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Are you OVER your Style? Top 3 Tips on How to Reveal the Real YOU!

(Wanna break free from the past? Communicate your true personality in style!)

I know what it’s like to look in the mirror and just think, “Blah. Is that all you got girl?!” It actually took several of these moments in my life before I finally started to truly connect with my personality and breathe new life into my overall image. While I have always appreciated my unique look, such as having a splatter of freckles on my face, gapped teeth, and a huge selection of hair scarves to add color to my outfit (and hide my horrible weaves), I wanted to up my image and reinvent any misconception about what a “writer” looks like. You know, I mean, I’m more than a geeky wordsmith…

I’m a writer with (from what I hear) interesting perspectives, a love for all types of music, a biracial individual with a love for bohemian vibes, and a woman with a natural sense of femininity and appeal. It was time to actually communicate these attributes with the proper mind-frame and look! (Yes, this fashion blogger can admit that she wasn’t feeling quite on point.)

While I didn’t consciously follow a step-by-step guide toward changing my look (that’s kinda lame, right?), I just slowly started to lose my fear of the unknown and realize that I have the power to transform my look into something I’m proud of.

So if you’re way OVER your current style, why not start today? It’s a new day and a new month! Because a fresh beginning can be oh-so-exciting, here are 3 tips that may help you when it comes to revamping your look:  

Look Within: What are you about? What do you stand for? Do you have a purpose in life? Looking within before (or as) you work on your appearance is significant. Maybe now is the time to come to terms with your real passion, the line of work you’re in vs. the line of work you want, budget, beliefs, and goals. I’ve yet to make the big bucks that allow me to jet set, but when I do have a couple dollas that aren’t already assigned to bills, I’ll step foot in a vintage store or an affordable retail outlet like Target, and enjoy treating myself to something special. I’m not quite in the position to go on a shopping spree at Chanel, but there is no reason I should feel shame and not feel pride in what I can afford.

Meditation, working out, and reading inspirational books (or via audio) can also help connect you to your inner self. There’s something pretty awesome that happens when you realize that you actually can lose weight and/or that you can get the job you’ve always wanted. It’s called confidence. And once you’ve increased your confidence, your energy becomes stronger and you will find yourself excitedly considering new ways to add vibrancy to your look -- the ways that communicate your authentic personality.

(Push past your fear! Gradual changes to your appearance can feel really good!)

Create a New Hair Story: When was the last time you tried a new ‘do? There are so many different types of trends to try out these days. From experimenting with a bold color to ditching your long curls and going pixie, the style you choose is a direct reflection of your personality and lifestyle. Just over a year ago, I decided to embrace my natural hair and ethnicity, saying goodbye to weaves, extensions, and relaxers. While I never grew up with the intention of locking my hair, doing so has been a life-altering decision – one that has not only added a special twist to my style; this personal decision has increased my level of spirituality. Dreadlocks are definitely not for the meek, as it takes patience, commitment, and the guts to ditch “the norm.” But this is my unique hair story…Are you at the point in your life where you're ready to write your own story?

Try New Fashion Trends: Before you can embrace the new, you need to understand the old…and possibly even say goodbye to some of it. So start by evaluating your wardrobe! Take a few hours and try on old pieces, creating a “keep” as well as a “donate” (or “sell”) pile. And in doing so, consider what fits, what is actually flattering, how often you wear an item, and whether or not you think you’ll ever wear it again. Once your closet is organized and you are ready to try out new trends, I’d suggest building on with what you already love. If you are obsessed with your pointy-toed stilettos, then maybe it’s the perfect time to invest in a pair of red ones! Wish you had a pair of rocker holey jeans, but not willing to cut up or tear some of your favorite denim pants, head on over to a local vintage or thrift store for an already, worn-in pair of “boyfriend jeans.” Enhancing your style and exploring creative ways to adopt a new trend may happen slowly over time or it may be something you jump on right away. It’s all a matter of timing and how much you know yourself. ‘Cause you won’t be able to choose the right, new pieces to communicate your personality if you’re still dwelling on the old.

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