Sunday, October 19, 2008

Where Business and Media Meet (My Dad's New Blog!)

I grew up seeing my mom balancing bills with an electrical calculator (printed receipts and everything) and enjoying the art projects she created for me, my brother, and sister. I think building robots out of toilet paper rolls and shoe boxes was one of my favorites.

I also grew up seeing my dad's to-do list on the dining room table, numbered and written clearly; proving his clear intention of accomplishing multiple tasks in one day. Yes, like father like daughter.

So, like a the Good Girl I am, I keep my parents up to date with what I do -- everything from building my writing department and being take out for sushi on Bosses Day to the fashion shows I have attended, my joy in personal shopping, and how this blog of mine has changed my life.

Now, I am proud to state that I have encouraged my parents to be the coolest parents ever - and create a blog. While my mother's site is in the works, which will be based on her 25 years of being a child development educator, my pop's is LIVE and kicking. Where Business and Media Meet is one Web site to add to your favorites -- I created it.

He is producer of a local television program, Inside the Inland Valley, owner of WOW Action Services (photography and videography), a real estate broker, and the most supportive father one could ask for. So if you subscribe, I guarantee you will receive beneficial information about all areas of business and media. Coming up on Where Business and Media Meet: the dangers of sour candy. Of course, just in time for Halloween!

Many of my day-to-day challenges succeed after phone conversations with my dad, Ed Pruitt. So I attest to his knowledge and experience. Feel free to check out our recent interview! And if you decide to leave a comment, just say the Good Girl Gone Shopping sent ya.


Anonymous said...

Hey Elana, I just checked out your Dad's blog (its good) and subscribed to his posts. I'm interested on what his thoughts on the economic plans among other things dealing with business and media.

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Thanks Ashley! I will let him know. Feel free to comment there too! I'm sure he would appreciate it. ;)