Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Top 5 Affordable Gifts All for Under 20 Bucks

Still in a shopping slump?

Check out my recent article on Chic Galleria, "The Top 5 Must-Give Gifts of the Season for Under $20." This might be just what you need to gain back some hope as the winter holidays are right around the corner:

"Trends come and go - we know this. So when it comes to gift giving this season, think hard about the style pieces you purchase for others.I firmly believe that gift cards are the best route to go when it comes to holiday gift giving if the person is a) a new friend who you are still getting to know, b) a good friend but who you really have no time to shop for, c) a loved one who has specifically told you that a gift card is what he or she prefers, d) a coworker or colleague whose name you got from a gift exchange.

For the other people on your list, I would suggest..." READ MORE

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