Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lumberjack Chic -- Flannel Button-Ups All the Rage in Shops On Melrose!

Yesterday, I decided to head west to West Hollywood to see what I can do with a few odd items of mine that I haven't worn for years. Four years ago, I had decent luck at Wasteland on Melrose; I sold several items for cash, such as Juicy Couture sweatsuit jackets, Custo Barcelona blouses that shrunk, and Blue Cult jeans. While I walked away from a bunch of costly items with a mere $135 bucks at the time, I remember being ecstatic. Because those clothes were just sitting in my closet, making a profit was better than ignoring those items and seeing hundreds go down the drain.

So, as it almost hits 2009, I figured I would have amazing luck with 5 designer pieces. This is what I brought with me:

- Marc Jacobs gaucho pants
- Gucci black shades
- Limited-edition canvas Louis Vuitton handbag
- Yanuk jeans
- Citizens of Humanity jeans

And guess what? The gal who checked out my stuff passed on EVERYTHING. She said that faded and distressed jeans aren't selling very well at their store and that they looked used. I almost laughed because it's like, "Well, duh. This is a vintage shop, and you are buying someone's stuff." My friend Leeann, of Join the Gossip, came with me, bringing a pair of dark Sevens, and two cute tees, and also had no luck. While it was truly my mistake in not calling Wasteland first to ask what trends, designers, styles, and sizes they are buying now, I stll felt ripped off. (So, ebay, here I come?)

So take make a long, disappointing story short, Leeann and I decided to check out the other shops on Melrose, as neither one of us had walked the avenue for awhile. And as we did, the theme of the afternoon was: flannel button-ups for women. I absolutely love plaid tops, so in witnessing such a selection flannels; I was very impressed with the various options stylistas have to choose from.

There was the: guy's oversized style, the empire-waist new women's style, the sleeve-less, long button-up, and the A-cut flannel dress in long or short sleeves. Yes, I know, the flannel isn't new to the scene, but the 90s grunge dejavu feeling definitely got me excited to go home and ransack Steve's closet and wear one of his. I personally like the androgynous ovesized look. Figure I could just throw a belt on top of it for instant girly appeal. Leggings, heels. Muah! It's the Mary-Kate anti-celebrity, boho flair.

I talk all the time about finding fashions to express your personality. So I love that the flannel trend offer various renditions for various types of gals. I even think the businesswoman can take a black and white flannel and pair it with black slacks, some long necklaces, and a blazer -- and she is still office chic.

The average cost across the Melrose shops seemed to be about $35, which is, eh, not too bad for the fashion flannel. If you are like me and like the men's cut the best, head to your local thrift store, and I guarantee that you will have some luck finding one for just 5 bucks. (OR, see what your boyfriend, husband, father, brother, or even son has in their closet!)

And as the lumberjack chic look is quite the rage throughout Hollywood and big cities, I can't wait to see this trend reach Inland Empire shopaholics.

So ultimately, the profit-less trip to LA was a success because it was nice to get out of town, and immerse ourselves in the city that shares our passions.

(Oh, and seeing JC Chasez walk out of the Slow boutique was kinda cool.)

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Amanda Allison said...

The plaid/flannel trend is cute. I love it in the more romantic, feminine look instead of that grungy feel.

P.S. if you sell those items on ebay, let a girl know!

Miz Cheekz said...

if u end up selling the items on ebay, do u plan to let your readers know? i'd love to see the LV bag...

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

I think I will do just that. Thanks for the interest! ;)

MissK said...

I LOVE FLANNEL! Grngy or cute and chic...Im so a fan!
Great post!

The Muse said...

At last! i am in style! LOL :)

Adore that coat!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Quite the experience haha ; )

MizzJ said...

Argh now I have to go digging in for my old flannel shirts! Love how Rihanna wears it in that edgy bright yellow plaid and cinched waist.

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

There are so many ways to wear a flannel now, that I never would have dreamt up during my Eddie Vedder-lovin' days at 14!!!

VanityofVanities said...

Ooops I love these flannel buttons, eh. Amazingly stylish up till now. :)

Cathy@eye chart