Friday, August 7, 2015

The Jennifer Lopez Collection for Endless Jewelry = Endless Style

(I LOVE mixing and matching wrist candy!)

Accessories can provide a lovely accent to one’s wardrobe, giving a basic outfit that special touch! And what I love about accessories is is that we all wear them differently, showcasing our personal styles in a unique fashion (literally).

That said, I’m absolutely in love with my new charm bracelet from TheJennifer Lopez Collection for Endless Jewelry. This single red, reptile stainless steel piece of wrist candy is a cool combo of sophistication and boho-chic.

My bracelet arrived to me with the black love drop silver charm already attached, which was a lovely bonus to this gift. But what's especially awesome about shopping Endless Jewelry is that it offers shoppers the chance to build their own charm bracelets! I appreciate this shopping concept, because everyone is different and it allows a fashionista to mix and match bracelets and charms as she chooses. In particular, The Jennifer Lopez Endless Jewelry Collection offers you a nice selection of choices – something all fashion lovers deserve when it comes to accessorizing. Made of genuine reptile leather, these exclusive bracelets range from $69 - $100, and the charms range from $40 - $190. Not cheap but not ridiculously pricey either. Always priding myself as a budget-conscious shopper, I'm totally gonna keep this line in mind when it comes to searching for the perfect holiday or birthday gifts for a (stylish!) loved one. 

To connect with Endless Jewelry (based in Portlance, Maine) and its plethora of goodies, be sure to follow 'em on Twitter and Facebook!

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