Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Is Your Guy Confident Enough to Wear the Fedora?

Here is an excerpt from my first article for the men's section on! Feel free to leave comments either here or there. I am definitel interested if your boyfriend, husband, brother, father, son, or you (being a girl gor a guy) dig the fedora:

"This hat is for the confident, cool, and collected man who wants to add a little pizzazz to his outfit. While Brad Pitt can chic up a plain T-shirt with the hat that reminds us of the silent actor Charlie Chaplin, the late comedian Bernie Mac was known make his sleek suits even more sophisticated with a wider-brimmed style. Are you ready to trade in your Dodgers or Dallas Cowboys cap for more fashionable headwear?

The holidays are great time to make a statement and fancy up your look (or even cover up a bad haircut!). Of course, as you try on the hat, be sure to..." READ MORE


Unknown said...

I love a man in a fedora!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Those are cute, and so are the newsboy caps. Both girls and guys look great in chic headwear! I have yet to attempt those trends yet... ;) Consider it "Good Girl Gone Fearful!"

The Muse said...

mmm, i live with cowboy hats and ballcaps :) and it is very...
"nice" (wink) :)

MizzJ said...

It's a cool look for those men brave enough to pull it off! Hats are a simple way to jazz up any outfit that is simply underutilized.

Btw thanks for visiting my blog!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Confidence is key! Yup, Monique, the fedora can definitely nice appeal to someone's look!

The Muse -- It's all good! Just always nice to see your other options. But just always go with what you feel the most confident and comfortable with.

MissJ -- Yes, you have a fabulous blog! Link exchange, missy? ;)