Sunday, December 11, 2011

Delivering Cuteness to Target: 'Harajuku Mini' in Time for the Holidays

Gwen Stefani does it again. Her incessant climb to the top of the fashion industry is as unwavering as her climb to the top of the music charts. I use the word "incessant" despite her (likely) having several hiccups along the way in both industries, 'cause look how far she's come. Gwen most definitely didn't quit even when the road got slippery. We all know she started off as "Just a Girl" from Orange County who made you wanna buy black and white, steel toe Doc Martens, wear saggy men's slacks from the thrift-store, and jump around with bright red lipstick on. Now, this 40-something, platinum blonde icon of "cuteness" is more Dior than Docs, as her high-end, increasingly profitable fashion line, L.A.M.B. (2004) , wows the world with its punk-chic-rasta taste.

If you are familiar with L.A.M.B. ("Love.Angel.Music.Baby"), you will admit that collections, season after season, are totally Gwen. She has admitted the collection is based off of her own style. Unfortunately, the general public can't afford L.A.M.B. pieces, unless they are on sale at a chic department store. So when her second line "Harajuku Lovers" was born not too long after, lots of fashionistas were pretty excited. Completely different from the sophistication and culture of L.A.M.B., Harajuku Lovers is sporty, pop, and sells at a more attractive cost, evoking her love for Japanese street fashion.

And now...(drumroll please!!!!)...the Harajuku Mini line is now at Target, recently hitting stores this past November. In addition to selling couture and fun fashion to adults, she has created this line for a very impressionable sect of the population: children. Gwen has publicly said that creating a children's line was largely inspired by her sons. (Yup, among her raging career in both music and fashion, she went and got married and had two kids!) And if you've scanned the gossip mags while in line at the grocery store or over coffee at the bookstore, you'll notice tons of pics of the boys. Zuma and Kingston getting paparrazi attention is not only due to the fact they are Gwen and Gavin's kids, they are Gwen and Gavin's kids with...amazing styles! Just as you see Gwen as the muse for L.A.M.B., her little guys are like the poster kids for Harajuku Mini. But, don't worry --  there are adorable pieces for the girls as well.

So as you figure out what to buy for a young child this Christmas or Chanukah, I'd say check out Harajuku Mini at Target. Think lots of "punker pants," hip blazers, leather jackets, printed cotton hoodies and tees, and flouncy dresses and skirts. All unique, familiar (can feel that this is Gwen's fashion line upon first glance), and affordable. The cost ranges between about $10 and $30, and the line caters to babies, toddlers, and girls and boys. Check out the collection on

From a young singer who would sew and design her own pieces for the stage to a fashion icon and business mogul, Gwen inspires us all.

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Anonymous said...

It's a very unusual and cool line. I really like it. Perhaps it will help kids explore their individuality. Thank you for sharing the info and photos. Happy Holidays!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I agree with you. In terms of this line, the "f" in fashion most definitely stands for fun! :-)

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keep up the good work..