Saturday, August 29, 2015

Easy Day-to-Night Outfit Transformation!

The So Cal sun is punishing us this summer! (I mean, we're talking 100+ degree weather.) So when I'm not wearing a loose sundress, I basically live in tanks and leggings or stretchy jeans, with black and white being a typical combo of choice. It's a simple, chic blank canvas that allows for awesome versatility. Not only is this outfit also comfortable for a gal with curves, but it's simple, basic look that can be transformed from day to night with just a few changes of accessories, handbags, and shoes.

While there are tons of fashionistas who wouldn't dare wear the same top and bottom throughout the entire day (especially during the hot season, which I understand), there are others who are often so busy and on the go that they don't have time to make a pit stop to a store and pick up a new outfit or even head home for a change in clothes (me). Quick answer: Bring a change of shoes, earrings, and handbag with you to take your daytime vibe to a nighttime feel. These days, I more commonly wear flats in the evening versus heels, but having the option to adjust my outfit (depending where I'm going) is smart!

Oh, and if you're going to bring these items with you and leave in your car, be sure to put them in the trunk or under your seat so the sun doesn't beat down on them and make them tooooo hot!

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SohoAccessories said...

Great idea. That is why carrying a tote is important ! Fits everything is one spot.

Unknown said...

I'm gonna check these bags out!! This blog is great!