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So You Received Great Customer Service...Now What? My 5 Tips Get You Started!

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Bad customer service is my number one pet peeve. I can't stand when a sales associate doesn't greet me when I walk in the door, doesn't ask me if I need assistance, and simply forgets about me when I'm in the fitting room or waiting on a size. And every other poor behavior in between! 

A Los Angeles fashion blogger who has worked in retail for 6 years (from the tail-end of high school throughout college), I know what goes into making customers satisfied and what can really piss a shopper off. That said, I know how easy it truly is to be a kind retail employee and treat everyone with the same level of service. It's really all about the "Golden Rule" - treat people how you would want to be treated. 

Unfortunately, I often experience poor customer service for reasons I know exist, but I hate to accept (race? the way I'm dressed on a particular off day?). So when I do receive extraordinary help from an associate, I feel it's important to bring that person and his/her personality to light. What about you? While you may have tons of stories to tell your friends and loved ones regarding bad customer service...do you make an effort to spread the word about great customers service? If you've never taken an extra step to do so, I suggest that you take a few minutes to get that rollin'. Positive feedback can go a long way, and it honestly says a lot about your character as well! The term "giving back" can be interpreted in many ways, and I think giving praise to where praise is due is one significant aspect to this term.

Here are some ways you can give kudos to your favorite sales associate: 

(1) Write a review on Yelp or Facebook. These days it's all about social media, right? Yup - pretty much. So turning to sites such as Yelp or Facebook to rate a certain store and write a review means the world to a company. Be sure to include the associate's name, store number, and the details regarding your visit!

(2) Promote the brand/store/associates on Social Media. Do not underestimate the power of word-of-mouth, and again, social media is a fabulous place to spread your positive experience with friends, family, and contacts! Facebook and Instagram provide great space for tons of interaction with your connections, which gives you a chance to answer specific questions that others may post. In addition, if you tag that particular brand/store, it could take notice and likely get involved with the convo and possibly even share on its corporate page. Also, if you tag that sales associate's social media page, he/she may also get involved and share or repost on his/her personal page!

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(3) Ask to speak to the manager. The next time you can't stop smiling after making your purchase, simply because you treated with a lil' (or a lot of!) TLC, ask to speak directly to the manager. Communicating your experience first-hand regarding a particular associate will, in turn, make the manager smile. Your feedback will be appreciated, and you never know, your kindness may be the cherry on top for someone. Your new favorite helper may now get that raise!

(4) Email Corporate. Sometimes, you need to process the entire experience during you drive home before you reach out and share your experience with a company's corporate office. OR, you may have already utilized social media and spoke to a manager about an associate's professionalism....but still want to make that extra effort. Either way, you can typically find contact info to a store/brand's corporate office directly on its website if you wish to reach out and send a 'thank you' message.

(5) Remain a Loyal Customer (And Make Yourself a VIP!). Remember, if you really enjoyed your experience with an associate, it's likely that he/she did too! Day in and day out, these people have to deal with rude customers and challenging situations, so if they continue to see your friendly face on a regular basis, you can count on being treated with R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  Beware: His/her happiness may be contagious; don't be surprised if other associates step in to help you as well. Oh, and wanna be notified when upcoming sales or promotions are coming? Just be your sweet self, abide by The Golden Rule...and welcome the special VIP treatment with open arms!

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