tea or water. It's also very easy to forget to drink water in between cups after cups of coffee, as well as in between your several cocktails at the bar. (Caffeine and liquor can cause you to feel dehydrated.)

Making the right choice must be a very conscious decision, which gets easier over time and eventually becomes second nature. And yay! You can totally keep your body hydrated and energized in style.You're sure to find a good selection of cute, affordable, plastic or stainless steel water bottles at your fave stores, such as Target, Ross, Walmart, and Old Navy! In general, these handy water containers will also save you money in the long run (don't have to keep buying 12 or 24-packs of water bottles at the grocery store) and contribute to saving the planet (don't have to feel guilty about forgetting to recycle your Smartwater or Evian water bottles anymore).

After all, being stylish isn't just about the fashion you choose to wear. Good health and a fit physique will always be in vogue!

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